La Colombe Coffee Opening new Cafe in Chinatown early next year

La Colombe’s Blagden Alley Spot, technically 924 N Street, NW

Exciting tweet from @nevinmartell:

“Head’s up coffee lovers! @LaColombeCoffee will open a new cafe w/ a cupping room at 6&I NW early next year.”

Also happy to see @LaColombeCoffee retweeted it.

La Colombe opened their first DC location in Blagden Alley back in February next to Rogue 24.

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  • Good news! I’m having trouble imagining where this could go at 6th and I, though. Southeast corner?

  • Love La Colombe! Think I’ll go there right now!

  • why another one so close??

  • I love la Colombe although this location is very close to Chinatown Coffee (another favourite). It would be great if La Colombe would come to H St NE somewhere between 6th and 10th… 🙂

    • Yes, spread out the good coffee!!! Chinatown is great, and there are so many independent coffee deserts in this town!

  • I’ve never understood the allure of La Colombe.
    Yes the space is beautiful (albeit hidden), but the service is horrible (even when the launch GM and his wife were present to oversee the ops.).
    In my dozen visits or so it’s always been the same – inattentive baristas who don’t know the varieties and can’t figure out the steampunk.

    • And the coffee is good, but not really that outstanding compared to what’s available all over the place these days.

    • The space is beautiful and the coffee is good, but I agree it’s not outstanding. I still think that Peregrine makes the most consistently delicious coffee and espresso drinks in the area, even though I usually pick more convenient places to get coffee on most days. I also find Compass Coffee to be a lot more inviting than both La Colombe and Peregrine, and they actually have space to sit down and stay a little while.

    • I’ve always thought the service was quick, but maybe I’ve gotten lucky or go at different times. Although I have to say Frenchie’s pastries are the big draw for me.

      • +1. I’ve never had any problems with the service and I go pretty often. But I also order some of their most standard drinks, so maybe that makes a difference?

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