PoP Pho Patrol: Phonation opening a brick and mortar space at 11th and M St, NW?

11th and M St, NW

Ed. Note: The building home to the laundromat at 11th and M St, NW pictured above went for sale for $2,999,000 in 2012. Will update when we find the exact location for the future Phonation restaurant.

@catiecat tweets us the big news:

“@PoPville my fave food truck @DCphonation told me they are opening a real restaurant at 11&M, maybe by end of year! #Awesome #BahnMis”

Check out DC Phonation’s menu here.

Their website also says:

“Phonation was created with an innovated vision where Rachel hopes to unite people through the famous and authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine: pho and banh-mi. The menu also features a Mexican and Vietnamese fusion cuisine called the Burrito-Banh-mi that was inspired by a former employee. All that tasty freshness originally found in the famous BBQ pork and chicken banh-mi can now be savored in a simple tortilla.”

Any other fans?

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  • As far as I’m concerned, there is no real Pho outside of Eden Center in Falls Church, the broth there is far superior, and they have smoothies and ice tea… The shops in DC are simply serving mediocre soup. I can’t even really enjoy DC Pho shops anymore because they really don’t manage quality and freshness like Eden Center does, I think it’s because they have Vietnamese supermarkets and distributors out there.

    • I think that Pho Viet is really good, but I’m no expert.
      Also are they serious with that name? Next thing you know we’ll be “Pho”-ning a friend to get some soup.

      • Pho Viet is great! It has the best broth out of the DC pho joints. You just can’t go in there expecting that the owner’s daughter will be in a good mood when she is serving you. It’s kind of fun when the two are fighting. It adds more authenticity to the place.

      • Yeah, Pho Viet is the best in the area, but they can be a bit stingy with ingredients and fish sauce… Still a far stretch from Hai Duong in Eden Center… Trust me!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m a fan of Pho 75 in Rockville, but nothing beats my bro-in-law’s Dad’s pho. Manna from heaven.

      • I had my first bowl of Pho ever at Rockville 75! But now I am a food prude and 75 in Rville doesn’t do it for me any more! πŸ™

        • Emmaleigh504

          You should take a trip down New Orleans way and check out some of the pho places. There’s some good eats! Houston is supposed to have good pho, too.

          • If I go down to Nawlins all I want is seafood po boys, etoufe, fried chicken, and Jambalaya!!

            C’mon Em!!! πŸ˜›

            Now you’re making me crave Popeyes (nowhere near as good I know)

          • Emmaleigh504

            ok first of all, if you go to New Orleans you have to pronounce it properly! Secondly, you can save 1 meal for pho πŸ™‚ and don’t forget snoballs! and friend bell pepper rings! so much good food.

        • Emmaleigh504

          And if you ever head up to Mass I’ll find out the name of the best pho place in the US. I think it’s something like Saigon Pho in South Hadley? Anyway best. pho. ever. New owners, old recipes. divine!

    • Pho 88 in Beltsville is excellent.

    • I’m consistently impressed with Pho Viet on 14th & Otis. I just got back from two weeks in Vietnam (and ate a lot of delicious pho). I ate at Pho Viet the other night as a kind of “taste test” to see how it compared with what I had in Vietnam and I was genuinely impressed – it’s definitely up there with some of the best.

  • I am salivating already for the opening of this place. I’d love to see it in the building that is currently under renovation at 11th and O. It may not be the “real thing” from the Eden Center but it will be a great addition to the ‘hood.

  • Honestly, there can’t be enough pho restaurants in DC. Keep ’em coming. True, Eden Center has fantastic broth and fresh ingredients…but Pho Viet is not such a bad spot. It beats the hell out of driving all the way to Eden Center for a bowl of soup. Agreed that Pho 14 has terrible broth and mediocre ingredients.
    I welcome DC Phonation to 11th Street! I just hope they keep it fresh. And I think I will give it a chance before deciding that all DC pho is terrible.

  • This just made my day! I’ve tried a lot of different pho trucks and Phonation is by far the best IMO. Their BBQ chicken pho is one of my favorite things ever. Yeah, I know it’s not authentic, but damn it’s tasty – especially on a rainy day like today!! Also – the people that run that truck are super friendly.

  • I love PhoNation’s food truck. I never get the soup, but their bbq pork bahn mi is amazing.

  • OMG I WOULD DIE. This is the one thing that I really want in this neighborhood.

  • This corner is the location for the book “Tally’s Corner”. Planned development surrounding the pictured building is this: http://www.communitythree.com/projects_1011M.aspx

    • I was wondering if the announcement was in fact for the new building that is going in around that building myself. I’m anxious to see them get started. No ground broken yet though.

    • Woah, had no idea that was happening! It’ll be nice to get rid of those lots.

    • Anyone know the status of that project. The most recent thing I could find was from last Oct. It mentioned a spring 2014 groundbreaking which obviously didn’t happen. Not really surprising, since projects never break ground on time. But, I did see a for sale sign on the lot this summer and haven’t heard anything in a while which makes me nervous the project fell through.

      • ANC said that the approvals have all been done and construction should start soon, but it is surprising that there was a for sale sign. Would also appreciate a more recent update on this if anyone knows what is going on!

      • I have a hunch development is going to start very soon. The parking lot has been cleared of all zipcars. They also recently tore down the small structure the lot attendant used. I also noticed yesterday afternoon that the gate for the lot was closed and chained shut.

        I wonder if Phonation could be going into the El Rinconcito location. It’s hard to imagine that they could close the laundromat and flip it into a restaurant so quickly. I remember a few months back (possibly longer) there was some buzz that El Rinconcito would be closing.

        Of course, everything in my comment is pure speculation, so we’ll see what actually happens.

        • They closed off the parking lot now and I heard that the last few permits were done last month. Exciting times ahead – great location given that it is between the upcoming 9th St corridor, the very busy 14th St and the new city center apartments and offerings.

  • This news makes my day! I love pho, and I am definitely going to be heading there weekly! This is such a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

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