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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Just noticed that Compass Coffee in Shaw is now open. Welcome addition to 7th St.

  • RAVE: OSU v UMD this weekend at College Park with my sister who currently attends OSU! She’s flying up tomorrow to interview for an internship with my firm and then we get to spend the whole weekend together!
    Rant: A second sister of mine can’t make it. I have an extra OSU v. UMD ticket that I’d like to sell. $65 face value, I’ll take best offer! Please respond if interested.

    • Accountering

      O-H! I did my Masters at OSU. They are going to wipe the floor with UMD this weekend, can’t wait!!!

      • @Accountering, I’m a passive Popville user, but I feel like we should meet. While not an OSU grad, I’m Cleveland born and raised, love Ohio and its sports teams, and (I surmise based on previous posts) that we both live in Adams Morgan.

        • Accountering

          I know an inordinate number of people from Cleveland. Mintwood’s former roommate and one of our good friends is from Cleveland (and has a ton of friends from Cleveland), and one of my really good friends is a Clevelander and a die-hard Cavs, Brownies, and Tribe fan.
          Any plans for tailgating on Saturday morning? Hoping to take Mintwood and older brother/wife for our 4 seats.

        • It’s the weirdest thing. Everywhere I go, it seems like I meet an exceptionally high number of Ohio-expats. What’s that all about? Do Ohioans have many children, so many of them leave? (Nope. Below the mean, fertility-wise.) Does Ohio suck so much that people have to get out? Does Ohio turn out such above-average types (like Lake Woebegone) that everyone has opportunities elsewhere?
          I left as a teen because my dad got a better opportunity. But I didn’t like it enough to ever consider returning.

          • In case anyone was wondering, the New England states have the lowest fertility rates (RI, VT, NH, ME, CT, MA), and the states with big mormon populations have the highest (UT, AK, SD, ID). (Mormon connection my own.)

          • out migration from the rust belt means you’re always around your midwestern peeps.

          • I can’t speak for Ohio as a whole, but only for Cleveland. It’s people are self-loathing and the the Coasts shit on it for the “Cleveland Tourism” videos and for being flyover country, but it’s awesome. I went to school in MA to get out, came to DC for work since there wasn’t much of what I wanted to do when I graduated, and now, I’m getting the itch to move back.
            Cleveland, like other Rust-belt cities, is going through a Renaissance. Cost of living is dirt cheap and the youth movement back into the city is a catalyst for me and my SO to move back. LeBron and Hoyer the Destroyer also help.

          • Um, big mormon populations? Alaska? South Dakota?

          • Plus OSU is a huge school. Isn’t enrollment 55,000+?

  • Rave: LOVED Yentl at DCJCC last night. Fabulous music, and such a great production.
    Rant: dearest daughter, 11pm is never time to party. Even if your mommies just got home. Please keep that in mind for next time.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Had a dream last night that I came in 3rd place on So You Think You Can Dance, despite making a major screw-up in the final round. Not too bad subconscious self!
    Rant’ish: Not really worth getting rant-y about, but Bullfrog Bagels was somewhat of a flop. The bagels were OK, nothing revelatory in DC by any means, but I got one sandwich as well (with bacon and avocado) which contained virtually nothing in terms of actual fillings. If a bagel is $1.50, but a bagel sandwich is $6, there ought to be something substantive in it to justify the difference. The cream cheese was the real star, both the salmon and chive spreads were worthy of getting on their own.

    • Accountering

      I buy the bagel vs sandwich variance. For the extra $4.50, there just wasn’t enough there. I did think the bagels were quite delicious though. Perhaps make the sandwich $4.50 total, and then you are there.

      • I’ve only had bagels from their U Street popup, but I thought they were really good. Much better than So’s Your Mom. I can’t speak to their offerings on H Street. Perhaps you just got an overcooked batch?
        I agree about the chive cream cheese, friggin’ delicious!

        • justinbc

          The everything bagels were definitely overcooked, some parts even looked burnt. Of all the varieties the onion bagel was probably the favorite of most folks who sampled. Like I said, they were good, just nothing exceptional to warrant the hype I heard prior. Georgetown Bagel in Bethesda is still the best I’ve had for this region.

          • Accountering

            Georgetown bagel is delicious. Definitely my favorite, and fairly convenient to on my way to work! I need to remember to go there more often!

          • Sorry to hear that about Bullfrog, I’ve been so looking forward to trying them. However, I still vote for Goldberg’s New York Bagels as the best in the area.

          • justinbc

            I’ve not been to Goldberg’s, but I’ve heard similar raves from folks who I know to be big time bagel lovers.

          • Accountering

            Goldberg’s is virtually impossible to get to. It is on the west side of GA Ave, just north of where 16th finally meets with GA in SS.
            During morning rush, there are no left turns whatsoever allowed from there to the beltway. To get to Goldbergs, you would have to turn right from GA, then turn left at a light, and do the opposite to get going north on GA ave again. Disaster.

          • I agree the GA Ave store can be painful to drive to. However, they have Rockville and Potomac, MD stores as well. The Rockville store is in a shopping center with lots of parking (and a very interesting kosher supermarket, too). We go once or twice a month to stock up–they freeze beautifully!

    • Do they actually put the cream cheese on the bagel for your, or do they just give you a plain bagel with a packet of cream cheese on the side?

    • weird you post your rant today. the roommate and i tried to go to BB yesterday at 11:30 am, already closed!

    • justinbc

      Random: Interesting article today that touches on several of the issues that have been brought up here a lot this week (and pretty much every week) relating to parenting, marriage counseling, divorce, etc…

    • Your rave made my morning. Still laughing. Thanks.

  • Rant: a time of stress is disrupting my normally laid-back work life.
    Rave: the end result will be more interesting work and a little bump in pay.

    Rave: rainfall in the still evening, autumn roses, bees busily foraging over the last of the garden.

  • Rave: HR just told me I have 20 vacation days left this year, a bunch of them being use or lose. Daydreaming of the trips I can take.
    Rant: I’m too poor to take trips.
    Rant: I’ll be orphaned for Thanksgiving since my parents will be overseas. I should be used to this by now (they’ve only been in the US 1 of the 6 holiday seasons I’ve lived here) but now I have to figure out what to do. Bleh.
    Tentative Rave: Friend asked me if I’d be interested in being her company’s social media/PR manager part-time. It’d be a side job, but will hopefully help me make my resume look more appealing when applying to comms/PR jobs. Still trying to figure out logistics but hopefully it pans out.

    • Re your parents rant, mine do the same to me, except at Christmas. We don’t even celebrate Christmas but it still majorly sucks when everyone else is with their families and you have nothing to do.

      • My Jewish friends all go traveling then (usually Latin America). If you’re willing to travel on Christmas day, you can snag a great deal.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I LOVE that I never have Christmas plans! I make what I want to eat (usually a duck feast) then watch movies in my PJs. It’s the best day ever!

        • Me too! I used to travel up to NY every year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did it for 10 years and it was HORRIBLE. Worst traffic ever and it just put me in a grumpy mindset about the holidays. My parents moved to FL two years ago and I have just stayed home with my partner for the holidays and not done much of anything. It has been grand!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I find Christmas the most stressful holiday of the year. I don’t even really celebrate it and it’s stressful!

