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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: sleep – or rather lack of it. Was kept up too late last night, and then woke up when my wife got up to take some painkillers. Since my daughter’s been waking up around that time too, I couldn’t fall asleep for 30-45 minutes. And then the kiddo didn’t wake up when she had been, but woke up about 45 minutes earlier than usual. Ugh. I’m tired, she’s tired and cranky, and it’s been really hard to leave the house this week because she runs after me screaming. Yuck.
    Request: every year, I mean to get boots for fall/winter and I don’t pull it off. Any suggestions for brands? I’d like something with a bit of heel (but not too high!) that is comfortable. I also have wider calves, so need something that will accommodate those. Thanks!

    • Re: boots – not sure how wide your calves are, but I can recommend David Tate and Ros Hommerson as good boots for anyone with 17+ inch calves. Zappos and WideWidths.com have been fantastic for me (I have big, wide feet and huge calves so boots are tricky). WideWidths lists the calf circumference for each size, which is extremely helpful.

      • GiantSquid

        Those brands are good. I’m a big fan of Duo Boots out of England (own three pairs). You can choose shoe size and calf circumference, and I feel like there are more style varieties with Duo than the other two. They aren’t cheap but the quality, style, and speedy shipping makes up for it.

        • GiantSquid, is there anywhere in the US to buy the Duo Boots? I like their selection, but I am worried about hating them and wasting $50 on international shipping and return shipping.

          • GiantSquid

            I’ve only ever ordered them online. What I would suggest is to sign up for their newsletter. You get a discount immediately for that and there’s sometimes free shipping offers.

    • I feel like all boots have gotten wider. I ordered at least a dozen pairs last year and sent them all back because I could take all of them off while still zipped. So, I wouldn’t count out boots that are not specifically called out as wide calf.

    • Not sure about boot brands, but on zappos you can limit the choices you see by calf width (on the sidebar where you can limit by color, size, etc). Very useful for people with specific needs.

    • Boots for what use? If you’re looking for something you can wear to the office, Ecco makes several dressy Goretex ankle boots. I’ve had a pair for a couple of years and love them (as well as Eccos in general).

    • Try REI for boots. I bought a great pair there a couple of years ago.

      • I second this. Plus they have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

        • No, REI no longer offers a lifetime guarantee. They changed their policy a couple of years ago, now it’s just the usual 1 year or manufacturer warranty.
          LL Bean still does, though, and they might have something that works for you (they have a lot more than just duck boots, including the Merrells, Keens, etc. that REI has). But double-check if their life-time warranty covers everything or just LL Bean brand stuff.

          • Ahh damn. Does REI’s guarantee cover things purchased back when they had a lifetime guarantee?

          • @Beau, No it doesn’t — I found out when I went in expecting my no-longer-waterproof raincoat replacement to be a freebie!

          • I have just fallen out of love with REI. Let’s just be friends, REI. I feel like I don’t really know you anymore.

    • I love Frye and there’s a store in Georgetown so you can try before you buy. Nordstrom’s is also a great option, and they do special orders. I also highly recommend Zappos, and their discount site: 6pm. Do you have specific styles in mind?

      • I was just looking at 6pm.com but was overwhelmed with the choices. I also didn’t see any reviews so didn’t know where to start. I should check zappos too.

        • If you see something you like on 6pm, you can check to see if it’s also still on the zappos site, or if the zappos reviews are cached, or google the specific item to see if another site like amazon or a store site also has reviews. I highly recommend buying at zappos though, unless you get an amazing price somewhere else, because they have a year long return policy and awesomely helpful customer service.

        • I second Frye! I have had three pairs over the years and I adore them!

        • You can also use the zappos site to narrow down your choices, then go to 6pm to see if they have something at a better prices . A specific Frye boot might be on 6pm in a discontinued color – with the same style and reviews on zappos in current colors, for example.

    • I have pretty muscular calves which have led to broken side-zippers on boots– more than once. I have had the best luck with Frye’s that pull-on and come in a wider calf width size. They’re an investment for me but I’ve had mine for many years.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’m not sure how wide my calves are–I just know that when I tried on boots 10 years ago, many were too narrow. So perhaps that’s no longer the case. Are there other brands that are comfy that aren’t specifically wide-calf? I’m looking for boots I can wear to work, though our dress is usually in the business casual arena. So they don’t have to be super dressy. And it would be nice to be able to wear them occasionally on the weekends as well.
      On another note- the website is repeatedly refreshing itself unless I specifically stop it from loading. Anyone else experiencing this?

      • If you’re going to order online, measure your calves at the widest part. That way you can compare your calf measurements to the measurements of specific boots. Most sites will list this, and at zappos, if they don’t, they’ll find out for you.

      • Ecco ankle boots might fit your needs, I have a pair that I wear with slacks most days to work but also wear a lot on weekends with jeans and corduroys (boot legs, the ankle boots don’t work well with skinny jeans). I like them b/c they’re comfy for lots of walking, don’t look too fussy for wandering a museum or Target, but dress jeans up a bit so I don’t feel like a total schlub.

      • Bear

        Clear your cookies. This happened to me last week and that fixed it.

    • epric002

      i LOVE my aerosoles ‘gather round’ boot. it’s suede with a wedge heel and is comfortable enough for me to commute in, and dressy enough to wear with dresses/tights to work. and it comes in wide. aerosoles also has some other wedge boots this season too.

    • Two words: Frye Boots.

  • Rant: I had to be at work 1.5 hours earlier than normal and while it’s usually manageable, today with a sinus infection and complete darkness on my way in it was not. I am a zombie.
    Rant: I am a hungry zombie. Why is it that I want to eat everything when I am tired?
    Rave: Right Proper. I love that place and they have a beer commemorating Duke Ellington. Anyone who commemorates Duke Ellington gets extra points in my book. I don’t think DC is obsessed with Marvin Gaye, but I wish there was as much Duke Ellington presence as there is Marvin Gaye presence.
    Rave:I caved and hires house cleaners.

    • justinbc

      Still waiting for that Good Charlotte mural.

    • Why does it have to be one or the other? We should be proud that both of these musical legends had connections to our city.

      • I don’t think ramping up Duke Ellington presence/celebration/whatever means choosing one or the other. Truth be told there is a lot of Duke Ellington stuff in the city, but I have a soft spot in my heart for him, so I wish more people know about his connections to DC and more about the amazing jazz scene that was here. Harlem gets all the credit, but U St was Black Broadway.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My co-worker was thinking of naming her new baby Ellington in his honor, calling her Ellie. She went with Jordan instead 🙁

          • skj84

            I like Jordan, but I’m stealing Ellington for future offspring.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Jordan is ok, but such a let down from Ellington and all the fabulous names I came up with. I was going for a flower theme and really got my heart set on Kangaroo Paw or Margret (Daisy). I’m still sad that my cousin didn’t name her kid Deutschland Uberalles Gonzalez.

        • The Smithsonian has an Ellington Archive.


          • Not to mention a school of the arts, a bridge, a heritage trail, and murals. Also, I find it ironic that we’re lamenting the fact that not a lot of people don’t know much about Ellington’s connection to DC (I dispute that, but ok), without acknowledging how hugely influential and important Marvin Gaye and his music was/is. I think it’s a matter of perspective.

          • I find it ironic that you’re praising the amount of influence Marvin Gaye’s music has and not Duke Ellington’s, when jazz is a major contributor to Motown, soul, and R&B and therefore Marvin Gaye.
            It’s just a matter of taking a few more steps back to get a broader perspective.
            That’s all true, but mostly I’m poking at you Anonymous. I love Marvin Gaye, I think he’s wonderful. I also love Duke Ellington. I don’t have to choose, I can love them both and appreciate the music of both of them. Yesterday someone was saying that this city is obsessed with Marvin Gaye and while I wouldn’t put it that strongly, I agree that there is a lot of love for him here. I would like to elevate the love for Duke Ellington to that level, not hold one above the other. But not everyone loves jazz, so I am content to love Duke Ellington and get excited whenever I see another person celebrating him and his connections to the city as well.

          • No, that’s not what I’m saying at all (and I totally get that you’re just poking at me and also that I’m just bored). I’m expressing bafflement that you think that Marvin Gaye has a more prominent status here than Duke Ellington. Is anyone out there disputing that Ellington is a meaningful figure? It’s a given. You’re saying that you wish that we would “elevate the love [for Ellington] to that level.” What are you basing that on? Murals? Hilton Brothers “concepts”? Hipster beers named for? I need metrics :)!!

          • Ellington is MUCH more prominently recognized around DC. I mean, he;s on our quarter! Honestly, until this thread I didn’t even realize Marvin Gaye was from DC, I associate him with Motown and assumed he was from Detroit, and nothing in DC really led me to think otherwise. Sure, there’s a bar named after him, but there are bars all over named for people who aren’t from those places.

          • justinbc

            There’s an apartment building called The Ellington right down the street from the bar called Marvin, and it’s about 4-5x the size.

