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  • Awesome, but dont you think moisture is going to get into the book area eventually?

    • It would seem so! Then again, I picked up a magazine a few weeks ago from a Little Free Library in NW and there was no mold. I don’t think it had a glass door though. I’m trying to be more cognizant of moisture issues now that a bottle of vitamins became ruined from the wretched DC humidity (awesome weather this week though).

    • Ally

      Maybe enough turn-over that it’s a non-issue? I know the one up by Lincoln Park that we go to seems to change them all out at least weekly. Love them either way!

  • I heard they is going to a little library somewhere around Grant Circle in Petworth. Does anyone know where specifically and when it is going to be up?

  • A friend of mine just opened theirs in Mt Pleasant, and it looks great! Full of books, but hopefully getting some good use 🙂

    • Is this the one on 18th St between Park and Newton? Seems it is well used (or the owners keep refreshing the books).

  • Aglets

    Is this the one on the 900 block of F NE?

  • Emmaleigh504

    These little libraries make me happy 🙂

  • I would love to like these little libraries, but for some reason, I find them deeply irritating. Sort of like how I feel about yarn bombing.

  • The participants of the National Building Museum’s program Design Apprenticeship Program built little free libraries this past spring. See the link for the community gardens that received the libraries. The participants that made them ranged in age from 12-18 yrs old.


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