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  • Pretty expensive

  • Expensive and stupid name.

    But still, it fills a good void – that crap place next to whole foods is always busy and Blu is fine but small. And if they use good products and do even a half decent job, it’ll be busy

  • Any equivalent in DC for guys? I’ve enjoyed a cold beer at barbershops in New Orleans and San Diego, but never really thought about it around here until I saw this.

    • The Grooming Lounge downtown used to offer you a cocktail while you were waiting for your appointment, but they stopped that practice years ago. I’m not sure what happened.

    • You can get a PBR when you get a hair cut at Eastern Confererate in Mt. P

  • Thank god my nail technician comes to me — and at a much lower price! A $32 manicure is way over my tolerance level.

  • Not sure I want to be getting my Chipotle fix below a nail salon.

  • Cute idea and priced for (and marketed to!) 14th St. Hopefully it’ll do well!

  • I can’t imagine this place staying in business without lowering prices. Many nail salons in the city offer a mani with a complimentary beverage (including wine) for $15.

    • Where are these places?

      • Enchanted nail salon in adams morgan. Water, mimosa, or sparkling wine with each mani. Regular manis are right around $15, discounted if you pay with cash.

      • These aren’t fancy places..but Dupont Nails & Spa, R&R Nails, and Mimosa (even though I don’t like it there) all offer about a $14 or $15 mani with free wine. I’m sure there are plenty others as well.

      • Oriental Oasis on Vermont Ave does manis for $15. I’m always impressed with the results!

      • PL Nails in Adams Morgan does a $12 manicure. No wine included, but for that price I’ll just drink when I get home.

  • Wow, they sound annoying. The cutesy language on the website is overdone. Also, here in DC, it is called “soda” not “pop.”

    Furthermore, its nice that they are using “green” products, but Zoya nailpolish costs no more than Essie or OPI, so the price jump really isn’t warrented. There are plenty of nicer nail salons that offer drinks and a nice atmosphere for FAR less than $32. Even if you just get the basic manicure, $22 is a good $7 more than most manicures. Sorry, but not worth it.

    Having said all that, I expect this place to make a killing. Plenty of women with disposable income who will deem this worth the money. I just won’t be one of them.

  • I’d be willing to pay a little more if nail salons had proper ventilation, where i don’t feel high afterwards

    • +1
      Does anyone have a favorite, well-ventilated salon they would recommend?

      • just tried out nail saloon with a coupon and the ventilation was AMAZING. actually a very good experience. i will definitely go back, even though i usually am a sucker for the budget-pedi.

    • It’s been a while since I’ve gone there (about a year) but the second storefront for Mimosa on Connecticut Ave near R St NW used to be less noxious than most. The one I’m thinking of is the one that’s just slightly north of the original one, and on the same block. They are also pretty affordable by DC nail salon standards.

      • Mimosa is also open very late and early, and when it’s nearly empty as it is on off-hours, it’s not smelly at all.

  • I went this weekend and was impressed at how clean it was compared to other salons I’ve been to in DC. It’s more expensive than other places, but a very different atmosphere–more like a spa. Definitely worth checking out.

  • I wonder if they have a liquor license.

  • I went there yesterday. It’s awesome. CLEAN, extremely well vented, relaxing and great drinks. Don’t care what anyone says about the pricing, its nice to finally get my nails done in a place that isn’t filthy. It’s worth it in my opinion. wish I could post a picture of my nails. I’m thankful to finally have an option like this in the neighborhood

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