Lonely Planet picks DC for their #1 world’s best city to visit in 2015

Photo by PoPville flickr user J Sonder

From a Destination DC press release:

“Today Lonely Planet, the esteemed international guidebook publisher, announces Washington, DC as their pick for the world’s best city to visit in 2015. America’s capital was selected for its volume of accessible culture, diversity and great value. This honorific decided by Lonely Planet’s in-house expert travelers joins recent pronouncements, notably Forbes magazine’s anointment of DC as the “Coolest City in America.” With exceptional inventory: new hotels, restaurants, attractions, shops and transportation options expected to open in the next 24 months, Washington, DC is positioned to delight domestic and international visitors.

“2015 is a fantastic year to visit Washington, DC and that’s why it was chosen as our #1 city in Best in Travel 2015” says Tom Hall, head of content for Lonely Planet. “The pomp commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination makes next year big for DC. Add that to its hip neighborhoods, incredible eats, venerable performing arts scene and iconic museums, like the Smithsonian Institution, and the nation’s capital is looking more epic than

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  • We are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln getting shot?

  • I miss the fanny packs and color coordinated t-shirts. . . oh, wait

  • Can of PBR just went up $1

    • Well, good thing I have this 30 rack that I haven’t opened yet. Think there’s a bonus for a complete set?

  • Once in a lifetime chance to see the Capitol dome with scaffolding! Come One, Come All!

  • “And this year marks the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination”… woohoo let’s party!
    “several mixed-use development projects are in the works”… because tourists love seeing construction everywhere
    “a vibrant gay bar scene”… like the single lesbian bar!
    “incredible ethnic eats thanks to thriving immigrant communities (like top-notch Ethiopian)”… but anything else involves a trip to the ‘burbs
    “This Penn Quarter favourite is the place to go for classic and contemporary tapas in a setting with as much colour and energy as an Almodovar movie.”… no comment.
    “blazers-and-pearls kind of town, but in the last few years the city has experienced a rebirth of style thanks in no small part to a certain First Lady’s high-profile designer wardrobe.” … just shoot me now.

    • I think the idea behind their mention of mixed-use developments was that they’re anticipating that many of these will be completed sometime in 2015, so tourists who visit in 2015 can check them out then.

    • jim_ed

      All of this is 100% TRUE. God knows I plan my vacations around where I can see the most 12 story residential buildings with ground floor retail under construction. I never thought a town could surpass Jacksonville in 2007, but here we are! And as far as fashion goes, I wore burlap sacks to work every day until Michelle Obama taught me how to dress…and how to love again.

  • This is a terrible click bait listicle style article. I expected better from Lonely Planet.

  • It seems a bit odd that Lonely Planet is touting DC. We don’t have too many low cost accommodation options for budget travelers. Still, all the free sights and museums is a great deal for the budget conscious. Even at the “free attractions” in other countries, they usually require proof of citizenship so they can charge the foreign tourists.

  • i don’t care. i think it’s good for the city. it’s good for more people to visit and see that it’s not the crime ridden hellhole of yesteryear

  • lonely planet is crap. if the rough guide said it, that would be something.

  • SusanRH

    I had no idea so many people are so down on our city, if you hate it so much, why not leave?

    I for one think this is a great thing!

    • I posted at 1:09 and I love DC! That’s why I’m annoyed that LP put together such a weak list of highlights.

    • justinbc

      I don’t think anyone is knocking the city, but rather pointing out the seemingly odd things the article chose to highlight here.

    • I’m by no means down on the city, I love living here and probably will for a long time. It’s just a weird press release that talks about celebrating Lincoln’s assassination and tourists being drawn to new condo buildings. I agree with them about the growing number of high-quality restaurants and awesome museums.

    • They do love it. They just don’t want it spoiled by tourists. 🙂

  • LP is still a pretty good resource for more far flung places. Having said that, if you aren’t using tripadvisor.com abroad you are missing out.

  • Yeah, we have a lot of haterade on here. I for one am thrilled with this recognition.
    # 1 reason to visit, it’s just so damn beautiful. You forget sometimes until you visit other cities.

  • Well, people DO love Disney World, so…

  • Well since LP was sold by the Wheelers it’s gone from a backpackers guide to a upper middle class / affluent persons guide book. And now that the BBC sold it to Brad Kelley it looks to be a marketing tool.

    • I have to agree. LP is not what it used to be. Most likely some $$ was offered by the city under the name of tourist promotion to get a top spot.

  • I think it’s a terrible year to visit DC. The capitol will still be in scaffolding.

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