      • you can be adopted by my parents over the holidays. i always want to go on vacation then and get major guilt tripped by my family for ditching them.

    • My parents are foreign so Thanksgiving is NBD to them, so we long ago decided it was not worth the cost of a plane ticket on one of the busiest weekends of the year for me to visit them then. I actually LOVE the peace and quiet of the city around Thanksgiving! If you’re into yoga, Tranquil Space usually does a couple of $5 charity-fundraiser classes the day before, and everything is open but totally cleared out on the Wednesday and Friday. Rosemary’s Thyme does a community thanksgiving meal that is lots of fun. I use the time to cook complicated meals (slow-roasted brisket, for example), take long walks in the quiet, and snuggle up with a good book. You may also want to see if friends are around for a Thanksgiving meal! More people may be here than you know.

    • Use up some of your vacay days for some stay-cationing! Be a tourist in and around the city. Go to some classes you can never squeeze in otherwise. Meet friends for lunch.

    • On the other hand, you’ve got what many people would kill for: a long holiday weekend to spend on your own how you choose. Assuming you get to spend time with your family at other times during the year, I would just enjoy the free time. DC is wonderfully quiet over big holidays, I find it to be a real treat to get out and about during those times. Also there are plenty of volunteer opportunities on Thanksgiving, and you probably know some folks who also have no plans – it’s a chance to make some of your own holiday memories and traditions.

      • Wonderfully quiet? Where??
        I always host Thanksgiving, and have lots of family and friends in town. We are usually part of some massive mob scene, in whatever we decide to do.

      • I do enjoy when DC is deserted and I do get to spend time with family at other times during the year. I think I’m most disappointed about not getting to eat my mom’s dressing! Maybe this is the year I learn to make it on my own. 🙂

    • i typically never go home for thanksgiving since i go for the xmas/ny week. so i’m used to going to orphan thanksgiving dinners every year.

      as a heads up, if you’re wanting to volunteer that day, get your requests in now. that day books up and most places turn away volunteers as i learned last year.

      • Yep, and you’ll often get a snarky (but deserved) “We need volunteers the other 364 days of the year too, you know.”

    • Andie302

      If you’re willing to travel on Thanksgiving day you may be able to find some really good travel deals. You could use some of the vacation days to come back whenever is cheapest. Maybe pick a city you haven’t been to and airbnb in someone’s spare room? I still don’t know what I’m doing for Thanksgiving…but a small part of me is jealous. I get a little worked up around the expectations that my family (my mom) in particular puts on holidays. She didn’t have them growing up, so I get it, but it’s still much more of her priority over my own. I digress

    • Aww, do you have international/west coast friends who will be around for Thanksgiving? I have some international friends who get together to do Friendsgiving parties. I also once took a friend from Hong Kong home with me – she had never been to the countryside and was amazed with my neighbors goats/cows/chickens/geese/horses/etc haha, it was fun.

  • Rave: Going home tonight (hopefully!)
    Rant: We have to return here. It’s just way too difficult to find jobs and that makes me super depressed.
    Rave: Fall
    Rant: baby growing up too fast. planning his first birthday makes me sad. Time flies when you’re sleep deprived!

  • rant: shark week is here and I just want to go home.
    Rave: found americone dream at HT for the first time in weeks, my favorite flavor!

    • My first thought was “But I was in Silver Spring this week and there was no shark through the Discovery Build– oh. Right, that shark week…”

  • Rant: Pretty good second date with a cool guy, but I don’t think he is going to call again. He said “I will see you later” as we were leaving. Ughhh why is dating so difficult?

    • Accountering

      So uhhh, just a quick tid-bit. “I will see you later” is him just keeping the power, and keeping himself front of your mind. You are thinking about him currently, which means he is doing a great job in keeping you interested. This is very likely just him being good at dating 🙂

    • Ally

      Hug or kiss or anything at departure? Not to get too personal, just trying to gauge the goodbye.

      • Hmmm, well we did make out a bit earlier hehe. And then hug and peck at departure.

        • I wouldn’t read too much into the “I will see you later.” Especially if there was making out. 🙂

          • Accountering

            If you made out, you should read into it exactly what I said. I am almost certain that is the situation! Good for you!

          • I think optimistic speculating can be just as crazy-making as pessimistic speculating, though! Just take things at face value until you have a real reason not to, is my thinking.

        • Holy over thinking it. You made out, got a kiss and hug at the end, he said he’ll see you later, and you’re worried he won’t make more plans?
          It’s only easy to say, not to do of course, but relax. It sounds like it’s on track. And if it’s not? It sucks, but there are more people out there.

        • Ally

          Yeah, I think you’ll probably be alright and he’ll get in touch. If not, his loss.

    • I Wouldn’t get too hung up one what he said as he was leaving, did you have a good time on the date?

    • special_k

      Easier said than done, but please don’t parse everything he says. People communicate differently. He may think he gave you the sign he’ll be in touch. Or maybe he wasn’t thinking about it at all. You’ll drive yourself crazy this way. You like him. You want a third date. Ask him!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Comedy show with Andie tonight at 9:30 club. Pretty excited!
    Rave2: Scuba class was awesome last night. I like it, and think I am pretty good at it.
    Rant: treading water for 10 minutes was not awesome. I am not a naturally buoyant person, and I struggled with this.
    Rant2: Definitely broke my finger at Tough Mudder this weekend. Normally it gets better fairly quickly, but this thing still kind of hurts.
    Rave3: Missing breakfast this morning!

    • Accountering

      Rave: New poll out has Catania down by only 8 points. Debating kicking in a twenty spot to do my part to keep that empty suit out of the mayoral office.

    • topscallop

      maybe I was a hobbit in a past life, but how is missing breakfast a rave?

    • Yay for scuba! I just went on my first dive in May (I was terrified) and it was amazing. Can’t wait to go again.

    • Ask your instructor to teach you drownproofing instead of treading water. A valuable thing for anyone to learn.

    • who are you going through for scuba class? I just got back from scuba diving in Thailand, now I’m hooked and want to work on more certifications. I hated the treading water and swimming 200m test.

      • I got certified through Blue Planet Scuba last year and they were amazing. I highly recommend. They have a shop in Dupont Circle and do their pool classes at Trinity.

        • Accountering

          Yup, was at the shop for orientation on Tuesday, and the pool at Trinity (which I did not know existed) last night 🙂 They have been AWESOME so far!

      • Andie302

        Blue Planet took a group to Cozumel in February and they are taking another one in December. If it fits your budget/timeframe, I highly recommend this trip! It’s over a long weekend, the hotel accomodations were great, you always had the option to join the group for meals if you wanted, they did one night dive, and I’ve made some lasting friendships coming out of that trip. They are going with the same guide and staying at the same place, so it should be another great trip! Several people worked on additional certifications while we were there.

    • Yay for scuba! It is, or was, my absolute favorite thing to do. Unfortunately because of health issues I’m not allowed anymore, but I’m all for new people learning how amazing it is!

