Luxury Goods coming to Luxury Rental – Shinola Detroit coming to the District

14th and R Street, NW

Big news about the development coming to 14th and R St, NW in the former Central Union Mission space (their new location is here) – reported by Urban Turf:

“The new development at the site of the former Central Union Mission at 14th and R Street NW will deliver as a luxury rental building in early December.

The building’s corner retail tenant will be Detroit-based Shinola, a luxury brand that makes and sells watches, bikes and other goods.”

You can see Shinola’s goods here.

And while not confirmed yet, another tipster hears that while Shinola’s waiting for their permanent space at 14th and R St, NW they’ll open a pop up in the former Escrow space across the street:

1534 14th Street, NW

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  • Gentrifying at its worst. Makes my stomach hurt a little bit.

    • mid city guy

      really? at its worst? why is that? I’m genuinely curious.

      • maxwell smart

        perhaps it has something to do with turning a center for assisting the homeless into luxury condos

        • I don’t know – it would be one thing if the homeless were put out on the street and rich people moved in. But the shelter moved to a renovated building that presumably better suits their needs. Can’t get too upset about it.

        • palisades

          It was moved. Get over it

          • The Mission sold that property for a mint and moved to NE where they are serving more people. They have a fantastic organization but the people who needed the help were not hanging out at Le Dip. Plus, the building was falling apart and overrun with rats. They have a bigger, totally new space in NE. I have lived on this block for many years and had zero issues with the Mission but they took the money and ran, smart move. They still serve people from the church at 13th and Corcoran as well. The faux gentrification outrage gets old when you know nothing about the situation.

        • maxwell smart

          Good to know about The Mission; I actively try to avoid 14th street as much as possible so I didn’t know the whole story.

    • Accountering

      I think this is a tremendous example of the positives of gentrification. They sold their building for a large sum of money (because the area had gentrified) and were able to move to an area where their clientele is, and where they are able to help more people. If this is gentrification, sign me up every time.

  • My dad always said “you don’t know shit from shinola” – but now I can tell the difference!

  • justinbc

    Done by December? Wow, that’s ambitious if that photo is recent.

  • Anyone know what’s going on with the old Logan Hardware space? The door was open yesterday and there were some people inside who looked like they were remodeling, but I haven’t heard anything about what’s replacing it.

  • brookland_rez

    Sounds about right for 14th St.

  • At first read, I could have sworn the last sentence said “hipster tears” vice “tipster hears.” It does looks like Shinola will fit right in with Salt & Sundry up the street. I scratch my head a little at what they offer, but if they make people happy, so be it. I do think it’s nice that retail besides restaurants are growing in the corridor.

  • palisades

    This is cool. I didn’t realize Shinola was becoming so pervasive.

  • Great company with a lot of cool items (though I can’t afford most)! Made in the USA

  • Emmaleigh504

    Shinola is considered a “luxury” brand?

  • NY Times had an interesting article last year about Shinola. “Would it cramp your ideals to know that the company behind Shinola, Bedrock Brands, was started by a founder of the Fossil brand of watches, Tom Kartsotis, and also invests in Steven Alan, among other retail brands? In essence, that makes Mr. Kartsotis a midprice watch mogul looking to go luxury under the cover of charitable business practices.” Full article here:

    • PDleftMtP

      They have a real factory in Detroit employing real skilled blue-collar workers left high and dry by the shift of jobs (more supplier jobs than assembly jobs) out of the region. Yes, it’s small, but it’s something. I’m in.

      • and they are attempting to bring leather working back to detroit. Its a good thing. Ive had my shinola watch for a while now. Glad to see they are picking up steam, particulalry when im married to a detroit girl!

    • That article is terrible. Kind of the equivalent of the “Gentrifying at its worst. Makes my stomach hurt a little bit.” comment at the top of this comment section.

  • Watches and bikes is an odd mix.

  • I am a shopaholic, with a passion for old watches. I even have a brown Movado. But this place doesn’t excite me at all. I would have preferred Emporium or Cusp or something like that. I’ll wander in when it opens, but I doubt that they will last too long.

    • I agree on the store lasting Pcat. I am not sure we have enough people with enough money who are willing to go to this location for a business like this to survive. I wonder if they wouldn’t have been better served in that expensive project at the old convention center. At least it is closer downtown and to all those lawyer/lobbyists who come in from Virginia or Maryland who are less likely to drive over to 14th and R they would to a location downtown.

    • maxwell smart

      Seems like the perfect selection of items to sell based on the demographic of the area

      • Maybe for the visitors who drive in to our neighborhood. Not for those of us there. I’m excited to see it close.

        • that’s true – An American Apparel would probably be a better fit.

        • Wow! You sound like such a happy person. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for 17 years and welcome all progress with open arms. I’m sad to see a business fail and always wish them the best. I’m thinking you must have just moved here?

  • this is the new M st.

    • maxwell smart

      i was going to say the new Friendship Heights – now that FH is getting replaced with discount retailers left and right.

      • Actually, the mix of luxury stores and discount clothing/housewares stores has been in Friendship Heights for decades — it’s just that in the last few years the area has attracted more of each. Nothing is getting “replaced” — it’s expanding. Stores like Rodmans, Linens and Things, TJ Maxx, Filene’s Basement, and Hecht’s, shared the neighborhood with Saks, Lord and Taylor’s and Neiman Marcus — along with stores like the Gap. Recently the high end stores have grown higher and some of the discount stores have gotten bigger. It’s all good.

  • Glad to see Shinola expanding. They have some cool videos online if people are interested. Its nice to see quality products actually being produced in the US (especially in Detroit!).

  • jim_ed

    As far as luxury watches go, these are pretty reasonably priced. Doubly so that they’re US made – too many upscale brands stamp their name on Chinese made junk and charge an exorbitant amount (looking at you, casegoods industry!). I’m actually kind of excited to check this place out.

    • justinbc

      One of the watch manufacturers we toured in Shenzhen during a site visit told us that pretty much every major commercial watch under $250 passes through there, regardless of whose name is on it, before having “finishing” touches applied at the brand’s home factory. Meaning they might do the engraving in Switzerland, but not much else.

  • Are they going to leave that “Come Unto Me”

  • As a native Detroiter, this makes me so happy. It’s a great company that makes quality watches and I know that they have been an asset to revitalizing downtown Detroit. Shinola set up shop downtown in an economically depressed area which is gentrifying, but at a much slower rate than 14th St, and is doing well enough to expand into DC. I wouldn’t count on them closing shop anytime soon.

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