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    • A real shame. Won’t be patronizing them anymore!

      • Me either. And I used to be a fairly loyal customer.

        • Just wondering…. what do you find so objectionable about Muriel that you’re willing to forgo buying fancy underwear in such a fancy location? I’m a little lost and underwhelmed in the mayoral election. It’s interesting to see someone so passionate (3 people really). Want to know what’s motivating you there.

          • I’m one of the anons above. She has represented my ward and been completely underwhelming in every interaction I’ve had. Mainly only acts when complaining reaches fever pitch and then only responds in platitudes. Also generally tired of the one-party feel of DC (even tho I’m a Dem in national politics) so dislike how she seems to be the anointed one. And agree that stores should stay out of it, even if they were supporting my candidate I don’t need all that political stuff from where I buy underwear.

          • The regular lament of being underwhelmed with the candidates is tiresome. For those waiting for the messiah to run…wake up and play the hand. Not voting in this election guarantees more of the same old business. .

          • Also a ward 4 resident. She, much like the ANC commissioners under her, have done absolutely ZERO for our ward. If she is elected, all the prosperity DC has had recently will lose momentum, and those that truely need assistance will continue to suffer. This city will have to rely on the council to get anything done. Voting for Bowser will just show that all you need is a (D) next to your name and connections, and you can just let the contractors stuff your pockets.

          • brookland_rez

            I’m still undecided, but I think any of the candidates will continue business as usual. There’s money for developers to continue building and revitalizing DC and that is what the market wants. I don’t see any mayoral candidate wanting to get in the way of that. When Gray got elected, people said the same thing, and at the time Gray was an arguably worse candidate than Bowser is today. Yet redevelopment momentum grew faster under Gray than ever before.

          • The fact that we’re a few weeks out from the election and she’s still refusing to answer basic questions directly or take any substantive stand on any issue. If someone wants to be mayor, they need to be prepared to articulate their positions and deal with whatever fallout comes with that. The fact that she refuses to do so does not speak well for what she will do in office and how accountable and transparent she will be if elected.

          • @brookland_rez – Bowser is not a better candidate than Gray was then. Gray had been on the council for a long time, and done a lot for the city. Yes, Gray has had his ethics issues that came out after the election, but Bowser seems to be doing the same ol’ pay-to-play fundraising. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the store owner’s is heavily invested in a development company.

          • Anon @914

            LMAO @ saying not voting in this election will get you “more of them same.” Um, all three mayoral candidates have served multiple terms on the Council. They’re the *definition* of “more of the same.” None of them have viable new ideas for creating the affordable housing we need, for closing the educational gap between black and white students (most of the proposals can be boiled down to…more spending! yeesh), on…anything. We’re not waiting on a “messiah” to run, we’re waiting on someone with some innovative policy proposals to run. Sigh.

          • shit, just the fact that she cant get off her ass to fix that fucked up problem on Arkansas ave with all the cars ramming into parked cars and smashing into people. That problem ALONE should disqualify her.

      • I’m not a Bowser fan either, but refusing to shop somewhere over it seems extreme… especially since it’s not like she’s an extremist candidate. The election overall is very boring this year.

    • How do they think getting involved at all (with any candidate) will help business? You’re bound to alienate someone…just stay out of it!

  • Yeah- glad I returned my $40 tank top before Pride.

  • Please…. this store has a pretty specific clientele… somehow I strongly doubt that these signs will keep them away.

    • That pretty specific clientele almost surely leans heavily in favor Catania.

      • Nah, I’m gay and I’m not voting for Catania. In fact, I haven’t heard any of my gay friends speak kindly of him.

      • What do you base that statement on, Anonymous Pollster?

      • Absolutely does not. I’m gay and I’ve yet to meet a single person voting for Catania. It’s split, or even leaning toward Bowser. We are skeptical toward angry gay republicans.

        • you need a wider circle if you’ve not met anyone in dc voting for catania. thats pretty pathetic.

        • I got to meet Catania personally. If you’ve watched the debates he’s been very specific about what he’s done on the council. So the man has a temper…. he’s lonely and doesn’t have much of a social life. He’s a work-aholic which I say to that… amaze balls. He’ll be at city hall day and night working. Yup! I’m black and I’m gay.

  • Saw that the other day when at Trader Joe’s. Never been, never will now.

