New Condos Next to Shaw’s Tavern nears Completion – Units for Sale

1839 6th Street, NW

Lots more progress since we last checked back in July. A listing for one of the units says:

“Exquisite space accessed by private elevator in the unit. Huge great room–open LR/DR, chef kit, hw flrs, Bosch appli, quartz ctops, porch enclosed by rain screen. Two spacious BRs, with balconies, attached BAs, custom closets, w/d. Extra storage space. Wired for FIOS & SMART Homes. Steps to Metro, shops, nightlife. Off-St. Pking. Low fees.”

That 2 bed/2.5 bath is listed at $819,000.

@AlexMurray1 notes the “rear patios on the boutique condos going up behind Shaw’s Tavern”



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  • Those kitchens are atrociously ugly.

  • Cuh-ching – streetscape wrecked… NEXT!

  • I don’t mind them, but I don’t love them. Good space, love the location etc. But 819 for a 2br?

  • Honestly, the inside of the units look much better than I was expecting.

    Although there are a couple of red flags for me personally.
    1. I would gladly have given up a double volume living room to get some walls in the bedroom above it. The bed looks ridiculous crammed in that bay.
    2. It looks like they used pressure treated lumber on the back and roof deck railings? If so, that is not going to age well. Wonder why they didn’t use metal like the balconies on the front.

    • I thought the same thing about the wood. That’s will need to be replaced within 10 years. WTF?
      Maybe even quicker once residents decide to let their plants grow all over them.

    • Paying $800k to have your bed treated in such a manner just seems wrong. I wonder if all units are laid out in a similar fashion.

    • Right?! It’s just downright silly to have a double-height living room if you can’t fit a bed in the bedroom. But it’s a condo, so presumably you can build it out? Though if you’re already spending $800,000 on a brand new place, seems dumb to do construction.

  • palisades

    looks like a prison

  • From an exterior facade perspective, I have to say that I am impressed with the look as it finally is built out. I originally thought it was going to be another shoddy-material looking in-fill, but my mind has been changed, as at least the exterior envelope is concerned, it appears solid and the materials are well-suited to the structure.

  • I don’t understand the exterior cladding. From the interior it looks like a prison cell.

  • I don’t hate the design at all, but I was looking at these online this weekend and it was nearly impossible to discern which units were which for what price. They were clearly marketing the cheaper two bedroom that is first level/basement level in a way that had photos that were clearly upper level units. The one listed that I figured out must have included below grade level space was over $600K.

    I’m sorry, those prices seem absurd to me. Has the market grown that much in Shaw? $500-600 square foot? For $800K, you need to be buying a house.

    • I agree that the prices seem high, but there are 1.9 million dollar condos hitting the market 3 blocks away on 8th St. And 2 blocks the other direction, the condos at The Centrie are almost sold out at $600-$700 a square foot, and the building isn’t even done yet. . .

  • The balcony is interesting I think. I like the fact that the designer is pushing the envelope (both from an asking price and design point of view) with this building, but my god — why oh why would anyone want outdoor space above the gross exhaust of a bar/restaurant?

  • Is that second floor space really considered a bedroom!!?? I’m kinda flabbergasted – at first I thought it was a nice loft area and the real two bedrooms would show up in the photos later. You know, bedrooms with actual doors and privacy. Wow, for $800,000 that’s absurd.

  • those wood railings are pathetic. they need to be replaced asap….and set back from the face of the building.

  • What is a rain screen? That wall of slats blocking the rear view?

  • I’ve spent the last 2.5 years watching the developer cobble this thing together, including needing two shots to get the foundation right (red flag #1), and leaving the untreated exterior wooden sheathing completely open to the elements for at least 18 months so that it started to rot before they finally put some TYVEC up (red flag #2). But I live in this neighborhood and am a shameless gentrifier, so I hope those units sell for top dollar! Go, baby, go!

  • Wow, that is absolutely terrible. Who funds these projects?

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