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  • I gotta say, I’m not usually a fan of eggplant either as a facade color choice or as a dining option, but I think this came out looking pretty awesome. So excited to get my hardware store back!
    And, I guess if anyone’s going to go bold with a paint color, it should be a store that, ya know… sells paint.

  • I had no idea how much I would miss having Logan Hardware open and cannot wait for their return. I had to frequent other hardware stores in the interim which only made me appreciate them all the more!

  • Yay! I love the store and the friendly, smart and helpful staff. So good to have them back and even closer to our house!!! Can’t wait to see the new store.

  • Looks great — have to say I am pretty amazed at how fast they are getting this new location up and running considering they tore the crap out of these buildings. These things seem to take longer elsewhere.

  • been waiting for them to open since they closed. cant wait!

  • jburka

    Our dog is particularly excited about them reopening. She’s been so bummed with neither Pulp nor Logan Hardware open to give her treats.

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