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  • I don’t know if others feel it too but I haven’t seen many restaurants along this block thriving. I think the only place I see a lot of foot traffic is at the McDonalds.

    • It is a difficult place for restaurants. It’s primarily a business district, but it also abuts several popular bars. But these bars are pouplar with people who tend to be of the bro fratastic crowd, and while down there in south Dupont, if they are going to eat anything, it’s going to be drunk food, and not fine dining.

      As there is no menu on the website, it’s hard to tell what their plan is. They could be successful though if they actually come through with the promise of being an actual, traditional izakaya (it’s in their name afterall) . Be a casual bar that serves lots of great Japanese drunk food, while focusing on a communal atmosphere, a great place to go with a group of friends or coworkers.

      Where Kushi utterly failed as an izakaya is that they tried to go too high-class. Izakayas are places where you go to get drunk with friends and eat some food while you’re there. Kushi was just a high-end Japanese small plates restaurant, by no means was it an izakaya. They also focused too much on sushi. You won’t find much sushi on actual izakaya menus, it doesn’t really go well with drinking copious amounts of beer and sake.

  • Vidalia has been right next door for a hundred years

  • Looks like they opened this week. Has been moderately busy at lunch. No liquor license yet, so dinner service looks dead. Saw a sign for ramen and sushi is on the menu. Hope it does well.

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