  • Stores have shown support for candidates for ages, the only thing that is surprising is how they’ve integrated it into their display. There’s more effort here to integrate it into Universal Gear’s display.

    For those who complain about the choices for mayor, you had your chance during the primary but you didn’t vote. This is what you get. Regardless of who win, it means you’ll have to be more active, demand what you want and how government should provide services to you and the rest of the District. Don’t just whine online like spoiled children.

    • If you’re goal is to persuade people to be more involved in politics, calling them whiney spoiled children isn’t the way to do it.

      • Calling it like it is. What’s the point of people complaining about a would-be-mayor if they did nothing then and plan to do nothing in the future? It’s constant vitriol for no reason other because they are consummate whiners. I have no love for Muriel but I’m not just going to throw up my hands, take my ball and go home. I’m going to continue to advocate for what I want. People here should do the same but they won’t.

    • “For those who complain about the choices for mayor, you had your chance during the primary but you didn’t vote.” Many of us DID in fact vote in the primary and were disappointed with the outcome.

    • That’s a pretty naive view of politics. I appreciate the “everyone shoudl get involved” mantra, but the simle fact is Bowser’s victory in the Democratic primary was signed, sealed and delivered by Ron Manchen three weeks before the primary, when Jeff Thompson pled guilty and implicated Gray in the shadow campaign. There was – literally – nothing anyone could do to prevent it.
      Plus, assuming that those who are complaining about Bowser didn’t vote is pretty ridiculous.

      • agreed. where’s the indictment btw? I think machen should get at least some kind of slap on the wrist at minimum for interfering with the election and failing to indict the mayor. I wonder how many years will pass before we find out machen took money from muriel’s campaign?

        • That’s pretty wildly speculative to suggest a US Attorney is on the take from a two-bit local pol. If Manchen had any strategy it was to make sure Gray lost the primary, not that any other particular candidate won.

    • Accountering

      You aren’t calling it like it is at all. I voted in the primary. My candidate lost. Now I only get one more chance to vote against her.

    • Randall thank you for your smug comments. My only suggestion to you at this point is to consider that you may need to grow up.

  • Muriel is a turnip! She has a Ward 4 record that demonstrates she is lazy and ineffective. I shop at UG from time to time but never again.

    • I don’t think they are going to miss you or the others that won’t shop there any longer. Majority of the opposition probably never set foot in the place before anyway.

    • I keep reading this over and over on Popville. It is really starting to color my thoughts on who I’ll vote for. I haven’t found a lot of negative press coverage though – is there some references you can point me to? I want to make an informed decision in November.

      • I think it’s more the absence of evidence. There is only an anecdotal record against her. She is careful never to take a stand, or introduce legislation, or say anything of substance on record, because substance can be used against her. She is an empty suit, with regard to public record. Anecdotally, now… If there were some way to count up the times people on this site alone said “My ward 4 councilmember was useless/ ignored my pleas for help/ didn’t even show up” versus “My ward 4 councilmember was great/ responsive/ saved the day”… I think you would see that not only has she done nothing on council except (inoffensively) warm a chair, she has let her actual constituents down over and over again.

        • Accountering

          As a W4 resident, you can put me squarly in the she did nothing to help me bucket. My request was simply if she could help me get a CaBi station closer to my house in Brightwood. As a single, no kids, young professional, I pay a lot more in taxes than I take in services, so this seemed like a reasonable request. My request was ignored all three times I e-mailed, this despite CC’ing every e-mail address I could find on her website. Thanks for that Muriel!

    • Turnip for what?

  • hispanicandproud

    Another reason to love this store even more! Go Muriel!

  • I’m always amazed and slightly appalled by people who would boycott a store for the “offense” of having a political opinion different than their own. The attempt to inflict economic damage in revenge for exercising free speech rights strikes me as vaguely fascist, and the intolerance it exposes strikes me as generally unwholesome. I wonder if they’d stop speaking to a friend who dared have a different choice for DC council member, or stop speaking to a relative that gave $100 to Rand Paul (assuming that they don’t get all Tea Party over Thanksgiving dinner or forward those racist anti-Obama e-mails).

    • I see. Now stores have opinions. Thank you Supreme Court!

    • Did you feel the same way about the outcry against Chick fil A? How about Hobby Lobby?
      Free speech means freedom to express opinions without government interference – it does not mean freedom to express opinions without any consequences whatsoever.
      And your comparison to a friend who supports a different candidate is inapt. I (and most people) have many friends who are of different political persuasions. People I have a long-standing relationship with (or even just met and like). Of course you’re not going to agree about everything. But I don’t know the people who own that store, have never met then, and since there are countless places to spend my money, I choose not to support strangers who support an empty suit for mayor.

