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  • That is great! I walked by today and didn’t even notice…

  • I really, really wish this place had seating. I adore their food, but it is so hard to “swing by” for pick up. Every time, I either can’t find a easy place to park for two seconds, or if walking, I get harassed at that corner.

    • I agree – some seating would be nice, but they really have 0 space to do it. And yes, that corner is the worst. Maybe when the #FlaQNW construction starts it’ll thin out a little bit. Not that walking through a construction zone will be pleasant either..

    • Has it gotten too busy to ever sit at the counter anymore? I only went once, about a year ago maybe (were they even open then? They were fairly new when I visited) and we were the only ones there, sat at the counter.

    • You could always use Postmates and have it delivered.

  • Not a fan of the “boarded windows” look. I’m sure they’re trying to be edgy, but it’s just a reminder of the “bad old days.”

  • Is this the formerly “Fish ‘n Stuff” place?

    • it was either this spot or next door.

    • I think it used to be called Hot Trout Grill. The Smokehouse food is delicious. They used to deliver to Showtime Lounge. I think they still do. The meaty palmer is a great sandwich with turkey, pork belly and avocado. Give it a try!

  • I actually hate this look. The last thing this corner needs is boarded up windows. This intersection isn’t the best as it is. Making a building look abandoned certainly isn’t going to help the issue.

  • Not sure how this signage qualifies as “phenomenal.”

  • Best BBQ in town.

  • This is like the Louis CK skit about the word ‘hilarious.’

  • Agreed – don’t care for the “boarded windows look” – – but have been meaning to try this place!

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