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Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

Congrats to PoPville pick PDMtP with:

“I moved here from Chicago to work the election.”

Congrats to PoP pick Greycat with:

“Dead voter fraud is real but at least the dead are informed voters”

Honorable mention to jeslett with:

“Since when is the Coupe a Mexican restaurant?”

Winners and honorable mention please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail for your shirts or tote bags. I haven’t forgotten last week’s winners I promise!

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  • OMG that Coupe joke killed me!

    • You’re not the only one.

      I do feel the need to point out that I actually do go to the Coupe and I like it, but generally we only survive because they bring out my nieces’ food in a reasonable amount of time. Then the adults scarf our food so we can get to the playground before the little ones lose it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Lots of good entries this week!

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