    • Emmaleigh504

      eating more when you are tired is a thing. Scientists have found people with chronic insomnia are more likely to be overweight and weigh more than people with normal sleep.

      • Yes, and new mothers who get less sleep take longer to lose the pregnancy weight than those who get about 8 hours. Sleep is pretty powerful.
        I usually get a good amount, but I woke up twice to go to the bathroom last night (unusual for me) and I got up a lot earlier than normal, but only went to bed a little earlier than normal.

    • http://murallocator.org/2010/01/duke-ellington-mural/

      FWIW, the Ellington estate is SUPER protective of the name/image which might also add to the reserved presence.

    • My company just posted a meeting planner position, if anyone is interested please let me know. We’re in Rockville and have great benefits.

  • Rant: Inconsiderate neighbors… They’re multiplying, and playing loud music on their front steps while their 5 kids play in the alley out back.

    Rave: Not selling my house, taking it off the market. Feels good knowing I won’t have to move and get to relax a bit during the fall season. Lowering list price in this kind of market is for chickens!

    Rant: Random people hanging out on my and my neighbor’s door steps… Is someone paying them to do this? There is a for sale sign up in my yard yet these people think it’s okay to smoke weed and drink liquor in front of my house… And then they leave their trash all around. Lucky I don’t scare easily, but my neighbors do.

    Rave: It’s mah berfday… Not looking forward to 4-5 separate dinner parties though, because a lot of my friends and family aren’t talking to each other.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy birthday!

    • Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your plethora of parties! 🙂

    • GiantSquid

      If it wasn’t for your detailed rants about your inconsiderate neighbors, I’d ask you if you were interested in renting your house.

      • Haha,

        Yep, I plan on renting my basement apartment for around $1600/mo (~750sf utilities included) to a non-inconsiderate person in Late November – December… PPL can email me -winternett on gmail

        It’s really mostly issues related to living right next to a metro stop, pretty sure it’s normal stuff for DC, I’m just getting grumpier as I get older. >:P

    • Becks

      Happy Birthday!!! May your day be filled with good food, good friends, and cake! Lot’s of cake!

      • I love cake!! Especially the kind with ice cream stuffed in it!! Please keep it away from me or it will get destroyed!! hah.

    • Happy birthday, Jack5! Sorry to hear about your neighbors — I have bad neighbors too, but yours sound much worse. 🙁 Hanging out on somebody else’s front steps?!?

      • Thanks! It’s not really my neighbors hanging out as much as random people that don’t live in my hood. I suspect it’s someone trying to drive my house sale price down by discouraging potential buyers. They don’t know that I don’t get intimidated easily tho!

        • What’s your listing?

          • GiantSquid

            Jack 5, I can honestly say, if we had the money, we’d buy your house. It’s lovely. Unfortunately, being debt-free means no cash saved up, so unless unknown rich relative leaves us a bunch of money, I can only enjoy from afar. But it’s pretty.

          • Very nice. Never knew this stock of housing(3 stories + basement existed in Petworth especially in this area.

          • Dude! We are closer neighbors than I realized. I will have to hit you up off-forum (or vice versa).

          • Anonymous 11:35 — This is actually the hotly contested border region between Petworth and Park View. 😉
            Rock Creek Church Road is the border between Wards 1 and 4. It’s also supposed to be the border between Petworth and Park View (though this is not universally accepted). So Jack is in Park View but his neighbors across the street are in Petworth.
            There’s not much housing stock like this (i.e., three-story plus basement) in either area, but there are a couple of blocks right around that area that are three stories plus basement and that were built by the Kennedy Brothers and designed by architect Alexander Sonnemann. I think I heard that Sonnemann also designed some of the three-story-plus-basement houses in Mount Pleasant, and thus these Petworth/Park View houses look more like Mount Pleasant housing stock than like most other Petworth/Park View housing stock.

          • Well these has to be the most northern 3 stories + originally built row homes in the city. Thing that’s pretty cool to own one of them.

          • Thanks yall! Just don’t show up unexpectedly on my doorstep at night! But it would be great to meet the neighbors! 😛

        • Beautiful house Jack5!

    • You can avoid the 4-5 separate dinner parties by not celebrating your birthday. It frees up a lot of time and eliminates hassle. You can see your family and friends on a schedule of your choosing.

    • It’s your birthday and you should do exactly as you please!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m having an afternoon piece of cake in honor of your birthday 😀

  • gotryit

    Rant: Metro employee in full uniform whipped it out and peed on a tree next to my house yesterday.
    Rant: Maybe I don’t want HD security cameras.
    Gotta laugh: He was talking on his cell phone the whole time.

    • Ewww!! Can you report him to Metro?

      • gotryit

        I already did. I have very low expectations of their response. I told them that if this (or other examples of metro disrespecting our neighborhood) that I’ll be happy to bring it to the police instead.

        • Yeah, unfortunately I too am not very pessimistic about Metro properly disciplining the employee. Didn’t those train drivers who were caught on video napping while driving get only wrist slaps?

          • not very *optimistic.
            I forgot to bring a can of cola to the office this morning. Apparently I really needed the caffeine.

    • I don’t think I could muster a pee in public no matter how desperate I was. What is it with some people and their incomplete potty training??

      • When ya gotta go, ya gotta go? I’m not excusing this, but I have major sympathy for folks with the kinds of jobs where you can’t take bathroom breaks when you need to. I also wish that there were more public bathroom options.

        • Metro’s employee union seems to be extremely active. I would be very surprised if Metro employees were actually squeeze for bathroom breaks.

          • I’m sure they have scheduled breaks — but it’s not like they can just pull the bus over or stop the train whenever they want to. Although I did have a disconcerting moment once when the driver put on flashers and pulled over, and got off the bus. Then went into a fast food joint and came out a few minutes later with her order. I can appreciate an emergency bathroom break. A snack break? not so much.

        • gotryit

          He was right behind a metro facility. That has bathrooms in it. Literally (not in the millenial way) a two minute walk.

          • Oh! There goes any shred of sympathy that I might have mustered. That’s totally rude, uncouth, and majorly disgusting.
            LOL re: “”Literally (not in the millenial way)” My first major laugh of the day!

  • Farragut

    RAVE: The Kansas City Royals pulled off a great comeback to win 9-8 in 12 innings last night. WOW. Not an A’s or Royals fan, but that was amazingly fun baseball.
    RAVE: 11/22/63 by Stephen King was awesome. Read it.
    RAVE: I’ve finally had a D&D character survive more than one game session. Let’s hope tonight’s game will keep the streak going.

    • skj84

      +1000 to your top two raves. I just happened to catch that game in a bar and it was pretty exciting. And this is coming from a non fan.

      11/22/63 is going to be turned into a series! I believe Netflix picked it up. I was pretty into the book until the end.

      • Farragut

        Hulu picked it up actually! Netflix however is apparently going to do a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel!

  • BUGS! My house is overrun with bugs. Fruit flies, regular flies, mosquitoes… No open windows, no standing water in or near the house… Help?

    • Last time my house was overrun with flies it was because a mouse got caught in one of our traps and died. (Yuck). Make sure nothing dead is attracting them.

      For the fruit flies, set up a wine bottle trap. Easy, plus you have an excuse to down a bottle of wine 😉

      Mosquitos are trickier. May require using those [gross] candles.

    • Becks

      I had fruit flies. My friend’s husband hammered three holes in the lid of a mustard jar and told me to put a fourth cup of apple cider vinegar in the jar. It worked! The flies were attracted to the vinegar and couldn’t escape out the holes!

    • Winter is coming, they’ll be gone in a few weeks, it’s amazing they can be crafty in getting in, but so dumb about getting out…

      A cup with a little apple cider vinegar in the bottom will catch the fruit flies. I use household cleaner to spray flies, then wipe them away with a paper towel, mosquitoes are the hardest ones to get because the ones here are so camouflaged!

    • houseintherear

      While you wait for cooler weather, here’s a great fruit fly trick… leave about 2 inches of red wine in the bottle, and leave it out on the countertop near the fruit fly huddle. They will all be in there floating within a day.

      • I tried the wine trick (used a sweet white) and didn’t catch ONE. They seem to like to cluster around the sink drain. I will try vinegar this evening, in something with small holes to prevent escape.

        • These might be drain flies – tape sticky tape upside down (or use double sided) over the drain at night. If you see the flies stuck to the tape = drain flies. They have a fairly distinctive look so you can also google the image.

  • Rant: Resume and job app advice. Went to an event last night with 6 recruiters (same industry, for mid-level professionals) and everyone had different “MUST DO” lists – some examples – “If CV over 1 page, I don’t even look at it” and “If its one page I assume they have no experience”. “Education at top, otherwise, it gets lost” “Education at bottom – everyone will have the same education experience as you”. OK I get that you have preferences but don’t present it as though it’s the end-all, be-all of advice. UGH.