  • Rant: I need to ask for a raise at work, but I am not a “Lean In” type of lady. Any tips/tricks out there?
    Rant: I am over my Vacationship and he isn’t even here! Need to get back on the “I am so excited” bandwagon.
    Rave: Headed to the Eastern shore this weekend. Long weekend with good girlfriends.

    • It helps me to write out what I am going to say with all the justification needed. How you’ve improved X, Y and Z, taken on extra projects, etc.

    • When you ask, you need to tangibly demonstrate (a.) how you’ve added value to your firm/agency, (b.) what you’ve accomplished, and (c.) how they could not function without you. If you can do those three things and competently communicate them, you should be able to secure a raise.
      Also, if your goal is a 15% raise, ask for 25 or 30%. Then negotiate down. Give your boss some satisfaction.

    • Read over the job description from when you accepted the job, or whatever the latest revision was. Make sure you’re doing all that, then document all the additional stuff you’ve taken on.
      DO NOT cry poor. Don’t make it about needing money for you. Don’t make it about the bad economy and your own cost of living because I guarantee your employer will point out that they are also subject to higher costs. Make it about fair compensation for increased responsibility.

    • Andie302

      Practice it with another person! I had the opportunity to have a career coach give me guidance on telling my boss that I was leaving. The first time I went through it, I was way too nice and the message didn’t come across clearly. The second time we went through it, the message was much clearer. It made the discussion with my boss much easier for me to have actually said it out loud a couple times.

    • Thanks, y’all! I will let you know what happens. (Should probably change my moniker for raise season!)

    • Read Women Don’t Ask!

  • Rave – Valerie June concert tonight at Sixth & I! Should be a great show. I’ve been super stressed over work stuff and this is just want I need to relax and take my mind off things for a while.
    Rant – Saw the mother of all house centipedes in my kitchen sink this morning and it scared the crap out of me. This thing was enormous. Yes I know those are the “good” bugs but they are terrifying.
    Rant – There’s a cold virus going around at work. I’ve been hiding my cubicle all week because I’m going on a work trip to California this weekend and do not want to be stuck on a plane for 5+ hours with a head cold.

    • Ugh I swear they are bigger this year. I always saw a few small ones and left them alone. The other day when I rolled down the blind on my screened porch a giant one jumped out and nearly gave me a heart attack. Normally I don’t kill them, but I smacked the crap out of that thing with the blind cord.

    • One of those bugs crawled over the arm of my background check interviewer in my office. I’m sure unexpectedly lunging at her screaming “move your arm!!” during the middle of my interview went well.

      • “To your knowledge, has the candidate ever displayed any unpredictable or irrational behavior?”
        I hope the interviewer saw it. Otherwise…
        “To your knowledge, does the candidate use hallucinogenic drugs?”

      • OMG. How awkward. I had one crawl over my yoga mat during the shavansana relaxation pose, where you’re supposed to lay quietly on your mat. I started (quietly) freaking out trying to squash it with my mat. Not very zen of me.

      • Emmaleigh504

        that reminds me of the crazy lady I worked with at the caf in college. she was always emptying her pockets (of all her jewelry in a plastic baggy) and pulling her jacket off and having me check it for snakes. There were never any snakes.

        • Poor lady.

          • Emmaleigh504

            She quit at Thanksgiving and I’ve wondered what happened to her. She was married, so hopefully well taken care of. But my 17 year old self was all: WTF lady why are you making me do this??? I cannot cope with this!

  • Ally

    RANT: UPS left my new flat-screen TV out on my front steps instead of putting the package inside my fence like they normally do.
    RAVE: Sprinted home in time to get it before it was stolen.
    RAVE: The Nationals having a free-playoff-ticket scavenger hunt involving signed bobble-heads. Such a fun idea!

    • justinbc

      Wow, that’s pretty egregious. I’m surprised it didn’t require a signature?

      • Ally

        Me too. All worked out fine, though, and she’s a beauty. I’ll definitely look more into the delivery options next time I order something of this caliber (not that it’s THAT fancy, but it’s definitely something someone would enjoy stealing, as opposed to my usual deliveries of rabbit hay, etc).

  • rave: talked to cute boy for a good amount of time at kickball last night
    rave: have had a super productive week getting ready for a weekend away
    super rave: made out with cute boy last night and he already texted today. now I just gotta play it cool 🙂

    • Accountering

      Kickball flings are the best. Good for you – nothing better than some flip-cup/beer pong, than making out in a crowded bar!

      • Along these lines…my rave is kickball tonight. I haven’t done it in a year and I’m excited for the prospects of kickball flings.

    • Ally

      Yay on both raves. I’ve been having “future talks” with the S.O. (not bad, just tiresome), so I’ll henceforth live vicariously through your fun kickball flings! No pressure 😉

  • Rave: flying out of town today for our first anniversary
    Rant: TTC for 1 year now, I am ready for the next step!
    Rave/Rant: This weekend is our last time TTC naturally before moving to next step, wish us luck!

    • I’m in the exact same place as you, timing-wise, and step-wise. Wishing you luck and also curious what you’re taking as your next step.

    • Good luck to you! I can’t possibly imagine how difficult this is, but you have SO much amazing (amazing!) science at your disposal, and so many options for growing your family. You and your doctors and your partner will find a way to make it happen.

    • I don’t want to make assumptions about you or your health, but I’ve had pretty good luck using the Glow app. What I thought was ovulation time really wasn’t (the websites were all wrong). Plus, you can track your temperature, your emotions, any tests you might take. It really helps to let you feel like you’re doing something. They are using the information as to aggregate data to see if there are patterns with conception. Plus you have the option to donate to their infertility cause, and if someone has been TTC for a year (I think?) they are eligible to receive money from that fund – I think it’s up to $10,000 – towards fertility treatments.

      Good luck!

      • I also used Glow. I found the interface to be much more user-friendly than the Fertility Friend app, and the predictions were nice. The “did you know” alerts were a little annoying, though. I used a combination of Glow, temperature tracking, and ovulation test kits to pinpoint ovulation. Science is pretty cool.

      • I also love the Glow app and would recommend it highly to almost everyone, but sadly it hasn’t worked for me and I’m past the point of being able to participate in the Glow First program. For me (and I’m not the OP here), the current step is multiple rounds of testing for various causes of infertility. I’m hesitant to go the IVF route unless I really need to.

        • Good luck to you! I hope you get the answers you need soon.

        • First, IVF isn’t that bad. Second, it’s not commonly needed. It could be a simple problem. But I encourage everyone I know who is actively trying with no success to get the male testing out of the way. It’s cheap, easy, and most people forget that men can be the problem. We had a great experience at GW fertility – Dr. F is a fantastic and patient guy. The whole process itself is draining, but the actual IVF procedure wasn’t terrible.
          Good luck!!!

          • Thanks, jindc. My biggest concern about IVF is the cost, rather than the procedure itself. But I agree that GW is wonderful. We’re going there for everything and hope to use their midwifery services eventually.

        • In regards to the IVF cost, check with your insurance to see if it is covered at all. My husband and I were lucky that were were covered for 2 IVF cycles, otherwise we would not have been able to afford it. I did have to switch to my husband’s insurance to get the coverage, but not having to pay anything but copays definitely helped with the process.

