Props to the Cops – Robbery Arrest and BB Gun Recovered after Tracking Stolen Phone

From MPD:

“On today’s date, at approximately 1:20am, while walking in the 1300 block of Spring Road, NW, two complainants were approached by a masked suspect brandishing a handgun. The suspect stole a cell phone, wallet and purse from the two complainants and made good his escape. MPD officers responded and initiated tracking the cell phone. As a result, MPD officers were alerted to the location of the stolen phone and following a vehicle pursuit and canvass by police canine, the suspect was located and the stolen property recovered. The suspect was arrested on the scene and a BB handgun, ski mask and other stolen property were seized.

Thanks to the commendable efforts of the MPD members involved a felon was apprehended and stolen property returned to the rightful owner. “

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  • There have been a couple of unreported robberies behind Pollo Mio next to the new construction.

  • Lots of suspicious activity in this area lately… Glad MPD is giving it special attention.

  • Well that is about the best response you could hope for. I concur, props to the cops.

  • A lot of MPD press-release language is terrible, but I have to admit to a certain fondness for “made good his escape.”

    • Would you rather they concentrate on grammar or on doing their job? You understand what they mean so get off your high horse

      • The point of press releases is to communicate information. If the writing is bad enough, it can be difficult for readers to figure out what the author(s) meant.
        This particular press release is fine. It would be great if all MPD press releases were at the same level as this one.

    • Are fighting crime and communicating with the public in a coherent manner really mutually exclusive? Your attitude is why we in DC are forced to accept third-world services so often.

      • You referring to it as “third-world” displays your own ignorance right there

        • Chg has a point, though. See the widespread and documented incompetence, mismanagement, and corruption in Metro, parking enforcement, MPD, mayor’s office, 911, and basically any DC government office you’re forced to contact for help. Too many news articles and stories on this site back me up. DC is a nice town, but we do indeed put up with a lot of nonsense to live here.

          • WMATA isn’t actually a D.C. government agency, but its incompetence is such that it should be granted honorary D.C. government status. 😉

      • +1 to “Are fighting crime and communicating with the public in a coherent manner really mutually exclusive?”
        And though it’s an exaggeration to compare D.C. agencies to those in developing countries, Chg does have a point, as Anonymous 9:06 notes.

    • Accountering

      I too enjoy “made good his escape” especially when it is followed up by “the suspect was located and the stolen property recovered”

  • Just want to point out that this level of press releases is unique, in that not every city releases this level of detail to the public about street arrests. My guess is the public would rather have information written by a Sgt or a cop assigned to HQ that might not be 100% correct, rather than the actual press personnel sending out one of these a day without as much detail.

    • Anon MPD, can you shed any light on the press release process in MPD? It doesn’t look like they’re all written by the same person — for example, this one is fine and has no issues, but we’ve seen others with typos galore. Is there one person per police district who writes them up? Or multiple people in HQ? Something else?
      Just curious.

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