More Big News for 9th Street in Shaw

1200 block of 9th Street, NW

Lots of folks have already heard that a new restaurant called Dabney is coming to one of these rowhouses on 9th Street in front of Blagden Alley. The Washington Post reported:

“On Oct. 14, Langhorne and Zink officially sealed a deal with Douglas Development to lease a Blagden Alley space behind a trio of rowhouses on Ninth Street NW. Actually, their space is still an Erector set of steel beams, located on a patch of dirt where an old brick structure once sat. Douglas is expected to complete construction and turn over an empty shell to the first-time restaurateurs by the end of November, and Langhorne hopes to open his 70-seat restaurant by late spring.”

More details on that space as construction progresses. But in the meantime I learned of some very sweet scuttlebutt, and of course it’s just scuttlebutt, but I hear The Passenger will be taking over one of the other spaces (and an unknown, to me, restaurant will be taking over the third.) The Passenger, located nearby at 1021 7th Street, NW is rumored to close sometime after New Years to make way for another construction project. Updates on the possible move as details emerge. Hopefully we will be able to shout – The Passenger is Dead, Long Live The Passenger!

Update: Sadly the folks from Passenger say they won’t be moving here.

9th Street looking north toward N

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  • So far, Douglas has done a gorgeous job with this rehab. This is going to be a really special stretch of 9th, especially with these tenants.

  • Douglas does sit on some projects for a while but when they eventually re-develop, they do beautiful work. Glad to hear about the restaurant going in on the back. Would have been so awesome if the Passenger was in the works too. Hopefully, they will relocate somewhere close during the project build-out on 7th & NY.

    • Douglas is highly leveraged (though to be fair, what large developer isn’t), so they’re likely awaiting/working out financing on many of their properties that may not seem to be moving from our point of view.

  • this looks amazing, love the details on all the row houses. Hopefully whoever moves in will put a nice coat of paint (coordinating with the others in the row). It looks a bit weird with all red.

  • Prince, you are breaking my heart with those strikethroughs!

  • Aha! Close call PoP! As far as I’m concerned you broke the news though it’s Columbia Room and not The Passenger moving into this building. According to the Gang of Three website there’s a third space that’s also leased in the basement under where The Dabney is going. Wonder who that is… Still no tenants on the 9th St. retail portion though!

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