          IVF is tough emotionally, and for me, it was also very tough physically because of the condition I have. Overall, it is extremely worth it. However, it is more likely that your problem (if you have one) may be able to be solved by a less costly procedure such as IUI or simply going on Clomid. Crossing my fingers for you!

      • I am not sure what you are using but the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor really helped me, It totally helped because some months were different than other months in terms of the day I actually ovulated. If you have an FSA it is an eligible item.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, I use Ovia, I will also install Glow. My next step is IVF. I am mid 35 and I dont want to waste time. I need to either get pregnant soon or try to move on.

    • Accountering

      I had to google TTC (to make sure I was on the same page)
      First response was Toronto Transit Commission, and the second response was the actual. That is a new acronym for me haha. Wishing you all the luck in the world – perhaps anniversary out of town will be the ticket to getting it done? Best of luck!

    • Good luck! It can be a trying process, but I hope the next stage goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: Sombreros ARE a new thing. One was featured at London Fashion Week in September, 2014 (Google it yourself).

    Rave: I skipped the online Compliance and Ethics course and went straight to the test and got 100%.

    Rant: The fact that somehow Compliance and Ethics courses are needed.

    Rave: October is here so I can finally put out the Jack O’ Lantern birdhouse FBJ Sr made for me the month after my mother died. I was 42.

  • Can any of you recommend a romantic, affordable, and somewhat urban getaway for mid-October? I’m thinking the ideal place would be no more than a 3-hour drive from DC, with a somewhat scenic route and a walkable city area once we arrive where we’re going. I’m thinking that Charlottesville might work. Any recommendations there, or suggestions of other places that might come close to my ideal? Thanks!

    • I haven’t been, but I have heard Charlottesville is nice. Another idea: renting a cabin somewhere in the Shenandoah to take in the views of the foliage and feel cut off from the rest of the world.

      • I’m dying to do this. My husband can’t stand to be off the grid, but I would love to do this one weekend if he’s able ever to fully unplug.

        • We have done cabins through Shenandoah River Outfitters and I would recommend their rentals. I really hate camping and my boyfriend loves to camp so this was a fairly good compromise.

    • jim_ed

      It’s a bit further than 3 hours… 3.5 or 4 depending on traffic, but I can’t recommend Roanoke, Virginia enough. The Hotel Roanoke downtown is a beautiful historic building, and the downtown area is very walkable and filled with surprisingly hip restaurants and bars. Since its in the mountains, its really pretty this time of year as well. Nice art museum downtown as well.

      • Excellent tip! I’m afraid it’s just far enough away that if we went, we wouldn’t be able to actually spend much time there once we arrived. But I’m going to hold onto this for another long weekend idea!

    • If you’re interested in cute small towns with scenery and some interesting history, you might consider Harpers Ferry or Berkeley Springs.

    • Berkley Springs, West Virginia

    • Philadelphia! Do ALL the historic things. Eat well. Stroll along the river to the museum. Eat some more.

    • I love all of these suggestions. Keep ’em coming!

      • I personally really enjoy Richmond. Lots to see, the old downtown is cool, great dining scene.
        About 30 min outside of town (down highway 64) is an awesome clay/skeet shooting club called Old Forge Sporting Clays in the middle of the woods. You can go as a first-timer, rent some shotguns, buy ammo, yell “PULL!” and spend about 90 minutes shooting at clay pigeons flying through the air. My first time there, I hit 43 out of 50 clays; I had no idea I was a good shot! The trees are gorgeous and it’s a fun way to kill an afternoon. Also stop by the roadside antique shops.

      • Have you considered Pittsburgh? It’s close, inexpensive, and there’s TONS of great stuff to do – Warhol museum, Carnegie museums, walk the strip district for some good eats, there are B and Bs, inexpensive hotels, and nothing is too far away. Tons of good eats, among other things. I love my trips to the Burgh!

        • I love this idea, but might have to save it for a weekend when we have more time. By the time we get there, we wouldn’t have much time at all to enjoy being there 🙂

          • If you don’t mind going out to BWI, you can get some cheap flights to PIT on Southwest (I know you said you were looking for places to drive to, but just figured I’d toss it out there). I’ve flown roundtrip for ~$120 and it is a super short flight.

        • According to the ad in last weeks Post Magazine Pittsburgh is proud to be the Paris of Appalachia.

      • Middleburg, VA
        Cute little town with wineries in close driving distance. Beautiful countryside. Short drive (<2 hrs). It's a pretty popular DC romantic getaway spot. Also, there was a Washingtonian magazine issue on romantic getaways, so check out their website for more ideas.

    • Just got back from a long weekend in southern Shenandoah. Stayed at the Iris Inn in one of the cabins — super nice, although not particularly affordable. But there are other bnbs etc. in that area that are likely cheaper. Staunton, VA was about 15 minutes west, which is a surprisingly cute town with good restaurants (not urban … but a few blocks of walkable area with shops). About 15 mins to the east was the brew ridge, with tons of breweries, wineries, orchards, Bold Rock, etc. and it was Awesome. 5 minutes to the north was Shenandoah national park; and 5 mins to south was Blue Ridge Parkway with scenery, trails, etc. Would be great fall foliage time.

    • epric002

      i loooove charlottesville. and if you want to be a littler further out we always stay at woodhaven farm in scottsville. you can find them on vrbo.com. the proprietors are wonderful, lovely people and the setting is just gorgeous. they’re on 250+ acres with multiple rental options, horses, cows, chickens, cats, and dogs. AND they’re dog friendly if you want to bring yours along 🙂

    • Andie302

      Lost River, WV is a gorgeous place. There’s a small Inn that gorgeous (the Inn at Lost River), there’s Lost River State Park, there’s a great place called Lost River Brewing Company (better food than beer in my opinion) and it feels like you’re worlds away. You take 66 until you hit 81, head 1 exit south, then head due west. There’s also a great farm stand just off of 81 that has great seasonal items and pies. You could head out to Seneca rock depending on the weather and how much you wanted to be in the car.

    • have you considered montreal? not driving distance, but a very short flight and it feels like you’ve really gone on vacation to somewhere much further away. and it’s urban and very walkable, and they have fantastic restaurants.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Wilmington, DE! If you’ve never been to Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, it’s amazing. And Longwood Garden is just a short drive away.

    • Again, thanks to all the vacay helpers! I’m going to tell my husband all of these options tonight and give PoPville all the credit for the great ideas.

  • Rant: Husband had a though year: lost his dad and work has been getting stressful by the day. There is always some crisis at his job. Many layoffs happening today. He is getting a fancier title after the layoff/reorg, but this means more work/stress for him (and for me), he is not happy.
    Rave/Rant: he wasn’t lay off
    Rant: Our winter vacation we planned 1 years ago is probably not happening
    Rant: He is very sad for his colleagues who will learn today they are fired

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Finally followed PoPs collective wisdom and tried Los Hermanos in Columbia Heights. It was great, and the mangu and pork was superb.
    Rant: Shady house next door looks like its going to be flipped shadily. No permits pulled, crap already piled up outback, and a suspicious, backdated emergency parking permit went up overnight.
    Rave: I’ve got enough development experience to lodge my foot completely in the developers ass if they don’t play by the rules.

