McClellan’s Retreat in the old Veritas space hoping to open first week of November – Hiring Bartenders Wed.

2031 Florida Avenue, NW

We knew the former Veritas space was getting close to transforming into McClellan’s Retreat. The GM tells me that they are hoping to open the first week of November and that on Wed. they will be conducting interviews for bartenders from noon to 5pm – if anyone is looking stop by.

McClellan's Retreat
Florida Ave looking east towards Connecticut Ave

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  • Question (maybe best directed to JustinBC and others with industry experience):
    What’s the best way to get a bartending job? I have a day job, but I’d love to make some extra money in the evenings and weekends. I’m a social person, love booze, fairly knowledgeable about scotch and beers (friends often turn to me for advice and recs).
    I worked as a waiter and barback in college in NYC at a high end place, but that was 10 years ago.
    What are typical hours for evening shift bartenders? Unfortunately, I typically work 8am to 5pm at my day job.

    • It’s very hard to jump into bartending without experience. Lots of people here have it from slinging beers to high end cocktails. Hours can vary but generally start between 3&6pm ending between 11pm&3am. Also it defends on the hiring manager. Some pick knowledge and personality over experience. I was hired into a high end fine dining place here with none of the experience because I was enthusiastic and a team player. I saw apply at this place and see what happens. This place or others may ask you to start serving first. Don’t forget: at some restaurants servers make more than bartenders and or get done earlier…Very important as a 8-5 person.

  • And they used the wrong Dupont on the window. The neighborhood/circle in DC does not use the capital P. Sigh

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