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  • They actually cleaned the streets? Never looked that way in front of my house. D.C. street cleaners move those trucks and nothing happens. My street still looks like cr*p. Anyone else see the same lack of results?

    • Tough to distinguish whether its the trucks that don’t pick up the trash, or just new trash being introduced to the streets. GA Ave is filthy before, during, and after street sweeping. The only thing I’ll notice is less pink tickets piled up around the empty beer cans.

    • In my neighborhood they come through every week, and they get a lot of the trash. Sometimes they drive too fast and some trash gets left behind. I definitely notice the difference though. There’s a ton of trash in the road when they don’t sweep. It looks awful in February. Litter is my biggest quality of life issue in my neighborhood.

  • from personal experience, i see less trash collecting on the side of the road up to the curb when street sweeping’s in effect. that being said, there’s so much littering that goes on in the u street corridor that it can’t be completely effective. during the winter i find myself picking up a lot more trash in front of my property.

  • And the peasants rejoice! No more hunting for a new parking space in my PJ’s on Monday/Tuesday before biking to work.

  • as much as i’m looking forward to no longer doing the wed/thurs car dance, it seems silly to stop street sweeping at this time of year, when all the leaves fall onto the streets?

    • They switch to leaf collection in the fall, then snow removal in the winter. Same crews, different methods/ equipment. The leaves are composted (at Ft Totten maybe?) and residents can pick up the resulting fertilizer for their gardens. In the past, at least. Don’t know if that’s still a thing.
      Although it would be nice if they would pause street sweeping for leaf collection (because you can’t compost trash), and then resume for the winter on non-snowy days.

      • yeah, but they don’t collect the leaves that are piled up on the sides of the street under peoples’ parked cars. Seems that they could push the sweeping pause back by a month after all the leaves have fallen. in my area, there usually isn’t much trash in the streets, but this time of year there are plenty of leaves.

  • I won’t miss the tickets, but around Logan Circle the city does a pretty dang good job of street cleaning.

  • I’d rather pick up the trash in front of my house myself than have my visitors get tickets during street sweeping hours. Sometimes I forget myself, usually once a year. I consider it my additional donation to the tax base. SMH.

  • this sucks. things get so messy without street cleaning. Also, tickets are a good source of revenue.

    I honestly think street sweeping should be year round (barring snow)

  • tonyr

    I don’t understand people who claim that street sweeping is a myth. Aren’t the big sweeping trucks driving by evidence enough? Also they spray water on the streets, which is anothe reason for suspending service in the winter.

    • It depends on where you live. I can testify that I have seen a street sweeper in front of my house maybe once or twice in ten years. The tickets for parking in front of my house when the street sweeping is not being done are far more frequent.

      • Then you should complain to DPW. I work from home on street sweeping days, and can confirm they come down my street every week without fail.

      • tonyr

        I suppose that’s true. I haven’t surveyed every neighborhood. They come through regular as clockwork in Shaw however. They also tow in addition to handing out tickets.

      • They do Webster St. every Monday and Tuesday. Of course, sometimes it looks like they’re just stirring the debris up rather and cleaning it up.

  • You can request street sweeping for your block if you can get everyone to sign (be prepared for a lot of nos because of the parking inconvenience).


    Street Sweeping
    DPW residential street sweeping program operates in densely-populated neighborhoods with high-volume pedestrian traffic. You can sign a petition to request residential street sweeping. The petition must be signed by at least 80% of a block’s residents indicating their agreement to honor the street sweeping parking restrictions.

    Mechanical residential street sweeping is suspended during the winter because the sweepers emit a fine spray of water that can freeze and cause pedestrian and vehicular accidents.

    • This is classic. They put up signs saying they’re going to sweep the streets and write you a big ticket if you park during that time frame, but will only actually sweep the street if you convince 4/5 of your neighbors to sign a petition saying that they will obey the posted signs, even though they’ll get a ticket if they don’t. Only in DC.

  • of course, one week after I get towed and ticketed. womp womp

  • Thank God I get back my free 24/7 car storage for the next few months. I’ll be using a Visitor Parking Permit, btw. I’ve lived in DC for ten years, but keep the car registered in the ‘bubs. Yep. Like thousands of DC residents.

  • Car2go driver rejoice! No longer do you have to add the street cleaning signs into the long list of things to consider when looking for a parking space for those matchbox cars.

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