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  • Wow, and it looks sexy as hell, I’d even like to be part of the construction, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the smell of a new house…Heaven on earth. Kinda reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water iconic house, kinda.

  • Would love to see how this turns out. I’m happy to see a modern house being built that isn’t just a square block with big windows.

  • Awesome. DC needs more modern architecture.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • I live near Crestwood. Not sure where this is exactly, but it looks like the house takes advantage of the steep slopes that are characteristic of that area. Should be interesting!

  • I preferred that lot 6 months ago when it was woods. Lot by lot, over the decades, Mathewson has transformed from a bucolic valley into just another suburban street! (But if I owned the lot, I’d develop it too! Too valuable to lie fallow.)

  • Yes, six months ago it was woods – a narrow bit of woods between all the other houses on that street, and right next to thousands of acres of woods in Rock Creek park. Spare me. Do you live in a house? Guess what – it was once woods! The house next to this one was also built recently – gorgeous modern architecture well-fitted to the lot. I’ve been watching this one with interest – so uplifting to see good architecture & design. I’m sure it’s being built by an owner, but I hope they at least post pictures somewhere – at best, invite me over.

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