  • Rave: positive pregnancy test!
    Rant: all the stress-inducing freakouts on websites like DC Urban Moms (and WHY are they all so MEAN??!?). Need some real-talk about when to get on daycare waitlists. Do I really need to do it right away? Do I need to take a tour first? And how do people explain that to work when they’re not ready to tell – is it a personal day? “Doctor’s appointment?”

    • As soon as you get a due date get on the lists.

    • You should ABSOLUTELY take a tour first, and be prepared to ask questions. When we were looking, cleanliness was important (how often do they sanitize the toys?), as well as curriculum (do they let the kids watch tv? how often?).

      I always said I had a doctor’s appointment and let them wonder.

    • Congrats! I just got a positive test for my second on Monday! I’m super excited, but the first trimester is so hard when you don’t want to tell anyone (which is why I’m announcing to PoPville that Anonymous is knocked up).
      For your questions: I got on the waitlist at the daycare at my work the day after I found out for my first, but I think it really depends on where you want the kid to go. If it’s a popular center, then you should probably get on one or two lists now. However, for neighborhood centers (we looked at Ideal II and Bright Start in Petworth), we could have gotten in with only a couple of weeks notice. Check out your neighborhood listserv for recommendations as well. Tours are nice, if you have time, but you can get a feel for the center pretty well within a couple of minutes. Tours are probably only 15 minutes, so you could just say a dr. appt or maybe just sneak out for a little bit?

      • jim_ed

        Yes, it all depends on where and what kind of daycare you want your child to attend. Want your kid in that exclusive model UN montessori school for children of hyperaggressive Type A parents downtown? Better get on it ASAP. Looking at places in residential neighborhoods or the suburbs or home daycares? You can probably wait 2-3 months.

        • We aren’t type a parents, but we live in Logan Circle – anything remotely close to home would be a center with massive wait lists. Neither of our jobs sponsor centers. Every single center said “about 16-18 months”, took our money…and when we followed up, could either not find where we were on the list, or said “it’ll be another 12 months”.

          It should be that if you’re not placed within a certain time frame, you get your money back. These centers – most of which get federal subsidies if they are federal centers – makes SO much off of wait lists, it’s ridiculous.

    • Yup, do it right away. I’m sorry. To give some context–the only way we got into a couple of places was because we were on lists with my first pregnancy, which miscarried at the end of the first trimesters, and they kept us on the lists until I got pregnant again several months later. Granted, I don’t have first priority at any daycares (I’m a fed, but don’t have an center that includes my agency as a priority agency), so that might be a difference. But it can be pretty tough. I’m happy to answer additional questions if that would help!

    • Accountering

      I don’t have kid, but it sounds like yes, you do need to get on daycare waitlists immediately.

    • It costs money to get on lists. So unless you have a daycare already in mind, like one that’s near your home or in your building, I wouldn’t. If you don’t know what you want for childcare, why put down $50 at each of a dozen centers? We did a nanny share, and it was wonderful… infancy to pre-school with the same nanny and the same share family. (This isn’t the norm, but it happens!)

      • It does cost money to get on lists, but that’s part of the cost of doing business. If you only select one or two, you might not get in and might have to choose something that is more expensive/less convenient/etc. We looked into nanny shares, and even shares are more expensive than day care. It also didn’t look like potential share families would be looking for the same type of schedule as us, which would be tricky. But indeed the decision to get on a bunch of lists also depends on how much you want to opt for day care over other options.

    • Oh – and for tours, I just said I had an appointment. Luckily everywhere I checked out was reasonably close to work (by design), so that wasn’t too hard to fit in and my colleagues aren’t nosy.

    • Doctor’s appointments. I never found a need to tell anyone anything. It’s not their biz. Going to the doctor once a month won’t really be noticed unlss you have REALLY nosey coworkers. Day care – we waited until we saw a heart beat. 5 weeks. We have a nanny. Day care here is assinine. I really get pissed when I think of all the waitlist deposits I paid to NEVER GET A SPOT. Such a racket. However, we LOVE (love) our nanny. She’s amazing. I’m personally so glad we stuck it out and didn’t go with the one day care we got in to. We have a part time share, so three days a week there’s two kids and two days a week, it’s just one on one. It’s perfect. You can definitely get on lists, but have two back up plans. Mazel tov!

    • oh, and DCUM sucks except for my moms-to-be thread, of which we had a regular meet up once our kids were born and we were mostly on leave. Now, I’m still friendly with a few of them. It was a great resource. Joint neighborhood list serves to look for free/discounted baby crap.

    • If you have different banks of sick leave and vacation leave, I would not say the appointment is a doctor’s appointment. That just seems like setting you up for trouble. Just say you have an appointment and head out. For all they know you need to meet a contractor.

    • That baffles me. These centers insist that you take a tour, which is guess what, during working the work day. They don’t do weekend tours. Hullo! People who need day care services have to work. Not to mention caginess about pricing and For an service that commands $20k-$30k a year, you’d expect a better customer experience.

      • But if you go on the weekends, you may see the physical space but won’t see how the kids are interacting with each other, with the adults, etc. Frankly, that would be of more importance to me than the layout and how many cubbies full of legos they have.

    • Hi all, thanks so much for the helpful and constructive feedback. We are not hypercompetitive ( I just want a place for my kid to be safe and happy and socialize, I’m not expecting him/her to be proficient in calculus age 2), and I would be delighted if I can find an affordable neighborhood/home care program so I may just look for a few of those (we are in Lanier Heights/Mt. P/AdMo area). Unfortunately I work in a small office and have a lot of nosy coworkers, so I may have to come up with a better story for visits (or just take a day off and try to cram them in). I’m happy to pay $50 or $60 to be on a waitlist, but the non-refundable $500 deposits at some places just have my head spinning.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: Ginkgo trees, you are so pretty. Why do you have to be so stinky?!

  • Rant: had too much fun with some college friends last night at Room 11. Definitely feeling it today.
    Rant: slept terribly.
    Rave: got booked to play the National Electronics Museum.
    Rave: apparently, I will have a new job soon. If that happens this week, my boss will have lost 80% of his staff in 10 days.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: bad dreams again last night. bad dreams all week.
    Rant: couldn’t get my bed all the way broken down, so the window guys will just have to deal.
    Rant: UP f*cking S. Didn’t deliver my Willow yesterday. They couldn’t find anyone to sign for it. Please let them actually look for the apartment manager in his office today.
    Rant: kitty locked in the closet b/c of windows. poor kitty
    Rant: metro messed up my leisurely morning.
    I hate everything.

    • What is a Willow? Google leads me only to trees and the 1988 movie….

    • Red line has just been horrendous this week. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. However, I must be in a more peaceful state of mind than I’m giving myself credit for because for both the Tuesday red line morning meltdown and the Thursday-morning-what-probably-turned-into-meltdown-but-I-got-off-and-walked…I didn’t feel the usual amounts of anger and rage….

