Mark Your Calendars – Next Thurs. Nov. 6th is the PoPville 8 Year Anniversary Party

grant_circle_tree_2007 copy

I remember when people told me I’d surely run out of things to post – I can’t believe it’s already 8 years! Thanks to you guys for helping make it happen. I sound like a broken record but I’m super grateful for all the great tips, tweets, emails, questions and photos that folks send. At this point it’s just as much “your” website as it is “mine” and I love it like this. Though admittedly some of my days are filled with aggravation – I truly and genuinely feel I have the best of job in the world. A lot of this of course is timing. I’ve now lived in DC 17 years (11 in Petworth) and it’s amazing how much has changed, some for the worse, but tons for the better. I feel so lucky to be witnessing it and chronicling it. So thanks again for allowing me to do so.

Ok – party on Thursday, November 6th at Meridian Pint (11th and Park Road, NW) 5/5:30- 11/11:30 depending on how much gas is in the tank. Thanks again to the folks at the Pint and DC Brau for hosting and brewing up something special for us. I’m also gonna bring some limited edition t-shirts (and regular ones too) for those who’ve been asking me how to get one. Anyway, these things are pretty chill but I’d love to be able to say thanks in person – so mark your calendars and stop by for a pint or two.

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  • pablo .raw

    Looking forward to it! Congratulations 🙂

  • So THAT’S the tree from the T-shirt! I guess I was never looking at it from the right angle!

  • PoPville sure has grown from back in the wordpress blog days!
    Congratulations Dan – and thanks for sharing your love of vestibules, doors, trees and other things that are part of the Beautiful Life here in Popville : )

  • Thanks Dan! Love what you’ve done with the place.

  • 8 years?! Crazy. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. I also conisder myself very grateful to be part of this community you’ve created. Thanks for keeping me informed, entertained, and a way to pass long hours during some tough/boring days. My friends have always – and continue to make fun of me for how ‘in-the-know’ I always seem to them… which is only because I read PoPville daily and they know it. haha 🙂 Thanks, and here’s to many more years of serving the community in a truly wonderful way!

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