More Progress at Bacon Funeral Home – Bye Bye Boarded Up Windows!!


Thanks to a reader for sending the update:

“Things are happening at Bacon Funeral Home! Here is a photo of the outside with new windows. Also looks like they’ve framed out the whole inside and laid down plumbing (not shown). They’ve had crews in there usually 6 days a week so it’s nice to finally see change on the site! Also looks like there might end up being some parking spots in the back once they’re done (think some commenters were wondering about this).”

3449 14th Street, NW

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  • The only positive progress that we can expect here is that this building be demolished and Bacon is never allowed to do real estate development in the lower 48.

  • I question the lack of a weather barrier in front of the CMU wall.

  • Wow. Uh… I guess I’m just glad I don’t have to walk past this monstrosity too often. Not sure that these windows are helping with anything.

  • Do we know what this is going to be yet? Let me guess. 7-11?

  • What thought process would lead anyone to build a funeral home larger than the morgue?

  • I hope their loan officer is keeping close tabs on this.
    I knew that this would get redeveloped when all the other “low hanging fruit” in the area was already spoken for. This either indicates that real estate has turned a corner in DC or it’s frothier than ever.

    • Loan officer? Given their “design” choices I’d bet that they’re building this as they raise funds, one cinder block at a time.

  • I bet they’ll turn the top two floors into luxury condos.

  • What a pity the windows look so small and prison-like. They look to be about the size of the attic windows on the adjacent rowhouses.

  • Those windows look rather jail-like. What a disaster this has turned out to be.

    I just have to figure that Graham is about to be out of office soon and he seemed to have a roll in delaying this. Now that he’ll be gone, how many other places will progress?

    • Not sure if I’m reading you right. Are you saying Graham was standing in the way of development, where people WANTED to develop? I think he was mostly “protecting his constituents”, eg, preventing enforcement of building regs and blight tax and such — allowing owners of blighted properties to sit on their blight and wait for values to rise. Bacon was a classic example: pull a permit every six months or so to give Graham some “good faith” to point to whenever questioned. I just wonder how they got that massive tax bill dismissed. Wasn’t it over $400k at some point? The scam only works if the tax is dismissed.
      But either way, it comes out to the same effect: now that he’s gone, progress will happen because he won’t be preventing DCRA and the taxman from doing their jobs.
      And yes, I know it’s pretty sad when you’re looking at DCRA as an improvement over your councilmember! But there it is.

      • you’re actually wrong.
        The vacant taxes are levied per lot, not per building.
        This property sits on one lot shared with the funeral home. Two buildings. One lot. One is the primary structure (original), the other is accessory. This building is considered the accessory building.

        Thats why no vacant or blight taxes. The written vacant laws don’t allow it. They need to be rewritten.

        Graham knew this years ago. The Bacon people too.

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