Next Up in New Banners – Golden Triangle Streets Downtown

Photo courtesy Golden Triangle BID

From a press release:

“The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District, the 43-blocks area that connects the White House to Dupont Circle, is getting a fresh look that will help visitors, shoppers and workers better find their way around the neighborhood.

The Golden Triangle is replacing its traditional banners on 200 light poles in the area with new signs that use bold graphic design to help people find their way around while adding color and design to the central business district. The new signs feature clearly identifiable street names on them in a variety of colors and patterns.

“These signs are for everyone who has ever stood in the middle of a downtown street or exited a Metro stop not quite sure what street they’re on,” said Leona Agouridis, executive director, Golden Triangle BID. Each day, more than 60,000 people exit Farragut North, Farragut West, and Dupont South, the three Metro stops in the Golden Triangle area. “Even though many people now rely on smartphones with GPS for directions, you can still get confused or unsure if you are actually where you want to be. These banners are a convenient way for people to validate where they are as they try to get from point A to point B,” said Agouridis.

Installation will occur in the evenings, 8 p.m.–5:00 a.m. from Wed., Oct. 22–Fri., Oct. 24.”

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  • SusanRH

    Am I the only one who can’t help but see KKK whenever I look at this, not sure this was the best idea

  • This is a great idea! I’ve had that happen to me before — standing on the street where the blocks are too long to be able to see the sign on the corner.

  • That One Guy

    It would be better to show people directions to various places like the metro, the nearest Starbucks, etc. You know the important things. =P

    Also doesn’t each metro station have maps posted at the entrances? People should review those before getting on the street and getting lost.

    • But those maps are often inside the faregates (as I learned the other night after I left the gates at a station I don’t go to often and wanted to look at the map…). And not everyone arrives in a neighborhood by metro, so that would not be an option for orienting themselves.

  • Completely unnecessary.

    “Banners with street names will make horrible K Street a more pleasant urban environment,” said nobody ever.

  • PDleftMtP

    Haters gonna hate, but at least these are meant to be a useful replacement to the eminently forgettable Golden Triangle banners that are there now. Everyone’s had the experience of struggling to read street signs while driving (and seeing the car with Kansas plates turn across 4 lanes of traffic because they just realized where they are).

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