    Rave: Getting frustrated last night made me look critically at my CV again and prompted good job discussions with my husband.

    Rave: Riding tonight, have a ride lined up for tomorrow and Saturday AND planning a riding trip in VA hunt country for November! The joys of being unemployed 😉

    • If you are mid-career put your education after experience. Education matters more when you are first on the job market. Once you have a few years of experience people care more about what you’ve done at work. Regarding the length, I find that for private sector shorter is better and for USA jobs put in as much detail as possible.

      • Thanks for your input – it’s always good to have more perspectives on how it should be.
        But unfortunately, this is what I’ve been running into – Most recruiters/HR professionals (even in the same exact sector and very similar positions/recruiting) I’ve spoken with have given varying preferences but they’re stating it as a hard and fast rule. So many hoops to jump through…

      • In general I’d agree with 17thSter, but if I remember correctly, UDPie recently (as in this past academic year) went back to school to get a graduate degree in her field.
        With that being the case, I think she should probably put her education at the top (but have it take up as few lines as possible), followed by her job experience.

        • Good memory TextDoc! Yes – I’ve run into this issue where I have 6 years experience prior to my Masters but feel as though people I do myself a disservice of people see when my Masters was. I had significant and substantive work responsibilities and achievements prior to my degree (went for it because donors want masters…) and am concerned that people will see a 2014 MSc as indication that I’m entry level or inexperienced…

    • As someone who is currently hiring, I think everyone has different perspectives on how a resume should be structured and it is not something I personally feel too strongly about when reviewing others resumes. I would not worry too much about that, but rather focus your energies on making everything in the resume consistent (present tense for current job/past tense for past jobs; indent for bullets, etc) and that there are NO typos! You won’t believe how many people have typos in their resumes and writing samples. Have your husband review the resume and all materials before they go out!

    • If you want a 7th opinion… When I’m hiring, I don’t care about the order of the resume contents. Education first or last, doesn’t matter.
      However, if you don’t address all the requirements of the JD in your CV, I probably won’t read your cover letter. I have heard people say “what’s what the cover letter is for” (explaining how you’re qualified), but I need to see in the CV that you meet the minimum requirements. If that’s a language, or a software, or a professional certification, make sure it’s on your CV. Then use the cover letter to expound on relevant experience, lay out personal motivations, etc. I won’t care how passionate you are if you don’t meet the requirements.

      • Bear

        +1 to this. I may be in the minority, but I hardly ever read cover letters. I go straight to the CV to see what the work experience is. That said, I’m not in HR, so there’s usually someone who has already screened out the non-qualified staff.

      • It is great to get everyone’s opinions and I’m glad you’re presenting them as such. Because last night I had people saying “No one ever reads the cover letter” and “Good HR people should read the cover letter” as though it was fact not a preference.
        I think as long as my CV is clear and I fit the JD and I write a succinct but good cover letter, I’m putting my best foot forward. However, when you’re unemployed it’s hard not to search for the tangible reason for why you’re not getting jobs!

      • And please read directions! When a job application asks for a cover letter, resume, and X number of writing samples, send in exactly what they ask for. When we receive applications, anyone who cannot follow clear instructions in the job announcement gets put in a “did not follow instructions” pile, which is never looked at.

  • Rant: My first batch of dill pickles turned out pretty bad. Most were very mushy and had to be thrown out. I managed to salvage a couple, but had to cut the mushy parts away and they ended up being half sours.

    Rave: I modified the recipe and my second batch turned out great. I brought a corn beef sandwich and homemade dills for lunch today.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yum! I’m fermenting some garlic. It’s supposed to be good for colds, but I think it will be good for cooking!

      • I could eat an entire jar of fermented garlic in one sitting. They have some delicious ones at the Japanese market on 17th and U but I might try making my own now after reading this. 🙂

  • Rave – Made some delicious sausage lentil soup yesterday, thanks for the great recipes everyone!

    Rant – The AC is still blasting at work. I don’t think people realized that it is now October and it is no longer 95 degrees outside. I am absolutely freezing.

    Rave – Leftover soup for lunch to warm me up.

    • justinbc

      Ours was still on yesterday, it feels mildly on today. By the time they get it set so I don’t have to wear a sweater at work I’ll be wearing one anyway thanks to the weather outside. Office fail.

    • I was actively sweating when I got in this morning. The humidity is so intense that the AC is needed to dry things out a bit. I never understood this idea that climate control should be based on the calendar…

      • Sure the AC should be on, but not on full blast like we’re in the middle of a heat wave. It’s not summer anymore.

  • RAVE: fixed my scooter by changing the oil. Running great now.
    RANT: My fantasy team is in the gutter (1-3 record). Most of my players are mediocre, the guys I bench end up having big weeks, and somehow the guy with the most ridiculous lineup has the #1 waiver wire spot this week. I have no motivation to manage my team this year. I might just blow up the league.

  • Rant: Need to schedule a surgical procedure but I am having a horrible time doing so. When I call, the surgical scheduling coordinator is not at her desk. When I leave messages on her voice mail, she does not call me back at all. It’s been a week and I’m getting frustrated. My mother has to come in from out of town to be with me during the surgery and I need dates ahead of time to give her for air travel. She can’t just come up at the drop of a hat. I also need dates to tell my job.
    Rant: Loud folks in the office.
    Rant: My office is too damn cold. I hate it.
    Rave: I have a job.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rant: Thing I have to do at work today is really difficult and sucks, so I’m procrastinating.
      Rant: Wet weather making my arthritic thumb hurt.
      Rave: Another wee pumpkin on my desk has a face.
      Rant: the wee, white pumpkin has mold. It’s not on my desk.
      RaveRaveRave: My Rhodesian of Edinburgh blue Willow bag is arriving today!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        woops! wrong spot, sorry E

      • Just read your RaveRaveRave — and I’m smitten. Wow! Those are some gorgeous bags! The leather looks soften than the Cambridge Satchel ones, and the colors are lovely! Lucky you!!!!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think I went with Azure, but it could have been sky blue. I kept waffling. I really want to get the Cleo in cotton candy pink, but that will have to wait.

        • epric002

          i agree! had never head of them before but they’re lovely! is this your first? i really like the two tone option…

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yes it’s my first. I’ll let you know it looks/feels in real life. I”m so excited! I’ve been trying to come up with and excuse to buy one for ages. I finally decided I needed it for upcoming travel 🙂

          • epric002

            will definitely need details! i’m always looking for a better bag for shclepping my shoes, water bottle, and lunch to and from work.

    • Ugh, E — I hope the surgical coordinator gets back to you.
      I once had to switch doctors because the doctor herself was great, but her office staff were unbelievably difficult. One refused to take a referral form to a specialist across the hall because she had a vendetta with that specialist’s receptionist! It’s a shame when admin folks use their power as gatekeepers to create obstacles between patients and doctors.

  • rant: my SO was telling me last night how he was dropping off some of his coworkers from work late (around 1am) and a cop stopped him for apparently turning left too quickly from the right lane, after following him for several blocks before this, and then apparently asking him ‘how much weed did you smoke tonight’? it’s not like my SO turned without signalling, and as the most careful driver I know it was obvious the cop had nothing on him but decided to harass him for nothing? This was apparently at the very north-eastern border of DC too. Bizarre, I’m just glad the guy backed off
    rant: building evac drill
    rave: building evac drill postponed until tomorrow
    rant: now the evac drill is during a call
    rave: i’m not on the call so technically doesn’t affect me

    • He turned left from the right lane and you’re mad he got pulled over? You do realize that he cut off an entire lane of traffic, pulled an illegal move and did something incredibly dumb?

      • In front of a cop no less. He’s lucky the cop didn’t run him through a sobriety check (I’m assuming that dropping off co-workers at 1am is usually indicative of after-work eating and drinking…)

      • Wait – why is this illegal? You’re driving in the right lane because that’s where we drive in this country. You want to turn left because, well, that’s where you want to go and so you turn left.

        • If there;’s more than one lane going your direction, if you are turning left you should be in the leftmost lane. Unless both lanes are clearly marked as turning lanes, of course.

        • On a street with multiple lanes in each direction — if you want to turn left, you’re supposed to do it from the left lane (or center turn lane, as appropriate).

          • It could well be a single lane in each direction. So if you’re in the right lane, you’re in the correct lane to turn left.

          • That’s why I preceded my comment with “On a street with multiple lanes in each direction.” (And if there’s only a single lane in each direction, you wouldn’t call it “the right lane.”)

      • the way he explained it that I didn’t explain well, was that he was getting to the light in the right lane, signalled and switched to the left lane (on an empty street at 1am), somehow too quickly and turned left with the light, and the cop that had been following him for several blocks until then pulled him over.

