Kitty’s Saloon soft opens bringing “Contemporary Redneck Cuisine” to H Street

1208 H Street, NE

Thanks to @joejoinerjr for tweeting us word last night:

“@PoPville kitty’s saloon is now open. Haven’t tried it out but just walked by”

Yesterday they wrote on their facebook page:

“Join us tonight for our Friends and Family Soft Opening. Doors open at 5pm. Enjoy our fully stocked bar and free small plates off our menu for tasting. Check us out!”

and previously we learned:

“The Atlas District welcomes Chef J. Scott Webster and his newest venture, Kitty’s Saloon! Come enjoy some southern inspired Contemporary Redneck Cuisine.”

This is the former Souk space which closed back in Nov. 2012, located between Queen Vic and Vendetta.

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  • As someone who grew up in a redneck family, what exactly constitutes “redneck” cuisine? And how does one make it “contemporary”? Stop this madness.

  • I’m so glad H Street exists, to concentrate the saloons and vape lounges and skeeball bars in one place, far away from me.

  • Finally a place i can call home!

  • While I don’t quite have high hopes for the food based off the description alone, I am looking forward to having a place to go enjoy country music.

  • Is there a menu for this place anywhere? I’m also very interested to find out what “contemporary redneck” food is. Hate to say it but I’m pretty skeptical seeing that the word small pataes has already been mentioned but maybe the menu will prove me wrong.

  • Im guessing biscuits, fried okra, 8 types of beans, porky stuff…. I guess kind of like KBC (which I lurrrve!)

    • justinbc

      Since this site apparently won’t let me link to City Paper, here’s an excerpt from their chat with the chef:

      The Southern/country menu will include dishes like roasted squab perloo (a rice dish like a jambalaya), bison short rib, fried bologna sliders with chow chow relish, fried catfish and grits, alligator sausage with creole mustard, pickled eggs, and that rattlesnake chili (which also incorporates smoked brisket). Conn says he also has a mini obsession with north and west African spices, so his meatloaf, for example, incorporates cinnamon-stewed tomatoes. “My spice rack is just insane,” Conn says. “I just like to be able to dance anywhere I want to dance with the flavors.”

      There’s also some lighter fare like a seared endive salad with manchego cheese, piquillo peppers, and lime vinaigrette or a wedge salad with fried pepperoni. (OK, maybe not so light.)

      The drink menu will have a lot of whiskeys and bourbons. (Hey, it’s a “saloon.”) Cocktails ($7-$9 )will have a western themed with things like sarsaparilla, and beers will be “all over the map,” Conn says.

      For dessert, look out for a grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich with warm marshmallow dip and concord grape smear.

  • maxwell smart

    Oh I really hope that it’s artisanal, small-plate, locally-sourced, farm-to-table, organic, free-range, microbiotic, gluten-free, family owned, grass-fed, contemporary red-neck cuisine. Because if not, why bother, right?

  • seems like the small plates were for the soft opening only maybe

  • Their website still says “opening Summer 2014” and lists the chef as J. Scott Webster from “Clydes Group”. Y’all might want to hogtie that… web page?

  • There are lots of really strong comments here from people who haven’t even been to the place.

    I went yesterday. The first floor is really nice. They said the second floor will be open in about a month. I really enjoyed watching the street car roll by with the garage door open.

    The service was incredibly polite, and polite. Drink prices were not bad for H St. There were some 10 dollar cocktails (and I think a 6 or 7 dollar bourbon sour), but they also had 3 dollar miller high life — I hope they keep some cheap options at least on the weekdays.

    The food was free yesterday, so I can’t really complain about it. I thought is was okay. They were just small tastings and I only tried two (gumbo with grits and sliders). I will reserve judgement on the food until the full menu and prices come out.

    Overall, 4 out of 5 stars on a first impression. Great job with the lights, decoration, and bar top.

    – Play more country music.
    – Don’t get too cute with the theme food (bologna sliders…)
    – List your beers/prices on the chalk board in the same order they are on the taps

    • “There are lots of really strong comments here from people who haven’t even been to the place.”
      Maybe so, but if a place is going to describe its niche as “contemporary redneck cuisine,” that’s to be expected. If they had chosen “contemporary Southern cuisine,” I think the reactions would be different — and justifiably so.
      This isn’t by chance from the same group that came up with the Red Light and Chaplin’s “concepts,” is it?

      • +1, I think some of us who have been around DC for a little while are growing tired of everybody’s overpriced, “contemporary” takes on various traditional and/or international dishes, which more often than not are mediocre.

    • Emmaleigh504

      gumbo with grits? gag

  • You guys are all spot-on with your criticism. I mean, why can’t someone just open up a Ruby Tuesdays on H St.?

  • This isn’t Redneck. It’s Western. They should just call it country western.

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