      • As long as a commercial establishment is not acting, as an establishment, in a way that violates my sense of morals or ethics, I don’t really care what they or their employees do. Until we have evidence that Chick fil A discriminates against LGBT customers or employees, I don’t care who their executives give money to (same with that whole Firefox purge). I don’t ‘t boycott advertisers for sponsoring shows I don’t like, either. Attempts to control speech are reprehensible, even when we disagree with what is being said. In the case of Hobby Lobby, where the store has an immoral policy that it imposes on its employees, I will buy my glue guns elsewhere, however.
        Why you would buy something you like less or which is less convenient to purchase or which costs more at another establishment because of a relatively mild disagreement over the Mayor, is beyond me. You harm yourself and the message is not received. Having worked in and around progressive politics for decades, I understand the urge behind cheap indignation and ineffective symbolic gestures, I’m just tired of them, I guess.

        • I actually don’t disagree with this post, generally speaking. There is a difference between executives (even owners) supporting particular candidates, and organizations themselves imposing beliefs on their employees. (Though in the case of Chick fil A, the line gets blurred by the support of offensive agendas, as opposed to particular candidates.) My quibbles with your initial post were the fascism reference, which is wholly misplaced (unless it was meant as a “strikeouts are fascist” type comment, which would be excellent) and as I said, the inapt comparison to friends with different political views. There’s also more to it than “cheap indignation and ineffective symbolic gestures” (and wow, that’s pretty condescending) – as someone else posted, the business likely is contributiong to Bowser, and it’s entirely reasonable to decline to aid in those efforts by not patronizing them. All that said, I’m not boycotting this place, because I’ve never purchased anything there in the first place – I don’t think I’m their target customer.

        • Tangent, but I have seen tangible evidence that Chick Fil A discriminates against non-Christian customers. The store in my town had a big sign up that offered discounts only to people who brought in a Christian church bulletin. No discounts for atheists, Jewish people, Muslims, etc.

        • I think if you dread Bowser as Mayor and you work at UG and these “billboards” go up, it would kind of suck to have to be a part of that if even in an indirect way. It’s pretty insensitive to their staff. I guess it won’t hurt David Franco’s real estate development company to support the potential new Mayor, but again, kind of a dick move to their employees.

      • You’re comparing a business supporting Muriel Bowser, a mainstream democrat who officiated at the wedding of her gay campaign manager, with Chick fil A and Hobby Lobby’s agendas? I think some of the Popville commenters have really lost perspective about this election.

        • Reading is fundamental. Of course that’s not what I did – I was starting a discussion with Irving Streete, based on his comment about the implications of commercial establishments supporting political candidates or espousing political views. If you’d like to participate, that’s be great. But if you insist on (deliberately?) misconstruing posts, feel free to move along.

          • I can read perfectly well, thanks. When you ask “Did you feel the same way about the outcry against Chick fil A? How about Hobby Lobby?” you are explicitly comparing this situation with the Hobby Lobby and CFA situations. There’s nothing to misconstrue there.

          • Uh, no. What that person is saying is about the principled argument made by Irving Street – that withholding money b/c you disagree with a corporation is “wrong.” dcd was simply pointing out an example that would make someone with that opinion rethink whether they agree with it or not. It isn’t comparing the situations. It’s a discussion about principle. So sorry, but yeah, check your reading comprehension.

        • Accountering

          No, I haven’t lost perspective in the least. I supported the boycott against Chic-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby wholeheartedly. I think both are terrible companies. With that said, electing Muriel Bowser will (imo) inflict direct damage to me personally, with the end result our city not as prosperous and great over the next four years with her at the helm. To call that lost perspective on my part is interesting indeed.

      • Well put, DCD. Also, plastering your store window with a political ad strikes me as analogous to a relative getting all Tea Party at Thanksgiving. And, there is nothing fascist about deciding not to spend money at a business that promotes an objectionable candidate, but I assume Irving Streete knows that.

        • You can walk past, or behind the window. And it’s not nearly as loud or personal as your drunk uncle — you can pretty much choose not to engage. It’s more like your uncle wearing a Rand Paul t-shirt, while talking about “the game.”