    • Years ago and in Wisconsin, I was pulled over for “driving too close to the median/dividing line (there was no actual median, but I’m not sure what to call it otherwise).” I’m pretty sure they thought I was drunk or high, though I’m not sure why. Anyway, the cop pulled me over, talked to me, and let me go after a little bit. I think they are probably just running on instinct and sometimes they are wrong. This is not to say that cops don’t target or do bs stuff, but I think sometimes it’s just a bad judgement call and not something more malicious.

      • Yeah, nothing about this stop seems out of the ordinary to me. Cops will use any minor traffic violation to pull over a car really late at night, and it’s their job to ask rude, assumptive questions like “how much weed did you smoke?” in an attempt to catch an intoxicated person off guard. Nothing suspicious? Cop lets you go. Sounds like an all around a-okay traffic stop to me.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: I’m so baller that I pull away from the curb with the parking violation ticket still tucked under the windshield wiper.

    Rant: FBJ: I’d like about a pound of balsamic chicken breasts.
    Ms. Deli Clerk to other Mr. Deli Clerk: He wants a pound of balsamic chicken breasts.
    Mr. Deli Clerk: How many chicken breasts is that?
    FBJ: I don’t know, three maybe?
    Mr. Deli Clerk to Ms. Deli Clerk: He wants three chicken breasts.
    Ms. Deli Clerk. Three? I could have gotten him three but he told me he wanted a pound! (Glares)

    Rave 2: Coconut Vinegar

    • Emmaleigh504

      Speaking of coconut…I got some coconut almond butter that was recc’ed the other day. Hope it’s good! Also tried the Justin’s peanut butter cups: vile and disgusting. I think I just don’t like Justin’s products. STILL LOOKING FOR COCONUT JAM, ANONYMOUS!
      Thanks for the coconut reminder, FBJ!

      • Did you try the DARK chocolate Justin’s peanut butter cups? If so, well, more for me! Where do you get the nocciolata (sp?)

        • Emmaleigh504

          I believe it was dark chocolate. It was whatever was by the register 😉 I get my nocciolata at the Yes grocery store in Adams Morgan.

          • Thanks!
            Update: 🙁 After all these chocolate posts, I got some dark chocolate Justin’s peanut butter cups for lunch. Well, for part of my lunch. They were disgusting. The peanut butter — which is usually like, well, like peanut butter, was instead a block of nastiness. I don’t know if they were stale or if they’ve changed their formula, but this was pretty gross. Fortunately I’ve still got my jar of spread as a back-up!

          • Emmaleigh504

            That’s how mine was. a block of nastiness with not very good chocolate around it.

          • Well, that stinks. I’ve been dreaming about them since yesterday. The good ones, that is.

  • Rant: The new girl i’ve been seeing dropped a “bomb” on me last night…it sounds like she is not sure what she wants, “here we go again”. I am not really sure what i did wrong, i mean she wanted me to meet her friend on friday (which i couldnt because i had to go out of town), we hung out monday..she told me she wanted me to get there as soon as i could so we could spend as much time together, she cooked me dinner, even got a specialty cake for dessert…I just dont get it, i really dont.
    Rant: Honestly maybe its a good thing that this happened sooner than later, i feel like i waited to long to have a real conversation with bargirl.
    Rant: This still sucks but I am trying not to make a big deal about it, we only went on 5 or 6 dates.
    Rave: Going out with some friends tonight to celebrate my belated birthday that happened over the weekend. Thank god for them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      One guy I was dating for a good long time planned a special long birthday (his birthday) weekend with me just to break up. I was so confused!

      • Yeah I am not saying its just women who do this, I kind of see where she is coming from but she had been nothing but positive and bubbley when we have talked, and when we have seen each other everything has felt “good” to me, she wasnt complaining either. She said she would like to talk to me about it in person, but the cat is already out of the bag….does it really matter the reason why this isnt going to work? For now I am playing it cool and giving her some space, hoping she comes around :/

      • What is with these wackos? One of my exes planned a whole romantic, surprise get away with me and slept with someone else the next week, then called me to tell me he had slept with someone else.

    • I’m sorry these things aren’t working out, but 5-6 dates is at least what it takes to start figuring some things out.
      Also, this is important for the dating conversation from yesterday too, you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t take this stuff personally. She wants something other than what you want. You don’t fit with her, that says nothing about you, your value, your “rightness,” etc.
      The best thing anyone ever said to me is that you don’t know why people are rejecting you, you might look just like their awful ex.

      • justinbc

        Well, sometimes people do stuff wrong. Especially if alcohol is involved. Without being there it’s really hard to say either way. Many different aspects of our personalities are revealed on dates 3+ than 1 & 2. As you’re alluding to, those things may not be “wrong”, but rather incompatibilities with your potential mate.

        • Oh yes, there is plenty of stuff people do that is wrong, cheat, lie, etc. But FBB seemed to be asking what he did wrong to elicit a ‘we’re not compatible because we want different things’ statement from her. In that scenario he didn’t do anything wrong, in fact he may have done something right because she was (presumably) being honest with him. There are plenty of people who won’t be honest for fear of rocking the boat. Creating a safe environment for your partner to be honest with you is doing something right.

          • justinbc

            Eh, that’s not really what I’m getting at. More along the lines of he may have done any number of things that are being omitted and she’s using “we’re not compatible” as a nice way of avoiding conflict about them. It’s just so subjective when most people are convinced their representation of events is the “right” one.

    • Don’t feel bad if you feel a bit forlorn about being dumped after 5 or 6 dates! It’s natural, and you’re only doing your best to follow your heart, which is a vulnerable thing when its defenses are lowered, which they must be, if we’re to have rewarding relationships! Still, better now than 6 months from now, when she finally listens to the nagging voice she’d been ignoring for 6 months, and THEN dumps you.

    • I’m sorry that sucks.

      Can I just say though, as a woman, I am glad to hear this happens to guys too! Not that it makes you feel any better, but I feel like this is the typical conversation I have with all my friends, guys don’t want to commit, blah, blah, blah. So thank you for showing me the other side!

    • magpies

      In case you like/appreciate advice blogs, one I’ve been feeling really bolstered by lately is captainawkward.com. I don’t necessarily want to read all about other people’s problems, but the ones that apply to me, they’re either helpful or a good reality check.

    • hispanicandproud

      It’s terrible. Worst is when you break up with your best friend.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: I’m so baller that I pull away from the curb with the parking ticket still tucked under the windshield wiper.

    Rant: FBJ: I’d like about a pound of balsamic chicken breasts.
    Ms. Deli Clerk to other Mr. Deli Clerk: He wants a pound of balsamic chicken breasts.
    Mr. Deli Clerk: How many chicken breasts is that?
    FBJ: I don’t know, three maybe?
    Mr. Deli Clerk to Ms. Deli Clerk: He wants three chicken breasts.
    Ms. Deli Clerk. Three? I could have gotten him three but he told me he wanted a pound! (Glares)

    Rave 2: Coconut Vinegar

  • RAVE: happy to have incorporated yoga in my life over the past 2.5 months, now that I’m a bit better at it. Not only am I stronger (with – OMG – larger triceps!), but I also feel like it was instrumental in allowing me to abandon my two worst habits, too much ice cream and ~40 ounces of soda per day. Hurrah for Western appropriation of Vedic culture! Dropping weight as a result too, but I have no idea how much. Not huge amounts, but it’s noticeable to me.

    RANT: I fell love with an electrifying woman over this same period of time, and allowed my heart to open towards her, and now feel like I was cruelly strung along, and that she is perhaps a bit of a psychopath (none of this “woman are crazy” BS either). A great deal of attention from her, long phone chats (a lost art!), socializing, an alluring invitation from her to take her out on our “first date,” and then to find that she has a boyfriend, and no intention at all of pursuing things with me, which was a big ‘WTF!?’ for me. To top it all off, the evening during which she revealed that she is otherwise committed, she also sent me a text saying “good night” with a photo attached of this boyfriend character laying next to her in bed, looking into her camera eye, which was both nauseating and extremely communicative. It was also absolutely bizarre behavior from someone who seemed enthused to know me just a few days prior. I was told when I met her that she “seems to need attention, and doesn’t seem to care where it comes from,” so I suppose those are words I should have kept in mind. Ugh! Love sucks, except when it doesn’t!

    • Wow, she truly does seem to have major issues. Just feel glad you dodged a bullet.

    • She’s not crazy, she’s an attention whore. And also probably a sparkle pony. Good riddance.

    • laduvet

      WTF – crazytown. People do some confusing and uncalled things to people, because they are ultimately confused and have not had a “personal honesty conversation” with themselves.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wow. That text is gross. I’m sorry you got sucked into her crazy.

    • Andie302

      You definitely dodged a bullet. This sounds like something one of my exes was capable of – which is crazytown! Electrifying = shocking or jolting…take it as a warning.

    • Attention Whore: a pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

      1.is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention
      2.interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
      3.displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions
      4.consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self
      5.has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail
      6.shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion
      7.is suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances
      8.considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are.

