Menu MBK closes in Penn Quarter

405 8th Street, NW

Yesterday the Washington Post reported:

“Less than a year after he transformed his struggling Penn Quarter seafood restaurant into an ambitious market and bistro called Menu MBK, Frederik de Pue closed the operation on Saturday, apparently at the demand of his partners who were looking for a higher return on investment.”

Menu MBK opened up in the former Azur space (previously Cafe Atlantico) back in January. Updates when we learn what’s coming next.

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  • Bummer. I went once and really liked it.

  • They hand some nice sandwiches, but was a bit too pricey for grab-and-go lunch.

  • I went a few times. Mostly good kind of pricey. Then they served me a turkey sandwich with about a gallon of mayo, the heel end of the bread, and a bone in it. The worst sandwich I’ve ever been served. Only noticed when I opened it back at my office. I never went back.

  • This place seems cursed. I actually liked Cafe Atlantico back in the day. America Eats was an interesting concept, but overpriced and the food was only okay. It has been down hill since then. I went into MBK once, but it was too expensive for a quick lunch and seemed pretty much empty all the time.

  • We went once for their late happy hour. The drinks were tasty and the food was good, but overpriced for the portion sizes. I liked the market downstairs, but it was also pretty expensive.

  • Bummer, this was a cool little spot. But, can’t say I’m surprised it was always dead when I went by. The location seemed a little odd for it. That street is off the beaten path and PQ always seems a little too office oriented for these urban markets. Seems it would have worked better on 14th Street or Conn Ave in Dupont.

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