    • If I had a friend or relative that was incessantly pandering for someone I wholeheartedly could not support, yes I would stop talking to them. I feel like that is the equivalent of what this store is doing. Plus, the store is obviously donating to the Bowser campaign, so when people show their financial support for the store, it gets passed on. Based on Bowser’s politics, the favor will also be returned down the line.

      • But that’s because they’re annoying, not because of their opinion per se.
        I gather from you comments that you believe that people should know who you contribute to, so those who disagree can find a way to prevent your employer from getting their money to you, so that you don’t pass it on to some campaign or charity they dislike.

        • No, I think businesses should not be able to donate or support to candidates at all. It’s different when a business takes money from their bottom line to donate to a candidate, vs an employee of that business. If the owners of UG want to stick up signs on their front lawn, fine. How do you think those that have to work at that store, and do not support Bowser feel?

      • As we all know, corporations are people, and entitled to hold political opinions and use their money as (protected) speech. Where do they get their money? From their customers. So if a customer has a choice of places to buy underwear or chicken sandwiches, it makes sense for the customer to direct their money away from the “person” who will use that money in a way that is inconsistent with the customer’s values. It’s called “voting with your dollars”.
        And yeah, if I had a friend or family member who hit me up for money so that they could donate to Rand Paul, I would decline to give that person money. Our personal relationship would remain. Since I have no personal relationship with underwear and chicken purveyors– our only possible relationship is financial– yeah, I guess I’m cutting them off.

    • Per usual, the first person who brings up “free speech” actually has no clue what it means. Boycotting a store has absolutely nothing to do with facism. Please learn what these words actually mean before you start casually throwing them around.

      • Boycotting a store is a way to penalize them for having a political opinion different from yours. Once you get into that habit, then you start looking at what their executives do (per Firefox and CfA [point on blurred lines taken dcd]) and then rank and file employees. Call it what you will.
        And getting your expensive, potentially no-longer-gay-demographic-designed knickers in a serious twist over Murial Bowser is actually a pretty good working definition of cheap indignation.

        • Yes, I understand what boycotting a store is intended to do. That still does not mean that it violates free speech or that it’s fascist.

          I think those who boycotted or protested Firefox and CfA were absolutely justified. These were organizations, or individuals, that actively sought to harm a minority population in this country, through the deprivation of their rights, and fueling an atmosphere of homophobia. They sought to impose their religious views, that are not universally held, onto those around them. Members of the LGBT community to this day are physically attacked, raped, maimed, and killed simply for who they are. Through their attacks on the rights of the LGBT community, groups like CfA only add to the idea in society that this is an okay thing to do. Disagreeing with someone by simply not patronizing a business is absolutely in no way a violation of free speech or facism.

          That said, I agree that it’s silly to boycott Universal Gear over their overt support of Muriel Bowser. She is no Dan Cathy or Rick Santorum. The display is tacky and in poor taste, but if there is any reason to boycott Universal Gear, it should be over their prices.

    • Accountering

      Free Speech is between you and your government. If you do something blatantly offensive to me, your rights to free speech in no way stop me from boycotting your store. They deserve to go out of business after a bone-head move like this.

    • Accountering

      To clarify, I would have very strong words with someone who gave $100 to Rand Paul. It would put a serious strain on my relationship with that person. I do not take kindly to being disenfranchised.

    • Dude, come on. Yes, any business is free to share their political opinions with their clientele and shout it out loud and clear if they wish. However, I am also free to not patronize them in turn. It is not fascist. We are all exercising choices.
      FWIW, I think businesses who advertise their politics are either seriously “safe” and assured of their income, or completely idiotic.

    • I’ve proudly given up chik-fil-a

  • LOL talk about topsy turvy world……………. next we will see a CATANIA sign at Ben’s Chili Bowl!

    • Isn’t the target demographic of Universal Gear high-income homosexual males? I would have presumed that demographic would generally support Catania, so this is interesting if this sign indicates that population may not be as much in Catania’s corner as I had thought.

      • 1. Please don’t use the term “homosexual” to refer to anyone gay.

        2. Please don’t presume that gays will always vote for a gay candidate.

        • Curious… Could you explain #1? I feel like terms change so often, but I thought “homosexual” was pretty much a dictionary definition.

          • Me too. I have a really hard time keeping up with the acceptable vernacular of the day. I understand how no one population is a monolith, so it’s dumb to ask what “gay people” want. And yet here is someone who claims to speak for all in issuing a vocabulary directive.