    • Thanks, folks, for the commiserating! It’s no surprise to me that I fell for this woman hard and fast, as what I experienced of her was so lovely. The bizarre behavior was then doubly shocking.

    • Good lord, I am sorry. The good parts of this woman are probably not even real, as she is a sociopath. People are F’d up.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Not finding anything feasible rental-wise on the Hill. Expanding search to Del Ray/Potomac Yard, VA.
    Rant: Right shoulder is hurting.
    Revel: Ramen, even leftover.
    Rant: Skin breaking out and not healing quickly. Why can’t acne disappear when you hit 30?
    Revel: My dogs’ excitement about Kongs with apple and peanut butter.

    • justinbc

      Dogs ruin the rental options in Capitol Hill thanks to Yarmouth controlling almost all the available properties, it really blows.

      • GiantSquid

        Yeah, definitely feeling some frustration towards them.

        • justinbc

          When I was looking for rentals with my roommate at the time, who had a 7 or so pound Pomeranian, they c*ckblocked us on 3 awesome CH properties, even though her dog is smaller than many cats, which they for some reason allow. So aggravating.

          • GiantSquid

            Oh I’m annoyed for you! We have two 20 lb dogs and I’m willing to pay something extra to cover cleaning & wear and tear. But if you don’t want my dogs, I won’t give you my money. : P

          • To be fair, though… cats don’t bark, and they don’t need to be let outside to do their business (which at least in theory would reduce the risk of accidents indoors). So I can see why some landlords might be willing to allow cats but not dogs.

          • palisades

            +1 to textdoc. I would almost prefer a larger dog just because the small dog’s barks are so effing annoying.

          • Cats who spray are extremely destructive though. My policy is to allow pets on a case-by-case basis and I would give preference to those who have references from past landlords that the pets aren’t destructive.

          • justinbc

            Small dogs barking is annoying as hell, which I learned after living with her. But in the places we were looking at living it would have been irrelevant as they were large enough to provide plenty of buffer. Really the more annoying part was there inflexibility in the matter, given the circumstances.

    • I know this is totally weird, but I experimented with my diet and found that I stopped getting that painful, deep-seated hormonal acne once I stopped eating so much dairy. So, no more greek yogurt as a morning snack for me, but also no more looking like I’m sprouting a third eye on my forehead. I know other people have similar reactions to dairy – I’ve heard that it’s because the cows are pumped full of hormones that are passed through the milk, and also that it’s complete bunk. At any rate, it may be worth a try.

      • I had perfect

        • I had perfect skin as a teenager, but once I hit my 30s’, whoo boy, did it get bad. It’s really, really common for women in their 30s to break out like teenage boys. It’s totally hormonal, and stress related. The last thing you want to do is treat it with the really harsh stuff meant for teenagers since it’ll strip your skin and make it worse. The only things I’ve found to really work are tea tree oil and Retin A (lots and lots of sunscreen with the Retin A). My derm is Dr. Gianelli with GW and he’s great if you’re looking for a recommendation.

          • Emmaleigh504

            yeah I got crappy skin in my 30s and had great skin all through my teens and 20s. Now I’m dealing with age spots and break-outs. fun times.

          • GiantSquid

            Mine is probably hormonal as I’m off birth control. The horrible forehead acne I had in teens & early 20’s has cleared up, now it’s chin and sides of nose. The worst are those deep, painful zits/cysts that you know you shouldn’t scratch but you can’t help because it hurts so much.

          • binpetworth

            Yep. This happened to me too. Spotless teens, speckle-faced 30s. Now in my 40s I’m dealing with what’s called melasma, which makes me look like either a bird pooped on my forehead (a la Gorbachev) or like I’m one of those old Greek ladies sprouting a mustache, when it’s actually just dark spots. Aging…sigh.

      • I concur totally. A steady diet of dairy also seems to have weird effects on my acne, especially when it comes to those distinctly more painful and inflamed “zits” below the surface of the skin. I also think it effects the frequency and duration of strange cysts that come and go.

    • I feel ya on the third rant. Why do I have to worry about acne and wrinkles at the same time?!

      • Not sure if you’re purposefully referencing the Taylor Swift “22” parody, “32,” but it made me chuckle either way.

  • Rant: On the way to work, I passed by (going the same direcrtion) the nasty old man who hassles me in the park. Nothing at all happened, but I still go into a rage thought spiral every time I see him. The senile coot is a total bully and a coward—he only hassles women. My one consolation is that he is old and will probably be dead soon. (Though the mean ones always seem to hang on for a long time.)
    Rave: Finally sent in an application to a job. There haven’t been many worth applying to in the last few years (my skillset is not in high demand), and even though this one would be a step back, job-title-wise, it would be at the sort of institution where I would much rather be working.

  • Becks

    Rant: Woke up late and was an hour late to work.
    Rant: My office moved IT from one office to another yesterday and now I only have one monitor.
    Rave: It’s jeans Wednesday!
    Rave: Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Delicious, but must limit myself to one!
    RantishRave: A friend of mine took Lady Carlotta and I to the vet on Saturday to get her vaccines and microchip. She was an amazing Lady and held herself together. They pulled out a huge needle to put the microchip in and she didn’t even flinch; I though I would faint. They said they had never had a cat take a microchip so well. We took Lady Carlotta home and later that evening I petted her back and the microchip came off in my hand! They had just put it in her hair! No wonder she had taken it so well! Now we have to go back! At least she has had her vaccines. Maybe?

    • GiantSquid

      When we had our dog microchipped, he was under sedation, so I’m shocked to hear that they’d do it without some numbing. I’d make the vet comp this visit because their staff didn’t know what they were doing.

    • When I was asking about microchipping, I was told that it requires a BIG needle and that since I was already planning to have a dental cleaning done on my cat (which requires anesthesia), I should just wait and have it done then.
      Unfortunately I forgot to request the microchipping when I had the dental done (at a different facility). However, my cat seems afraid of the outdoors and I always have her collar (with ID) on, so I’m not sure it’s worthwhile to get it done now.

    • I recently had my cat chipped, and they didn’t do any sedation or local or anything. And yes, I thought I would faint as well at the sight of that needle. They had to do him twice. It popped out the first time. He reacted the same to the big-ass chip needle and to the teeny little vax needles– growled, but settled down quickly.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Thanks to those who gave Counter Culture bags o’ beans locations, picked some up at Peregrine by Eastern Market yesterday.
    Rave: Morocco itinerary for February confirmed with my agent over there. Going to Casablanca, Fes, a lodge out in the Sahara dunes, Ouarzazate, Marrakech, Oualidia, Essaouira, and Richard Branson’s place up in the Atlas Mountains. With long layovers in Brussels and Istanbul I’m going to need a vacation after my vacation!
    Rant: Between yesterday and today I’ve sent back 3 different documents to be revised for using the phrase “for all intensive purposes”. Are there really that many people out there who don’t understand the meaning of the root word “intense” vs “intents”?

    • That’s frustrating. Does your office have a statue of limitations on filing complaints on these people who pacifically use that phrase irregardless of your corrections? 😉

      • justinbc

        Don’t make me get eye raid.

      • It LITERALLY kills me when people make mistakes like that. 🙂

      • Don’t get me started!
        One of my main un-favorites is “wallah” or some variation (for voilà)
        Or peeked, peaked instead of piqued

        • justinbc

          Yeah, I see peeked / peaked constantly. Luckily I hear wallah more than I see it, I would probably have to have a chat with someone over that one.

          • I heard “wallah” for “voila” on TV the other day and thought, “Did he just say that??”
            “Peak” instead of “peek” is (mis)used so often in real estate listings, blogs, etc. that I’ve almost become inured to it.
            What really makes my blood boil is “to she and I” (and similar variations). If you’re going to be wrong, at least be colloquial!

          • textdoc- don’t you have peak/peek backwards? As in, “the market has peaked”? Or, maybe I’m misunderstanding and it’s more like “come take a peek at this house”? Now you have me paranoid about my usage, although I think I’m using it correctly.

          • Anonymous 12:33 — you’re using it correctly. I’m thinking of “sneak peak [sic],” which I see all the time.

          • Oops, that was me above.

          • Justin, I think you’ve just peaked my interest with that one.

          • Oh, boo. I didn’t read up far enough. P.O.E.M. already had it covered. Damn.

          • “Loose” for “lose” makes me want to throw things at my monitor.

          • justinbc

            @anon, oh god, yes, I see that one constantly. Thankfully it’s not from coworkers though, more the Internet masses in general.

          • Emmaleigh504

            When I was in 7th or so grade I was looking for movies w/ a pal at blockbuster and we found “Loose Screws”. The 2 Os in loose were boobs. I will never mix up loose and lose.

    • I always wonder when I see spelling errors like that — like “tow the line” instead of “toe the line.” Maybe people figure out the meaning from context, but there are some expressions where misspellings make me wonder if the writer actually understands the origin/meaning of the phrase.
      I guess they must think some purposes are intensive and some purposes are non-intensive??

