Awesome Photo of Lightning Strike from Today’s Storm

Photo by Tommy Rossman

Thanks to Tommy for sending this awesome photo he took from 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW just before the storm earlier today.

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  • Go Joanie Loves Bocce!!!

  • I saw a bolt of lightning just before the rain started that because of the angle, looked like it was way, way to close to a plane landing at National.

  • From the angle, I think God is smiting Rosslyn with this bolt of lightninig.

  • Is it a lightening strike if it didn’t hit anything, or just lightning? Not trying to be grammar police, just trying to understand what this is a photo of – was something hit?

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I lived in Florida (the most lightingest state of them all) the weather people reported on lighting strikes. They most hit the ground. I have no idea how they knew how many there were, but they had a map to show them all.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Local news reports on weird stuff. In Florida it was lightning strikes, in Sought Dakota the reported how many pigs were in the stock yards. Usually several hundred, but one day they on had 3. South Dakota also reported when the wind wasn’t blowing.

    • every bolt of lightning strikes something.

    • Lightning like the one in the picture is cloud-to-ground lightning, so it struck the ground or something on the ground. So yes, it hit something.

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