          • Agreed. If you don’t like being called a homosexual, I guess you shouldn’t be gay? I’m going to tell people to stop calling me white because my skin isn’t even close to any shade of white.

          • It’s Peachy-Beige Privilege, if you please!

          • Gay, Gay Men, Lesbian, or Gay Person/People is preferred over homosexual when referring to the group because homosexual as a word has a history of being used in clinical terms to portray LGBT people as diseased or psychologically disturbed, which has since been discredited.

          • your history of the term is incorrect.

          • @Anonymous 11:16 am: Read up. “But by the 20th century, the word had taken on a definition associated with the American Psychiatric Association’s classification of same-sex attractions as a mental disorder. That did not change until the association reversed itself in 1973.

            William Leap, a professor of anthropology at American University who studies the field of “lavender linguistics,” which examines how gay people use certain words and phrases, said the offensiveness of the word stems from its medical history. “It already has all that clinical baggage heaped on it: that’s the legacy of the term now,” he said, adding that because of its use in a scientific way, many people do not realize how it can fall on gay and lesbian ears.

            “It’s not like ‘faggot,’ which is a negative term that could get somebody’s mother to slap their hand,” he said. “Homosexual is a term that everybody knows.”’ – NY Times, 3/23/14


            Offensive: “homosexual” (n. or adj.)
            Preferred: “gay” (adj.); “gay man” or “lesbian” (n.); “gay person/people”
            Please use gay or lesbian to describe people attracted to members of the same sex. Because of the clinical history of the word “homosexual,” it is aggressively used by anti-gay extremists to suggest that gay people are somehow diseased or psychologically/emotionally disordered – notions discredited by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association in the 1970s. Please avoid using “homosexual” except in direct quotes. Please also avoid using “homosexual” as a style variation simply to avoid repeated use of the word “gay.” The Associated Press, The New York Times and The Washington Post restrict use of the term “homosexual” – GLAAD Media Reference Guide — Terms to Avoid

          • Anonymouse, please don’t pretend to speak for a not-insignificant portion of the population. I know plenty of gay people for whom the latin is preferable to the archaic english.
            I’ll respect the stated preference of anyone in my life, but in your role as random internet commenter you cannot possibly be expect the rest of the internet to know and respect your own personal peeve. You do others a disservice with this insistence that there’s a right term and a whole bunch of wrong ones. Let others define their own identity, please. I thought that’s what the movement was about.

          • @Anonymous 12:14, please. The fact of the matter is that one commenter, in response to Honest Abe’s comment to not use the term homosexual to anyone who is gay, asked why they should not; to which I gave an explanation. You are making the assumption that I agree with Honest Abe when I have not given any inkling of a preference over which term to use because I use both.

            Don’t get all up in arms at me for substantiating said explanation when (assuming you’re also Anonymous 11:16) you made a sweeping and declarative statement telling me that my history was incorrect. It’s Internet commenters like you who do a disservice to the community by making such statements and then back them up with defensive assumptions of others without an actual basis.

          • Because weighing in on a Internet forum on a trivial point seems a good use of my time for the 20 minutes I have left at work…

            For what it’s worth, for me, and most (if not all) gay people I know, “homosexual” is a negative term – the NYT article referenced above is spot on. There’s a lot of really negative imagery/memories of religious conservatives like Rick Santorum and others spitting out the word “homosexual” with unconcealed disgust (and emphasis on the “sex” in the term to imply the sexual deviance of it). Homosexual, not gay, is the preferred term to demonize LGBT individuals and often sounds like it is being used as the socially acceptable version of faggot.

            That being said, the few times I’ve heard “heterosexual” friends use the term, I haven’t been angry, but merely would smile and explain how it can come across and seem to many in the community.

          • Matt: Great use of the last 20 minutes of your work day — and a great use of this forum. Thank you!

        • What if we pronounce it like Suzanne Sugarbaker?

        • Making generalizations is part of campaigns though, right? The white vote, the black vote, the gay vote, the women vote, the parents vote, the millenium vote etc. Of course, its ridiculous to presume that any single demographic is going to support the candidate just because they are in the same demo, but it’s not ridiculous to presume that certain demographics are more likely to support certain candidates.