      • justinbc

        I used to try to figure out what they could have possibly thought some of these errors meant, but at the level of pay grade these folks are at to be submitting this stuff I just don’t even bother anymore. Reminds me of one of my favorite compilation books of commonly mistaken song lyrics, which really take the cake in terms of misunderstandings but at least provide hilarious results.

        • Those are called “Mondegreens” b/c the line “laid him on the green” was heard as “Lady Mondegreen.” In the context of the poem, either actually makes good sense!

      • It always makes me think these people do not read (or nowadays that they don’t read anything that has been edited) and they know language only from hearing it. And then I judge them for that.

    • I think the phrase “for all intents and purposes” just needs to never be used by anyone, even correctly, ever. It’s stupid long archaic way of saying “practically.” Die idioms! Die!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hey! Some of us like our archaic language 🙂

        • Yeah, I think I have to use so much archaic language because of my profession that I try to cut out the “unnecessary” ones wherever possible. Because legal language (often archaic) combined with optional archaic phrases makes for a big pile o’ crap.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I wonder if all the lawyers in my family contribute to our archaic lexicon. The Cult (lawyers) are a weird bunch 😉

      • justinbc

        Yes, I would prefer elimination, since bastardization seems to be the most common option.

      • And if you’ve said (or written) something, you don’t have to say/write “having said that.” That is fingernails on chalkboard to me!

    • My favorite is someone who works for me who keeps putting “Just my two sense” in emails. Does she not get it is “My two cents”. Not to mention that I have corrected it a few times…

      • justinbc

        Yeah, with some people I just don’t even bother… like the ones who address an email to me and then write my name as Jason. In person it’s annoying, but when you’re staring at my name and you still screw it up, come on.

        • Emmaleigh504

          gah the name thing! How does that even happen?! Drives me bananas. I get it for my first and last name.
          Along the same lines as the name thing, my last name is spelled wrong all the time and there’s an Elizabeth here that spells her last name the wrong way, so she gets emails for me and doesn’t forward them! I’ve even told her it happens and she just deletes them! wtf

          • justinbc

            When I first started at my previous firm there was a partner out in LA who had the same name as me, but I had the more obvious directory listing for our name. I used to get emails that were intended for him all.the.time. Most I would forward on, with a response to the sender indicating their error, but some I just deleted or ignored if they were “x” number of days old. There were quite a lot that were rather funny and inappropriate, which made it worth the annoyance.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Mine are always meeting requests or things that need to be done in a timely manner. Before I knew this lady existed I missed a bunch of important meetings. Now when I have to tell people how to contact me, I tell them about her so they remember to spell my name correctly. I hate Elizabeth.

        • Haha, I had someone reply to a work e-mail (which is my full name) saying “Thanks Anne!” …. Still no idea how they got Anne out of my name. IT’S RIGHT THERE. IN ALL CAPS.

  • Rant: I’m still getting “thanks but no thanks” letters from jobs I applied to in early May. And it’s October. Glad I didn’t get the job, because you guys need to get yourselves together. Especially when I went from sending my resume in to offer and 2 1/2 weeks with my current job.

    Rant: SO much to do this week.

    • justinbc

      I got an offer from an agency once about 4 months after I had already accepted another offer from a competitor. Some of them are miserably slow.

    • GiantSquid

      I got a “Dear John” from the government almost a year after applying.

    • I once got rejection letter more than 1.5 years after I applied. It took so long for them to mail it that it had to be routed through TWO of my former addresses!!

    • When I got the call for an interview for what turned out to be my first government job, it had been five months since I’d applied. I had been applying to so many jobs that I wasn’t initially sure which one the call was about, and was hurriedly trying to piece it together before the person at the other end of the line noticed.

    • I once applied to a law firm and got stuck on some kind of weird automated rejection letter database. I got two rejections from them every month, one in English, and one in Spanish, for several months. The Spanish rejection letters really tickled me, because my application was submitted entirely in English and didn’t even mention that I can read and write rudimentary Spanish. I just… have no idea.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I applied for a job at some place, had the interview, we both realized I wasn’t a good fit, so I didn’t get the job. Fine with me. For months afterwards I got emails from their HR department trying to get me to apply for that same position b/c my resume kept coming up in their database as a good fit. So annoying! Why didn’t anyone note that I had interviewed already?

        • Emmaleigh504

          The emails finally stopped when the HR dept got desperate and instead of automated emails, actual people were contacting me. I emailed back and got off the list.

    • One year I got a letter in October from a law school saying that I had not gotten in off the wait list. I had already been in class at another school for a month and a half. I just thought to myself that they might not think I’m smart enough to go to their school, but I really was smart enough to know I didn’t get in when I didn’t get an acceptance letter by the time classes started.

    • I got a “no thanks” letter from the HR department on a Friday – this was after I’d been offered the job, accepted and was scheduled to start on Monday.

      • binpetworth

        Wait, I hope it was a mistake, right, and you still started the job? I once got both an acceptance and rejection letter from a grad school I applied to; I figured if they didn’t have it together enough on the admissions end, it wasn’t the place for me.

      • Lol, you should have sent a “no thanks” letter back to them. “Actually, I think I *will* start on Monday, thank you!”

      • I did call my soon-to-be boss to confirm they were expecting me on Monday (yes, of course he said).
        I saved the letter, but the person who wrote it soon left the agency.

    • I once got asked for an interview a YEAR after I had applied for the position. It wasn’t a federal job either. Yeesh…

  • Rave: Went for a run on the treadmill last night! After about a month without any exercise, I’m proud of myself for getting on the dreadmill– since I avoid it when I AM in shape. I credit the TVs with cable on the treadmills for how long I was able to keep running… At least it’s something.
    Rave: Working from home this morning to finish up an annual report. I am grateful for the quiet time out of my freezing office.
    Rave: I made rice pudding for the first time last night and it was delicious. May have cancelled out the benefits of Rave #1 but yum.

  • Rave: It’s tights season!
    Rant: I’ve been trying to diet and I’m failing miserably. Cutting back on calories has left me with no energy to work out. I only need to lose 10-15 pounds, but it’s feeling really daunting! Any advice???

    • justinbc

      How long have you been doing the diet? Eventually your body will adjust… Are you getting plenty of sleep as well?

      • I’ve been at it for two weeks, and I’m trying to get enough sleep, but I’m average just under 7 hours (and dreaming about food!). I hope my body adjusts soon!

        • justinbc

          If you can up that to an actual 8 hours I think you’ll see a noticeable difference. If you want it to be successful you’ve got to prioritize the things that will make it so.

      Also, in terms of effective exercises, kettlebells (done right), and integration of Tabata trials in other exercises.

      • No snacks? I thought snacks were supposed to keep you from being ravenous and overeating at meals. Maybe this is my problem. I’ll try to eat just three meals. Thanks, commenters!

        • Snack on fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and raw, unsalted nuts.

        • I love Weight Watchers for this reason – it keep me honest with how much I am actually eating and whether it is the “right” stuff. I always lose at least a pound a week on it – even when I don’t workout.

    • epric002

      talk to a nutritionist or dietician and don’t listen to random people on the internets 😉

      • This. People are different. For example, for every person who looses weight one way, someone else doesn’t. I went to a nutritionist and they did some type of test to see how many calories I should be consuming. It was well lower than either WW or sparkpeople said I should have (yes, yes, I know WW doesn’t do calories, but was double tracking on WW and SP to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong and figured out my calorie range based on my points). Sucks for me, but at least I know,

  • Update on online dating adventures:
    Rave: Everyone was right yesterday. The person I liked the most did message me after 24 hours. Interesting conversation again. Not sure if I want to meet yet though.

    Rant: got my first lewd message to be an f buddy. it was funny though.

    Rave: self confidence is through the roof. my coworkers have noticed how happy I’ve been. The miracles of attraction.

    Note: decided not to meet the iffy date person. I don’t think I can even go on a date with someone if I’m clearly thinking about someone else.

    • Andie302

      Go on the date! There was once when I just KNEW that I was really going to like a guy and within 45 seconds of meeting him I could tell he wasn’t for me. You won’t know this with the one you like until you meet him, so at least give the other person a chance. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think you might have to revise that last tactic. I found this very hard, but you really have to juggle several potential interests b/c you won’t know which will pan out, and in DC people move on quickly so you will lose opportunities if you try to process matches one by one.
      This can lead to fun stories (I think online dating has to be mostly about generating the stories, otherwise it will drive you crazy). The worst was the time one date (first date, super boring, I couldn’t get away fast enough) insisted on walking me down to the metro platform, he didn’t know it but I was on my way to a date with date #2 (4th or 5th date, very promising). Train pulls up and date #2 is sitting on the train at the window RIGHT in front of where I was standing and waved at me. Date #1 tried to hug me, fortunately I was faster to board than he was to grab!

