New “Sports bar and grill” coming to the corner of 6th and H Street, NE

523 H Street, NE

We knew this prime corner property couldn’t be sitting vacant forever – a liquor license placard posted out front finally reveal the plans for a:

Sports bar and grill, serving hamburgers, French fries, pizza and sub-sandwiches with a seating capacity of 41 inside. Total occupancy load of 50. Sidewalk café with 22.”

In June the eastern end of H Street saw the opening of Halftime Sports Bar but is still waiting for progress at Sin Bin sports bar across the street.

It’s located a few storefronts east of the recently opened DC Harvest:

H Street look west towards Union Station

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  • justinbc

    I wanted to open a beer store here, before the Whole Foods got announced, so glad to see someone is utilizing the space.

    • justinbc

      Btw, anyone happen to see who the owner / ownership group on the license was? Curious if they’ve got other properties so we have an idea what quality to expect here.

  • Awesome, this town could use more sports bars, especially in NW which is a sports bar desert.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to try this place and Sin Bin out once they open.

    • I’m not exactly a typical “sports bar” type of dude, but I totally agree with you. As a midwesterner, every once in a while I just crave a run-of-the-mill bar to sit around and have some Bud Light and/or watch a football game that’s not broadcast locally.

      It’s sometimes refreshing to go somewhere that’s neither cool nor fancy, and that doesn’t try to be either of those things.

      • justinbc

        Agreed. Would love to have somewhere with decent wings that aren’t $1 a piece and a basic non-macro beer that’s less than $7 a pint.

      • Coney and Ivey is the exact place you’re looking for (though, no wings).

        • Agree that Coney and Ivey fits the bill, but that’s just one bar in one neighborhood. DC is definitely lacking in comfortable, affordable neighborhood bars. There are either smelly dives where people go to get smashed or upscale gastropub type spots where you end up paying an arm and a leg for a pint and fancy bar food.

    • Really? I feel like you can watch sports just about anywhere in this city that serves booze and food. For example, pretty much every bar in Adams Morgan had different NFL games on yesterday afternoon. Just walk down the street and grab a seat.

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