      • “Homosexual” is a clinical term; “gay” is a colloquial term. Just as we don’t refer, casually to “Negroids, Mongoloids, and Caucasoids,” – even those are correct terms – there is no need to call us gays “homosexuals.”

        • but we say heterosexual.

        • So does that mean that the term “homophobia” is problematic? Not being snarky — just wondering how far this goes and what to say instead.

        • So does that mean that the term “homophobia” is problematic? Not being snarky — just wondering how far this goes and what to say instead.

          • Depending on how pedantic you want to be “homophobia” is problematic in that it means “fear of sameness.” But there’s no good alternative (unlike homosexual/ gay) so go ahead and use it.

      • You obviously haven’t been in that store for a while. The brands do not cater to anyone that is high income.

  • I would imagine that this has a lot more to do with the owner’s vast real estate development interests… Now I’m not sure where I’ll buy my overpriced tank tops (only slightly kidding)

  • OK, let me get the candidate bashing out of the way and then ask a serious question. In my opinion Catania is an egomaniacal, pompous jerk whose personality alone will make it very hard to govern a city with a council that cannot stand him personally and professionally. My personal experiences with him bear that out. Bowser, on the other hand, is nicer but she’s an empty suit who seems to have been born on third base politically but acts like she hit a triple. Schwartz? Eh. I like Carol personally and was bummed when she lost her council seat, but I lost a lot of respect for her this year for running what is essentially a spite campaign.
    Now that the standard negative stuff is out of the way, can any of you supporters tell me positive things about your candidate? Concrete, real, positive things — not why the other candidates suck. Or are we all just going to hold our collective noses and vote based on how we feel about the other candidates?

    • I agree, Catania seems like a stubborn egomaniac. However, in spite of that he has been able to get a lot accomplished both as a Republican on a Council. That alone gives me some relief that he would be able to get a lot done from an executive position. Bowser just gets more and more frustrated when asked about her record, cause she doesn’t have any. Ask anyone in Ward 4 what she has done for them, and you won’t find much. I was at an ANC meeting recently, and there was collective laughter at the suggestion we could get our councilmember to help. But without harping on the past, just listen to anyone of the debates. Bowser has no specific plans for our future. It’s all vague terms that sound nice, but are not actual plans or policies. Catania, and for the most part Schwartz, are able to answer these questions with specifics, that at the very least show they’ve put some thought into these issues. Bowser’s plan is to make Catania look like a stubborn egomaniac.

      • +5000000 I don’t need to want to have a beer with my political candidates. I need them to be smart and capable and have a plan for addressing the problems the city has. Catania might be insufferable in real life, but he has a record of achievement and solid positions and does not avoid taking a stand on any given issue. Bowser has none of those things and doesn’t seem to see the need to get them.

      • I will take a stubborn egomaniac who might not cave whenever any economic pressure is put on him by corporate persons or special interest groups in this city versus a candidate with no spine, no agenda, and seemingly little to offer in the way of new ideas. I have a feeling she’d have zero idea what she is doing and the City Council will railroad her time and time again. Something for all his faults, Gray never suffered from.

        I loathe republicans and especially gay ones, and while I understand Catania is an “independent” now, let’s be honest there. But I think I’m still heavily leaning his way here. If for no other reason but I think things will stay on track and he will have a backbone when one is called for.

        Sorry, but all people in politics are pretty egomaniacal. It’s part of the DNA.

        • He has the most progressive record of anyone on the council. Seriously. I don’t know what made him a Republican (over 10 years ago now I think), but liberal is as liberal does. Health care for children? Gay marriage? Count me in.

      • If you are a church leader in one of the poorer wards, you can look for Bowser to be a strong ally. Other than that, good luck. Robin Hood Bowser does not have your interest at heart .

    • I personally have also had horrible interactions with Catania. And these were instances when we were on the same side of an issues. He can be a horrible person to deal with and I hate that so many people on Popville assume that anyone who doesn’t like him is a lock step Democrat or uninformed. A lot of don’t trust or like him for a reason.

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t shop there because I’m not a 21 year old twink.

  • Honestly, I’d be just as offended if this was a Catania for Mayor display. If your business isn’t directly involved with the campaign (i.e. Political ad production house, sign maker, etc.) stay the hell out of the fray. There’s nothing to be gained by marginalizing customers.

  • I don’t like her, but I like their clothes and the way I look in them. So, I’m not going to punish myself because they like Muriel. Seems dumb to me. That’s like saying I’m not going to a Nats game because they signed a player who I think is a jerk.