    • RE not wanting to meet yet:
      Don’t let too much time pass. As a guy, I start losing interest after more than 3 or 4 days of good chatting and not meeting. If a casual drink doesn’t happen within one week of chatting, then I’m moving on to people who are more serious about meeting up. Many women and men feel the same way. I’m not looking for a pen pal, my life is too busy for that.
      “Note: decided not to meet the iffy date person. I don’t think I can even go on a date with someone if I’m clearly thinking about someone else.”
      I think that’s a bad idea. You’re not dating any of these people seriously (yet). You can be interested in Person A and still go out with Person B for a drink. Person A might not be a great fit once you meet in real life. Meanwhile, you’ve already lost your chance with Person B. My rule is that once I go out on 3 or 4 dates with someone, I’ll stop seeing other people.
      It’s like shopping for a new dress or suit: you’ll try on a few styles and sizes at the same time until you find the right one that fits. This is low stakes dating, it’s OK to be interested in a few people at once. Explore your options!

    • epric002

      i agree w/andie302 & anonymous @ 11:14- part of the nature of online dating is that you’re going to go out with multiple people at the same time. don’t put all other options on hold when you haven’t even met this other person yet. i’ll wager that everyone you go out with is going out on dates with multiple people. and didn’t you say you don’t even know if you want to meet this other person yet?!

    • justinbc

      I would say that unless the guy has said something outright offensive / against your values then if you’re at all interested in him you should give him a shot. Someone’s online persona may be totally different than how they are in life, and while it may not improve at least there’s a chance that it might.

      • justinbc

        I should say in person, rather than in life, since online conversation seems to be an extension of the latter.

        • Accountering

          I agree with this. Some people may come off a bit interesting on-line, but in person they may be awesome. Go get a drink with him! Also agree with above, I was interested in meeting someone fairly quickly. Wasn’t looking for a pen pal in the least.

  • epric002

    rant: and the foster puppy had another gross accident in the house while we were at work yesterday. this is a gastro issue, ugh. he’s at the vet today. darn sensitive stomachs and food allergies.
    rant: creepy guy hanging around/following me/getting really close/peering into random cars while i was walking the dogs last night.
    rave: husband came home from last minute, waste-of-time-and-money work trip early 🙂

    • GiantSquid

      re: puppy – if he has a bug, try a diet of white rice, canned pumpkin, and a little plain yogurt. Our dogs usually get a half cup at feeding time, so we’ll so a quarter cup of rice, quarter cup pumpkin, and a soup spoonful of yogurt. The pumpkin’s fiber will help firm things up and the yogurt will help get the system back to normal. Once stool is a little more normal, start slowly switching it back to the regular food.
      re: creepy dude – call the cops. This is how windows get smashed.

      • epric002

        pumpkin doesn’t work for him for some reason- it makes it worse. he got boiled chicken and rice last night and this morning and things have improved. the problem is he’ll get a day or 2 of grossness and then it will all clear up w/o any diet changes and he’ll be fine for another week or so and then the grossness starts again. yesterday’s accident had some blood in it though so i brought him in. i think he has some sort of sensitivity/allergy but don’t know what it is. he’s already on a grain-free single protein source food so i guess i need to try a different protein. ugh. i don’t think he was looking to smash windows- i think he was trying to pretend like he had a reason for hanging out near me while i was walking the dogs.

        • “i don’t think he was looking to smash windows” — At first I thought you were talking about the foster puppy. 😉

        • GiantSquid

          Maybe it means doing a combo of homemade wet and bought dry like we do. The Westie has a sensitive stomach so we do a 1/4 c. of a homemade wet consisting of white rice, ground beef, and California veggies. If we run out and he goes a few feedings without it, you can tell his stomach isn’t happy.

        • Ugh, not a fun spot to be in. My dog had an on again/off again gastro issue a couple of weeks ago and it was frustrating for everyone. He would be fine all day and then have major issues at night or early morning. A boiled chicken and white rice diet seemed to clear it up after a week and the vet suggested adding plain yogurt to his dry food once we transitioned back. This seems to be working very well and he is so excited to eat now– he used to pick at his food all day.

          • epric002

            oh i feel ya. the foster we had before him had TERRIBLE gastro issues the whole time we had him. apparently his adoptive parents finally found a food that is working for him, so yay! but my god cleaning up dog shit in the house drives me nuts.

        • Pumpkin makes my dog’s issues worse too. I tried out several grain free foods before I figured out it was the potatoes that were messing with her tummy, so I switched to Nutrisca (grain free and they use chickpeas instead of potatoes) and it’s the only thing I can feed her that doesn’t lead to gross accidents! Good luck!

          • epric002

            thanks for the suggestion! i just went and read the ingredients and the starch i had been feeding was potatoes. i had actually already ordered a different formula (taste of the wild is what we’re using) prior to him having the accidents since he hadn’t been doing great on it, and the new one uses sweet potatoes instead so maybe that will work!

  • Rave: I went to yoga for the first time in weeks. I’m trying to get back on the work out bandwagon. It feels good to wake up with some sore muscles this morning.
    Rave: Parking spot finally available in our new garage! Hurrah for not having to walk three blocks to AdMo and deal with drunken people denting our doors and peeing on our car.
    Rave: I slept so well last night.
    Rant: I still couldn’t drag my bum up to go to the gym this morning. Perhaps I need to give up this fantasy of being a person who does to the gym before work. Why can’t I be a morning person?
    Rave: Wednesday. Half way to the weekend!

    • Re: your rant, I am exactly the same! Every evening I pack my bag for the gym/work so I can be ready in the morning to hop out of bed and go. And every morning I hit snooze. Resigning myself to working out after work.

  • Oh no! It’s almost 11 and I don’t think anybody’s mentioned bras yet. The boot chatter has been great though. I’m wondering if Formerly Broken Jaw will mind the switch from bras to boots? 😉

  • Rave: Established a Twitter account last night…
    Rant: … for the sole purpose of tweeting to DCRA about my neighbors’ overgrown yards. Ridiculous that this can’t be done via 311 or regular e-mail.
    Rave: DCRA tweeted back and said they’re going to do an inspection.

    • Please tell me you used a funny handle, like @FedUpNeighbor ;D

      • Hahaha, no. I should’ve thought of that — @PleaseUseEmailDCRA, @NotEveryoneIsOnTwitter, @DrowningInTallGrass, etc. (Although I think some of those would have exceeded the character limit for a handle.)

        • Maybe you should dress up in a ghillie suit and hide in your neighbor’s grass. Then, when they come home, jump out and scare them. I bet after a few episodes of that they’ll cut the grass so you can’t hide there anymore.

    • GiantSquid

      Huzzah! Sorry that it’s such a PITA.

    • Accountering

      What a joke… You should not have to tweet to get a response. 311 should cover this.

    • You said you did it once before via email, so it sounds like it can be done that way….

      • Not really. The very first time, I used dcra.housingcomplaints at dc.gov, but I think that’s supposed to be used for other stuff, not for complaints related to grass and weeds. Their page on grass and weeds — http://dcra.dc.gov/service/district-grass-and-weed-regulations — offers only a phone option and a Twitter option:
        “Residents should report suspected violations to DCRA at (202) 442-9557 (choose option 6). Residents can also send Tweets to @dcra – include photos if you’d like – of properties with grass and/or weeds exceeding 10 inches.”
        After my initial e-mail, I had directly e-mailed the individuals who had responded to me. However, they hadn’t responded to my last two or three e-mails, so I decided I needed to try something else.

      • Well, the very first time I had e-mailed dcra.housingcomplaints at dc. gov, but I think that’s actually intended for other kinds of complaints. The DCRA page that discusses overgrown grass/weeds — http://dcra.dc.gov/service/district-grass-and-weed-regulations — offers only a phone option and a Twitter option:
        “Residents should report suspected violations to DCRA at (202) 442-9557 (choose option 6). Residents can also send Tweets to @dcra – include photos if you’d like – of properties with grass and/or weeds exceeding 10 inches.”

      • After the first time, I’d been directly contacting the two people who’d responded to my first e-mail. But lately they hadn’t been replying (even when I followed up), so I decided I needed to try something different.

    • The reason Twitter works is because the “Important People” monitor the Twitter account due to the fact that EVERYTHING is public facing. They can quickly see which complaints are coming in, assign people to take care of them, and then show how they’re doing a great job when it’s resolved. No one wants to look bad in public.
      Emails, calls, and letters don’t filter up to the senior people. They can’t monitor every single channel of communication. And frankly, they are likely to care about an email, letter, or call because the public can’t verify if it was handled.
      So stick to Twitter. It’s a new and more effective form of communication simply because it airs all the dirty laundry for everyone to see.

      • Yeah, but I think my tweet went to them directly and wasn’t public — it didn’t show up on my own Twitter feed. (Maybe it did show up on their public feed??)
        If they’re going to respond properly only to Twitter inquiries and not to other ones, the cynical side of me thinks that’s certainly an efficient way for them to do less work while still claiming to the public that they’re “responsive” and that they’ve “embraced new technology.”