      • Emmaleigh504

        I mostly missed Tuesdays meltdown. I managed to squeeze onto the first train that came. This morning I was headed to work and HOUR early so I could get some coffee and stuff (kicked out of apartment early for windows). I got to work 5 mins late, no coffee. I’m not stressed, but annoyed.

    • UPS might not have even tried. In some neighborhoods in DC, if a signature is needed, even if you use the app or say online that they can leave it with no signature, the driver has the option not to leave the package at his or her discretion. This has led to the drivers just not delivering packages to those neighborhoods from time to time. I’ve stayed home several times working at my desk (which looks right out my front window) waiting for UPS and they never come, then I get an update in the online system that they came and there was nobody to sign (even though I said they could leave it without a signature). When I call they said that it is the driver’s sole discretion to leave a package or not. They had no answer for the fact that I was home and never saw the driver and didn’t get the paper note on my door showing that they had arrived. It is extremely frustrating and if I have any choice in the matter, I don’t ship UPS and don’t shop with those that do.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yep. I’ve had that happen too. But not in DC. The guy actually came and left and UPS thing on my mailbox, but didn’t go around the corner to the office. Not the first time this has happened either. If I had known it would be UPS I would have requested another delivery service. Also love how UPS won’t deliver stuff and then says they will try again for a fee or you can head to their “convenient” warehouse location. so much hate.
        I wish everyone shipped via USPS b/c I have the best mail carrier in the world!

        • I recently had something shipped by USPS, but they handed it off to UPS for the final leg of delivery. And…. problems with delivery.

      • I have this happen to me as well. I’m sitting here all day, they never come, then they say it was undeliverable because no one was home. I hate UPS.

  • Rave: I enjoyed bbq and beers with good friends in the burbs last night.
    Rant: I am still struggling with getting up in the morning, even when I get a ton of sleep. My thyroid and other tests are normal. Let’s hope that my daily dose of vitamin D and exercise (things I’m trying to get more consistent about this month) do the trick. I don’t want to yawn through the fall and winter.
    Rave: The ability to go to the gym at lunch when you fail to get up in the morning.

    • Try going to bed earlier and cutting down on alcohol.

    • Ally

      May just be that, if you’re like me, it’s now dark when you’re leaving work work. I’m used to waking up to the sunlight and there’s just not any when you’re leaving around 6:30. Daylight savings time starts next month (I think) and may improve things.

  • Rant: general malaise, stuffiness, and a stand off with a garbage truck who thought he could have the whole block to himself this morning. We all had to back up onto 14th St so we could let his unhelpful a$$ through.
    Rave: my new sofa is being delivered next week! I am so excited and antsy.
    Rant: my mentee might by too proactive. I’m not sure how I feel about the trajectory of this relationship.
    Rave: it turns out microwave scrambled eggs aren’t that bad. I only have one small pan, but I have a bajillion mugs, so I can make these every morning and not have to clean the pan every night. Yes, I’m lazy.

    • I microwave eggs all the time, especially if I’m going to have a bagel and egg sandwich – makes the egg the perfect shape!
      You can also make mini-omelettes in your mugs. I often make a whole batch, bake them in the individual mugs, then throw them in the fridge covered with saran. Other people use muffin tins. I’m not going to chop an onion and pepper or whatever for one egg, but if it’s for breakfasts all week I can make a case.

    • I also microwave eggs – and by chance I started to do it in a Tupperware-type thing that was designed to hold a sandwich, so the cooked egg ends up perfectly shaped & sized to fit on bread!

    • Microwave eggs sound teeerrrible! But I’m willing to try it out of curiosity. Just stir and nuke?

      • Yes, but know your microwave – it’s very easy to overcook them. Try 30 seconds at first and go up from there. Also make sure you cover the bowl, they can explode.

      • I thought so too because seriously, cake in a mug is disgusting. But eggs on their own aren’t so bad. I made two eggs with a splash of olive oil, used a fork to whisk, salt and pepper, threw them in for 30 seconds, then another 30. That was is, though it’s probably a good idea to stir between the microwave sessions.

    • Ally

      Ever tried baking eggs? I did that for the first time last week in a muffin tin and was pleasantly surprised. I was able to get them exactly the right size (good for sandwiches or crumbling into salads) and at the cooking level I wanted (soft yolks but cooked well on the outside); and they actually kept really well so I made them in bulk.

      • Yes, it’s pretty good. I’ve even made baked scrambled eggs for a large brunch and they came out great, better than when I make them in the pan. They reheat pretty well too, but making about 2 weeks worth of eggs at once might be too much for me.

        • You can leave some of the muffin slots empty and just fill as many as you need.

          • I was thinking about the time I made them in a 9×13, sorry I was not clear about that. It’s much easier to stir that intermittently than individual muffin cups.

      • I love baked eggs. Baking eggs over asparagus is my favorite easy side dish.

      • epric002

        ramekins work well too. if you’re going to use a muffin tin i’d put water in the cups w/o eggs, like you do when you’re baking. throw a little cream, tomatoes, grated parm, S&P in with an egg in each cup and YUM!

  • Rave!: I’m giving myself a day off! on sunday! And the weather will call me to break out my Dinosaurland Hoodie which is my favorite piece of clothing ever.
    RAVE: DINOSAURLAND. I need to make my yearly pilgrimage out there but….

    rant: Check engine light came on and my thermostat is acting wonky. Whomp whomp.

    • Is Dinosaurland the place that was in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? If so, how have I not gone there yet! I have to go!!

      • no, but kind of similar? It’s a a 1950’s roadside attraction near Winchester Va. I love it….it’s the best $6 you will ever spend.

      • The ones from the movie are the Cabazon Dinosaurs in the desert of Southern California (you drive by them on the way from LA to Palm Springs). On our annual road trips to Arizona and/or Palm Springs, my parents would always stop at the dinosaurs so we could run around them and reenact that scene from PWBA. We were odd kids :p

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: @Patrol_Kitty

  • Rave: Thanks for the input on the CV yesterday – working on it again today! Now the question is: How do I mention grad school substantive experience (like field work in Colombia and Tanzania) without putting it as professional experience….

    Rant: Fell off last night (from a horse) sore!!

    Rave: Had a great ride last night, another one lined up today to combat the soreness.

    Rave: Had an hour and a half doctors appointment this morning and it was incredible – first time I’ve sat down with a doctor who took all the time to understand my health history – not just what she was treating me for.

    • Where do you ride? Hope you didn’t get injured too badly from your fall!

      • I ride out near Silver Spring at a large barn – there are a few good barns out that way for schooling – Reddemeade, Woodland, Waredaca, etc. This place last night though was farther out at a semi-private property.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yay! I’ve been waiting to hear about your riding 🙂

    • Good for you on getting back in the saddle tonight! When I was younger I had no problem falling off (and did so often!), now I am a much more cautious rider and it takes me longer to get my confidence back. I so wish that wasn’t the case.

      • I know! Luckily it was a stupid mistake, I managed to not fall off over the fence but after, and I rolled a bit. Definitely hurts now that I don’t bounce as easily!