    • That’s not really a good metaphor, but you’re entitled to shop wherever you want.

      • It’s like not going to a Nat’s game because you don’t like who the lerners gave a campaign contribution to. (And, a simile not a metaphore).

        • its like not going to a bar because they don’t support your favorite team.

          • Um, no it’s not. If you give money to a business that supports a candidate or cause, your money can be used to support that candidate and cause. I think it’d be very reasonable to boycott a sports team whose owners contributed to a cause you were very much against. That said, this is about choosing what to do with your own money. If you choose to not patronize a business because of who/what the business supports (financially or otherwise), fine. If you choose you don’t care who/what the business supports and still patronize the support, also fine, at least in the case of political candidates (vs. hate-mongering causes).

          • Yes, but in this case your preference of mayoral candidate is analogous to your preference of sports team, in terms of significance.

          • It’s like rain. On your wedding day.

  • I am going to put this endorsement by Universal Gear right next to the endorsement by the President on my list of thing that will have no impact on my electoral choices.
    I just don’t care who they support and it makes no difference to me.

  • I really like the vest on the mannequin in the display.

  • Seems like a bad business move to me. Seeing how polarizing politics are, why would you blatantly support one candidate on your storefront? You’re going to piss off a lot of potential clients. The same goes when I see a plumber’s truck with some Anti-Obama bumper sticker on their bumper. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see post-election numbers showing that supporting for Bowser wasn’t a very polarizing move after all.

      • Yup. This website is an echo chamber of upper income whites who are pretty much out of touch with the DC municipal elites and the rest of the District’s population. Catania gets less than 45% of the vote, IMHO.
        Universal Gear/Level 2 Development knows where their bread is buttered. If they want to keep getting development permits, they’ll be throwing support behind Bowser. It seems to me that they waited to throw their support until pretty late in the game, seeing if Catania had a late surge. Internal polls probably show Catania plateauing and undecideds breaking for Bowser. Game over.

  • Agree with most comments here in that it’s pretty foolish of them to so publicly support any candidate. It’s especially unwise when Bowser is linked to the fraud and corruption at Park Southern.

  • Voting for first time for DC Mayor and am voting for her! Proud of this store.

  • I find this whole matter silly. Are people at a point in this country where we will refuse to shop in places because they support one mayoral candidate over another? Folks, this is not Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney with Universal Gear supporting Romney. It is a locally owned store supporting their candidate.

    Now, for full disclosure, it is no secret that I am a supporter of Councilmember David A. Catania, but the notion of not shopping somewhere because someone in the LGBT community is supporting Muriel Bowser is exactly why the state of government is in shambles.

    The reality is this: there is very little either of these candidates will do to affect the lives of people reading this thread. It’s not like one wants to reverse marriage equality or that one wants to stop development (for better or worse) in the city.

    Another full-disclosure, I’m not a UG shopper (have you seen my FB pictures), but now this Catania supporter will make sure to stop by there the next time I need a gift of the kind that the store sells.

    If every citizen and businessperson would be this involved in politics, the country (and world) would be a better place.

    In other words, celebrate the fact that we have two candidates who support our equality and when people disagree with you in an election like this, grow the fuck up.

    PS: The firefox CEO was tossed by EMPLOYEES not by the public.

    • It’s one thing for David Franco to support Bowser. For a lot of liberal gays, it’s the fashionable thing to do. They get to feel like they are really plugged into political gay DC by declaring that they aren’t going to support David Catania just because they are gay. Somewhere they heard some other plugged in DC gay say something like “Oh Catania is crooked,” or “Catania’s such a jerk.” Now that becomes their mantra too. That’s fine (as well as naive, transparent, and somewhat pathetic). These are the same people that see UPWORTHY posts and click on the headline bait, “At minute three this video blew my mind.” I think that those who will “boycott” UG are probably more inspired to do it because Franco’s support is so blatant. He sells a product to the public, the income from sales are what helps pay his rent and overhead. I don’t think people are not “grown-up” if they decide not to be a part of providing funds that give Franco a platform from which to hang his Bowser billboards in his display windows.

  • This is a huge slap in the face by Universal Gear to its gay customers. David Catania is a historic candidate for the LGBT community and is backed by national LGBT rights groups like Victory Fund. Bowser is DC business as usual. More taxes, more burdensome regulations and more corruption. I won’t be giving them my business any time soon. My vote, as a proud gay man, is going to David Catania!