    • Man, this is like the time my old apartment complex thought that Facebook was an appropriate mechanism of communicating important information to tenants. I am not on Facebook, and if I was, I certainly wouldn’t be friending my apartment complex! Jeez. Manager: “Didn’t you know about that maintenance issue? We posted it on Facebook!” Me: RAGE!

      • +1. And I’d imagine that D.C. has more Facebook users than Twitter users.

        • Emmaleigh504

          For some reason DC is a very Twitter city. I few years ago we were in the top 5 twitter cities. Washingtonians love their Twitter!

  • Rant: Tailor royally messed up my pants in what has become a year-long journey to get a decent-fitting suit
    Rave: Is making a trip to my office to fix them for an event next week
    Rave: My incredible partner who brought the pants to work after I had already left so I could meet said tailor for altering

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: twitter pal just told me Norwegian Air Shuttle has great airfare now til spring! Sweden may be in my future closer than I thought!

  • Rave: the new “Out of many, One” face on the National Mall, it’s beautiful

    Here’s a link


  • RANT/RAVE: Anyone have a recommendation for a good, cheap Chinese-style foot massage? I’m in DC, but I’m willing to go to VA or MD so long as the place is Metro accessible. Bonus if they offer acupuncture!

  • Rave: Pumpkins! I love pumpkins. I love the shape, i love the color, i love the smell, i love roasting the seeds, i love sauteeing it up with a tomato and meat sauce. I LOVE PUMPKINS and I don’t care how much of a basic bitch that makes me….I don’t wear ugg boots so i have to make up for it somewhere….
    Rant: holy smokes- the parking garage over at Washington hospital center! It’s a mess! And people whip around the corners….it’s no wonder my blood pressure was a little high for my appointment yesterday!

  • How long does it take to drive from Columbia Heights to Manassas on a Friday around 6pm?

  • RAVE: New Aphex Twin album. It’s a total throw back to early 90s “electronica” weirdness. I love it.
    RANT/RAVE: Between Aphex Twin and the resurgence in haute fashion of the crop top + overalls combo, the early 90s are OFFICIALLY BACK!

    • Please, not a resurgence of crop tops. They were bad enough the first time.

      • Oh they are definitely back. If you went to any concert this summer they were everywhere on any woman under the age of 30. Overalls are back too.
        It hilarious to see these 19 year old kids walking around in grunge-era clothing: babydoll dresses, Doc Martins, etc. I bet none of them have even heard of Reality Bites!

      • I wouldn’t wear a crop top at this point in my life, but have to say that some of the ones I’ve seen recently have been really cute! I like the look of crop tops + high-waisted skirts/pants. It’s not so much a bare-midriff look as it is a sort of keyhole. Super cute. If you’re in your 20s and don’t have to really care about things like looking covered up.

        • I could never bare my midriff in public; not out of modesty, but out of fear that someone will poke my tummy. Can’t deal.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 Why weren’t more people poking Donna’s tummy in the crop top years of 90210 (aka the college years)?

    • I just heard about overalls this weekend! I’m so happy. They were schlubby to begin with, so now that I am old enough to embrace the schlub, I am going to be SO trendy. Just wish I still had my bibs from HS.

    • Aphex Twin was a source of great embarrassment to me once. I was listening to a song (don’t remember the title) in the car with friends and said “oh, I’ve never been able to understand the lyrics to this one….” and my friends, who had apparently been mortified the entire ride, replied “the lyrics are: ‘I would like some milk from the milkman’s wife’s……’ ” Aaaaaaaand now that song is ruined.

    • Nooooo!! I was too fat then, and I’m too fat now. Oh well, maybe twenty years from now they’ll be back again. Third time’s a charm, right?

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Wait! So I can dig out my Zubaz pants?

  • Rant? I have a meeting with a VP (boss’s boss) this Friday. All the invite said was that he wanted to have a conversation with me. We haven’t met one-on-one before, so I’m not quite sure how to take this. Have a sinking feeling about it for some reason. (Would my personnel supervisor need to be there for me to get fired?)

    • Emmaleigh504

      That is such a pet peeve of mine. Give an idea what the meeting is about so people can be prepared! Especially if you are management!!!
      Good luck, hopefully it’s nothing bad.

    • Friday afternoon? Is anyone else attending (e.g. HR)?
      That said, they don’t tend to warn you a few days in advance when they are going to let you know. The VP would call you same day for a meeting.
      Good luck.

    • Maybe your supervisor is being let go? That happened to me once, when I got called in to meet with the head of our organization for a mysterious meeting. We will think positive thoughts for you!

    • I could be wrong, but something tells me this isn’t about something bad. The VP may want to talk to you candidly about your own boss or get your feedback on something directly rather than have it be filtered through that boss. Or maybe the VP has just decided to try to get to know more people another level down. I think there are a lot of potential explanations for this that could be totally fine. For example, someone I know had a similar meeting and it turned out that he was being recommended for a huge promotion (which he got). Whatever it is, let us know how it turns out!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Agree sometimes it’s good things. At my work meetings with no context ore really vague subjects with the big guy usually mean an offer of promotion.

    • And you can’t email them back and ask if they need you to pull together any materials or other information in preparation for the meeting? That’s my sneaky way of getting more information when a superior is vague about a meeting (that, and I’m ocd and like to be prepared for meetings).

      • I replied asking for clarification regarding the title of the meeting “XY Staffing” (where XY are the first initials of the person calling the meeting). Replied apologizing for confusion, mentioned that XY are his initials and that it’s a personal reminder regarding the subject of the meeting. So I’m not sure that I gained all that much in the reply. I already replied with a “Thanks” so I feel like asking for further info would be strange at this point.

  • Rant and Rave rolled into one: 300+ comments here today! And it’s tough to keep up with all the new ones coming in! It’s wonderful to see the RAR thread growing and hard for me to get work done properly 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s making it sooo easy to procrastinate!

    • I know it’s late but I’m just getting around to reading this and comments are close to 400! C’mon late shift, let’s talk more about on-line dating, resumes, boots!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: about damn time.
    Rant: so close yet so far.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Question: Are sombreros a new fashion statement? I was in the cafeteria at lunch and noticed a model-tall/thin young woman beautifully dressed in purple and black. On the top of her head was a smallish, purple sombrero with gold metallic trim. I checked her badge and she works here so she’s not basic or a sparkle pony. I accidentally overheard her talking to the guy she was with and she said something about her sombrero being too small and she was having trouble keeping it on. He told her she looked very stylish and she agreed with him. I wonder what kind of bra goes with a sombrero? J/K, but I did see this and was wondering if I had missed the latest fashion trend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s Hispanic Heritage month.

    • Emmaleigh504

      and I think black or pale pink silk bras go with sombreros.

    • I have so many questions. Do people wear hats indoors at work? What is a “smallish” sombrero? Gold metallic trim?!? Pics, or it didn’t happen.

      • +1. I’m also curious how you can be so confident that said person is not in fact a sparkle pony.

        • Formerly Broken Jaw

          I’m new to the term but I suspect you need a certain amount of disposable income to be a sparkle pony which would eliminate most who work at this NGO sweat shop.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m new to the term, too, but I think sparkle ponies rely on the kindness of strangers, so money isn’t as big of an issue as it would seem.

          • As Emilie correctly assumed, sparkle ponies rely on others to take care of the “messy details” usually through a mixture of manipulation (flirtation, faux friendliness) and an appeal to your sense of pity. Some sparkle ponies have money, while other do not. At its core, while the sparkle pony may understand that the world is a cruel and unforgiving place, they’ve never had to overcome any of those hardships due to others’ willingness to take care of them.
            The best cure for a sparkle pony is to be strong willed and to not give into their helplessness.
            Fortunately, sparkle ponies can be rehabilitated! It can be a temporary affliction that can be overcome through diligence, hard work, self reliance, and a bit of wisdom imparted by more mature/experienced brethren.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Sorry no pics. Smallish = about 14 inches which is smallish for a sombrero.

    • On my Amtrak ride to NYC last Friday afternoon, I sat near a very chic woman wearing a deep crimson Carmen San Diego-style felt hat, light brown trench coat, and a classy office-appropriate shift dress. She wore the hat the entire train ride.
      I gave her props for owning that look. She werked it.

    • The Urban Sombrero!!!

    • The type of bra depends on the outfit — and, of course, on the wearer, but the color should match or coordinate with the sombrero. D’uh! lol How did you decide that she’s not basic?

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        People here don’t make enough money to get wasted at brunch in Georgetown. I suspect they do what I do on Sundays, get drunk on cheap vodka and hurl insults out the window at the neighbors cheap yard decor.

    • The type of bra depends on the outfit — and, of course, on the wearer, but the color should match or coordinate with the sombrero. D’uh! lol How did you decide that she’s not basic?

  • Rant: not being able to ride a bicycle in this weather is killing me.

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