  • Rant: Possibly dealt with racist jerk as I was entering the Metro this morning.
    Rant: Might be someone I’ve run into before and questioned if he was racist then too.
    Rant?: Was listening to a podcast about racial profiling when it happened.

  • Rave: my funny and sexy boyfriend and I celebrate our first anniversary this weekend.

    Rant: my girl brain is making much meaning out of this being our first anniversary.

    Rant: my funny and sexy and baseball obsessed boyfriend might let Orioles games might get in the way of us making super cute fall date plans.

    • my gf and i just had our 6 month one pass yesterday. we did not hang out – should i be concerned i did nothing?

    • Emmaleigh504

      My parents had to live a part for a year b/c of work. They spent one of their “romantic” long weekends toegether watching the World Series. Baseball people are weird.

    • Emmaleigh504

      And congrats!

    • Eh, it’s the playoffs. The Orioles haven’t been in forever. I’d let this one slide. It’ll mean more to him to watch the game without being made to feel guilty than “cute fall date ideas.” If he’s like this for a normal game, that’s a different thing.

      Besides, can’t you plan around the games? They play at 7- go for fancy, cider-y drinks beforehand. It’s a day game? Go to dinner afterward.

      • Agreed. Playoffs trumps celebrating an anniversary on the actual date, esp for a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs in forever. You’ll get huge brownie points for being cool about this.

        • Yes! It’s been a long time for the O’s. let it slide – please don’t take that away from him.
          And if they lose and he’s grumpy, let it go, he’ll come around.

    • Ally

      Yeah, I’m approaching a year with mine and my girl brain has been similarly over-analyzing. Congrats all the same, though. It’s great to be in a relationship where you’re still as excited about one another as you were a year ago 🙂

  • Rave: I’ve walked 18 miles since Monday almost entirely in trusted Sanita shoes (sandal and mary jane clogs) and my usually horrible feet haven’t hurt one bit!

    • Where do you find these magic foot slippers around town?

      • I’ve bought one pair at Comfort One on Connecticut, and they were even on sale. I’ve gotten several pairs online on discount sites. I actually have an brand new pair that are too small but I couldn’t return in size 37 that I’m looking to sell.

  • Rant: Found out last night that one of the houses on my block has been bought by a developer and is being popped up. Really sad about this. Forty or fifty years from now, people will look back and wonder how we allowed D.C.’s architectural heritage to be damaged in this manner, the same as we look back now on the bulldozing of much of Southwest (in the name of “urban renewal”) as a mistake.
    Slight rave: At least it’s far enough down the block that I won’t be able to see it from my windows/porch.

  • Rant: the new girl i have been seeing texted me yesterday to see how i was doing…i responded i wasn’t really sure. She wants to get together saturday to talk…i told her if she already has her mind made up that we should just part ways now, but she insisted on us talking. I still feel like she is going to say we should be friends, and i guess I would be OK with that but honestly just having a hard time wrapping my head around what on earth happened between her being lovey dovey and texting me late at night to things not being “Special”. I don’t think it is really fair when she proclaimed to be “low maintenance” to have such high expectations, i mean if she wants to have fun…i can be fun, but if she is always tired and just wants to hang out then yeah things might not be like a disney movie…
    Rant: Had to listen in on a really bad conference call today about our new project and how we don’t have enough technical people on staff…and I am not a technical staff….sigh

    • If you’re only two dates in and already having capital-T Talks, no good will come of it. Say goodbye. Unless you DO want to be friends. But if she’s never into anything fun… do you want to? Doesn’t sound like it. Why indulge this?

      • Is this Girl Friday? I thought FormerlyBagelBoy had been on 5-6 dates with her.

      • we are more like 5 or 6 dates in, everything happened so naturally and maybe a little too fast for her. I think i have more dating experience and life experience under my belt, so moving quick is something that just comes natural to me. But i agree if she is going to be insecure about us (when i have been very clear how i feel about her) then it will not work in the long term. I do hope we can resolve our communication problem for the short term, seems silly to get so dramatic so early on in a relationship that seemed to have a lot of potential

        • PoPville lurker here– I’ve seen you post a few times about your dating experiences, and I really don’t think you’re doing anything “wrong.” Seems like you hit the nail on the head that things moved faster than she anticipated and it sounds like she has cold feet. Bummer, but do your best to take it in stride and move on.
          I’ve been in a sort of flipped (but from what I gather very typical) situation of seeing a guy for around 2 months consistently, talking most days, and then as soon as any capital-T Talking happened, he put the kibosh on it. And to maybe give myself some (?) credibility, I’m a nearly 25yo gal and have been dating pretty consistently for the past year or 2 with capital-V Very mixed results 🙂

          • Well maybe if this doesn’t work out for the two of us, we could meet haha. But yeah i agree the problem seems to be everyone is happy go lucky for the first month or two, but then when someone tries to take the next step it is revealed that one of the two people probably cares “more” or is at least more invested in a long term relationship, this freaks out the other person and the cycle continues. Then people take their bad baggage into the next relationship…

          • Emmaleigh504

            Dude, FBB, popville hh. lots of attractive, interesting women of all ages and backgrounds! Give a fake name and meet some nice ladies that you kinda sorta know already!

          • And risk reading about myself on PoPville?! C’mon formerly! 🙂
            In all seriousness, what’s tough about dating at 23, 24, 25, is that most people don’t want to be the one to make it more than casual. I think we end up missing out on good things by trying to care less that the other person. But that’s not to say the right thing won’t come along!

          • haha touche touche, we could at least exchange some stories and what have you’s 😛 I’m getting to old for this crap! just turned 26 :$

          • Haha true, I’m willing to bet there are some good stories! I’ll look out for your report on The Talk this weekend. Good luck!!

    • You never know what she’s going to say, maybe she has something she has to get off her chest and is assuming you’re not going to want to be with her after she says it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ” texted me yesterday to see how i was doing…She wants to get together saturday to talk…” Sounds like she wants to ease her conscience. If I didn’t see a future, I wouldn’t bother.
      BUT! You know you and what happened, so you do what’s best for YOU. good luck.

      • You are probably right, I gave her an out to skip this conversation so I am hoping that means she might be willing to work things out. I guess i will just have to keep wondering until saturday…seems so far away to be waiting to have this conversation 🙁

        • Emmaleigh504

          Saturday is far away to wait. I hope you can find some good distractions.

        • Ally

          Dumb question, but can you just ask her what she’s like to discuss so you can prepare yourself adequately? My S.O. and I will do that and it works so you at least know what to expect from a top-level perspective.

        • What does working it out look like? If you’re looking for a relationship and she’s not, then I think you should end it. I was young and confused and there were definitely times I thought “working it out” or “saving the relationship” was the right thing to do when really the right thing to do was stand my ground on what I want and understand that having a relationship for the sake of having a relationship is not a mature approach to finding a life partner.
          I’m think that’s more on her side than yours if she comes back apologizing and saying she was wrong.