    • it’s not a slap in the face.

    • hispanicandproud

      Oh Andrew. I’m gay too and I won’t be supporting David.

      • Congrats, you get to join that crowd of gays who think its fashionable to be anti-Catania. You don’t know why you are, other than that someone at some time “told” you to be.

        • hispanicandproud

          Vera, you don’t know me or know why I don’t support David so stop pretending to know that someone told me to support her.

    • While I am supporting Catania and happen to be gay, him also being gay has nothing to do with my support. He is a better candidate in my opinion. Luckily we live a city where an anti-LGBT candidate has no chance of being elected mayor today and I’m able to look at the full scope of a candidate’s credentials rather than be pigeon-holed.

  • it’s possible that its just a democrat supporting a democrat over a republican.

  • Fenty and Gray have done a good job of staying relatively hands-off with interfering in the strong DC economy and allowing it to continue to run on cruise-control. Bowser definitely scares me. First of all she is completely unqualified and secondly, here tone and behavior in this campaign show a distinct favoring of certain wards over others. The type of posturing that leads me to believe she intends to insert her ideological agenda. I am a Democrat, but with the fitness tax, new service taxes, etc. I am very concerned with the direction we may be heading with her. Catania is a tough taste to swallow, but does anyone doubt he has the talent, experience and overall qualification to be mayor and keep the city running correctly? Those who support Bowser are transparent in their party-first ignorance and when pressed to say why they support her, will give you an answer, but you know they are just grasping at straws to find something in her beliefs that they really care two bits about. This is the first time in a decade that I am worried about any particular serious candidate becoming Mayor. This could be awful for our city.

    • “Catania is a tough taste to swallow, but does anyone doubt he has the talent, experience and overall qualification to be mayor and keep the city running correctly? ”

      Yeah, everyone who’s voting for Bowser, Schwartz, writing someone in, or staying home.

      What’s with the arrogance of the Catania supporters? It is possible for people to look at your candidate and think “This guy would be better off staying on the Council.”

    • You’re making a LOT of assumptions about people who support Bowser and why they might do this. Maybe there are people who are concerned about Catania’s history of employment, and possible conflicts of interest. Maybe there are people who are concerned about Catania’s history as a Republican. Maybe there are people who feel that Cantania’s temper and personality are completely at odds with the type of temperament that a mayor — or , indeed, any adult with significant responsibilities, especially in the public eye — should have. Maybe there are people who — gasp — don’t like his stance on any number of policies and priorities. And maybe there are people who have balanced those sorts of concerns against the possibility that Bowser can hire people with skill sets to make up for her gaps — as all politicians do.

  • This city is nuts sometime. We’ve had two effective mayors, one excellent in Fenty and one pretty good in Gray. Bowser is leading now because she doesn’t offend anyone. other than that she offers nothing. Maybe this time we will finally have picked a Mayor that will figure out how to mess-up this otherwise well-run city.

  • PoP – were you purposely trolling your own site? 🙂
    But really, if you can’t civilly disagree with someone (remember corporations are people too :)) and their opinion/politics then I suggest you stay off the interwebs. The beauty of a democracy is that it is a competition of multiple ideas and governing philosophies. You don’t have to agree with everyone all the time for the whole democratic process to work.
    Sure we’d all like our gal/guy to win all the time – but it isn’t going to happen. Relax, breathe in and be nice.

  • Just why did Universal Gear pick Muriel? What was the real reason? Did the Bowser team pay for that wallpaper and endorsement? And why is she giving us smiles and pat answers and no real plan(s) for DC??

  • Im a homo and I think using homosexual is fine but we really do prefer queer or homo. Thank you very much.

    Let’s be honest though. Have you seen the clothes they sell in that store!?!? I wouldn’t respect the opinion of a store that sells that crap anyway. It’s mostly slutty clothes for 55 year old wealthy white gay men and ass-less underwear.

    Poor Muriel.

  • Wow – not shopping there again! I don’t care who the owners want to vote for. I don’t care if they want to hold a fundraiser for someone, or put a simple campaign sign in the window. But to go all out like this in support of a candidate who has yet to put forth any sensible platform other than “I want to be mayor; I would enjoy it a lot”… that’s too much.

  • Love it. Great shop since back in the day when they were on 17th. Hugs to Yeme.

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