More Changes Coming to Little Ricky’s in Brookland – Applying for Tavern’s License under name Gin Rummy

3522 12th Street, NE

Changes continue for Little Ricky’s which closed for summer vacation back in July. A liquor license placard has gone up under the trade name Gin Rummy stating they wish to:

“Request a class change from Retailer Class “C” Restaurant to Retailer Class “C” Tavern.”

A reader sends word after a bit of sleuthing that it: “does not look a change in ownership, just another change of restaurant type. I tried to peek inside, but didn’t see much. Bar is still in-tact, but all tables have been ripped out with quite a few wires hanging about (which would lead me to think they’re doing a decent gut-job.”

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  • I hope they get some actual bartenders. This place made some pretty terrible drinks the 3 or 4 times I popped in for a bite.

  • Curious what the re-branding will be this time. Hoping there is a focus on food as most of the new Brookland restaurants have been overpriced and underwhelming.

    • Well.. switching from a restaurant to a tavern doesn’t bode well for a focus on the food (imo). If they had good food, they wouldn’t be moving to a more booze less food license.

  • I thought tavern meant no food?

  • I think this place is going to have a hard time surviving with the current changes in Brookland. It was easier when there were only two-three restaurant options (Menomlale, Little Ricky’s and Askale), which all featured very different types of food. With all the new spots that have come it, unless this place can really differentiate itself from the others, I’m not sure it can survive.

    • San Antonio & B Cafe also on 12th

    • Agreed – I love that there are so many new places coming in to Brookland, but wish they were more varied. They all seem to follow a formula: industrial chic atmosphere (exposed brick, reclaimed wood, etc.), upscale-ish but fairly standard bar menu; good beer list. No ethnic places or themed bars.

  • I am concerned that Ricky’s is not doing well with all these changes. They were closed for summer vacation, probably due to already open, recently changed their menu/dining theme, and now this? It feels like a bunch of gut decisions without careful planning, and I hope its not because the restaurant is failing….

    • I’d be surprised if this restaurant was doing well, based on these changes. It only opened two years ago, and it’s now on its third dramatically-different incarnation–the second of which lasted only a few weeks. You don’t do that unless your business is failing, or unless you’re an utterly clueless restaurateur (in which case, your business is probably also failing.)

  • Will the tavern also come with Wenches and horse thieves… or nah?

  • I agree, and I feel like southern food (the original plan when they closed over the summer) would have stood out more so than a tavern.

  • Or a great bagel shop!

  • I thought it was pretty good as a Cuban place.

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