          • yeah thats part of the problem…i wanted to find out more about what exactly the context of the convo will be. I Would like to know ahead of time if she is planning to end things, but she isn’t even being clear about that after i directly asked her a few times. I am not one to just be in a relationship for the heck of it, but i did really like hanging out with her. I wanted to get to know her better. I guess working it out for me would be slowing things down physically (maybe seeing other people or at least trying to), and getting to know each other better before we continue the lovey dove non-sense, because clearly she got way ahead of herself on that with some of the things she had been texting me….like “my mind keeps wandering, i can’t stop thinking about you” stuff like that led me to believe that she was being serious but clearly maybe not so much. I think she also is bringing some serious baggage from a previous break up (that she briefly mentioned) but it sounds like she is trying to put up her defenses to protect her heart.

    • Middle aged working mom says, who has time for this kind of bulls–? If I am ever single again (yikes not soon I hope) I’m in for a world of hurt because I do not have time to blow dry my hair let alone meet someone to hear how not special I am.

      • yeah the whole not having that “special feeling” thing was kind of over the top in my opinion. This is reality not a disney movie. Sure there is bound to be a period of intense “honey moon phase” but that does not last forever, I am just looking for someone i am comfortable around and enjoys my company. I don’t need cinderella…or the drama associated with that. I guess this is the dating roller coaster in DC, a few ups with a lot of downs

    • I say cut your loses and move on. There are SO many single women in the city, I’m sure you will have no problem meeting someone who will be better for you in the long run.
      This whole “let’s be friends” is BS. Don’t fall into that trap.

      • Absolutely agree.

        • I agree trust me i don’t fall into the lets be friends thing. I think part of the issue here that is “messing me up” is this girl was so forward about liking me…and i think i fell for the trap, i told her i liked her also. It is all downhill from there! Even if we decide to keep seeing each other more casually i will probably say…hey i am keeping my options open until i can trust that you actually want something slightly more serious than hanging out once a week and making out on your couch.

        • It didn’t go downhill after i said i liked her…it went down hill after i made some next steps on a physical level (although she seemed to be enjoying it at the time) not to get into high level of detail. I think she is a bit (for lack of better word) prude, or just not as high of a libdo as me and felt guilty after the fact. I think she might be looking for more of a “lets cuddle and watch cartoons” type of boy friend, and if that is the case that will make things a lot easier for me to say “see ya”

  • KSB

    Rave: My three-year-old skipped out the front door this morning and abruptly stopped, turned to me and exclaimed “The morning dew! Mommy, look! The morning dew is on e-ver-y-thing!” Are you kidding me with the adorableness?
    Rant: Five-year-old is apparently hitting her first big emotional growth spurt. Ouch. These emotions are WILD and it’s not a ride for the weary.
    Rave: Watching eight-month-old eat strawberries for the first time last night. The sour face crossed with wondrous delight gave me the best laugh I’ve had in ages.

  • I have an extra ticket to the Caps/Flyers game tonight (preseason) if any Popvillers are interested. Fair warning, I’m a Flyers fan.

    Rave: A random person at work I hardly know offered me a good seat at face value for Friday’s Nats game. Yay!

  • epric002

    rave: had an HVAC guy come out this morning to fix our electric baseboard rads in the basement. i had also inadvertently signed up for an inspection of our ancient boiler- which is still running surprisingly well given its age *knock on wood*. the technician said he’d never seen one as old as ours and was going to look up the model number to see what year it’s from 🙂
    rant: was unable to get thermostats installed for the baseboard rads today, but he told me which model to order and will come back out to do it- can’t wait to have programmable thermostats!
    rave: wich means we can move the dog crate out of the dining room and in to the downstairs enclosed porch!
    ranty/ravey: vets found nothing wrong with foster puppy’s stomach, but gave us a course of panacour just to be safe, as well as some special RX food. of course foster puppy likes neither the food nor the panacour. we’ll see if he’s eaten any of it by the time i get home tonight.
    hopeful rave: vet thinks foster puppy’s some-of-the-time reluctance to use his healing foot might be nerve related, which can sometimes heal over the course of 6-8 months. she gave us another med that may help us tell if it’s the nerves but of course we can’t start that until after his week of panacour. going to schedule a consultation with the vet phys therapist to see what they say about his prognosis- hopefully this won’t be too expensive!

    • jim_ed

      There are some boilers in this city pushing 80 years old that have been converted from coal to natural gas. Its crazy to see these cast iron monstrosities still working. That said, you need to have it inspected EVERY YEAR. Really every gas heater should be inspected annually, but the older the get, the more susceptible they are to problems that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning like cracks in the heat exchanger. Definitely worth the $80 bucks or whatever your HVAC company charges to do it.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Bonus Rave: The pumpkin and pork dumplings I just had for lunch bought from Pinch Gourmet Dumplings at the farmer’s market near the White House. The spicy slaw for $1 was great also!

  • Rant: Elderly next door neighbor mutters at me when she passes me in the hallway. I know enough Yiddish and German to know that someone who mutters “shvartze” behind my back does not have my best interests at heart.
    Bigger Rant: I’ve told her that if she mutters at me, I’ll mutter at her. I’d like to be better than this — but I”m not. 🙁 Sigh. I feel awful when I respond — and awful when I don’t. Dealing with an elderly, racist bully is not in my skillset.
    Rave: The friend who pointed out that I can’t change someone else’s unsolicited nastiness, and while I might feel better if I ignore my neighbor’s nasty behavior, responding in kind has actually done more to curb her behavior, albeit temporarily, then ignoring it has done.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry. Kind of a no win situation. Would it be wrong to say, “maybe she’ll die soon”?

      • Thanks MUCH for commiserating. It does make me feel a LOT better to see it as a ‘no win’ situation. As to the last bit, her true nastiness started after my Mom died, when, instead of offering help or sympathy, she berated me for not telling her details. I don’t want her to die soon — just to STFU if politely saying good morning is too much for her. Maybe I’ll bake some voodoo doll gingerbread cookies. It DOES feel better to be solution-focused!

    • How about returning it in Yiddish?
      “Gay kakenaff en yam” = “go crap in the ocean”
      please google pronunciation first

      there really are some great Yiddish disses – I just don’t remember them in Yiddish
      like: “May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground and your feet in the air.”

      • Sadly, I’ve muttered “chazerai” and something that sounds like ” du olden Schwein”. After I told her I would “mutter back” , there were actually a few months of mutual silence — which were great. Today – – hours before the start of Yom Kippur — she started up again. So, while I’ll enjoy the flamboyance of the Yiddish disses, I don’t think that will do it. Maybe I just haven’t tried the right one yet! Thanks for giving me a good reason to brush up on my Yiddish! 🙂

  • We were talking about archaic words yesterday. Came across this beauty at work today: “prothonotary”

  • Andie302

    Rave: Honey crisp apples
    Rant/rave: Something in the cube farm smells like dominos pizza…and it’s making me want pizza despite having already had lunch.
    Rave: Comedy show tonight, lunch tomorrow with a friend, informational interview about a job tomorrow, football on Saturday, and an open house Sunday. This sounds packed but I know there will be some time in there to relax. I’m looking forward to that too!
    Rave: Last long run tomorrow before the 10-miler. I’m aiming for 8 miles…we’ll see!

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