JRINK Juicery coming to first floor of Black Whiskey in Logan Circle – Kushi Sushi popping up on the Second Floor

1410 14th Street, NW

A new full time tenant is coming to the first floor of Black Whiskey in November – JRINK. Back in May JRINK opened their first location above GBD in southern Dupont on Connecticut Ave. As for Black Whiskey their eclectic offerings continue – up next Sushi:

“Yes, that’s a sushi case at Black Whiskey! Norris & Co., DC’s finest new catering company, begins it’s pop-up tonight – exclusively offering Kushi sushi. Come hungry and tell your friends. Happy hour 5-7pm. Thanks! BW”

Photo via Black Whiskey’s facebook page

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  • really wish this was a sandwich place. where can i get a decent sandwich

    • Aaaargh!!! Me too! Oddly enough, back in the Spring I was drinking at Black Whiskey and the owner sat down next to me and we proceeded to have a fairly long talk about booze, bars, the neighborhood (I love a block away) and food.. According to him the plan was to open a sandwich shop on the first floor by late summer. Now we get a frickin’ juice bar?!?!?! Are the fools who buy into the myth of juice cleanses so numerous to pay the rent for a juice bar in one of the priciest neighborhoods in DC?!?! Two gelato joints, a juice bar…what I wouldn’t give for some simple, GOOD, to-go food places in Logan. I guess I’ll keep walking over to Bub and Pops, G Street Food, or Beer and Welding for a filling, well-made sandwich.

    • Taylor Gourmet!

  • Perfect spot for them. Very excited about this.

  • Unless they’re making fresh juices, (their Dupont spot is featured already bottled juices), how is this different from hitting up whole foods or sweetgreen?

    FYI there is an actual juice bar up the street (called Press) inside of Bodysmith Gym. Woodland’s on Georgia also has a nice juice bar. These things tend to be pricey, but when you price in ingredients and the time it would have taken to make at home, it’s actually not as bad of a rip-off as it appears.

    • How long does it take to make them at home? Drop in a blender and press a button. There…you have juice. Or, like you said, just got to Whole Foods.

      • prepping, setting up / breaking down juicer (blender much quicker, yes), cleaning up takes nearly an hour in my experience, so just a matter of how much you value that hour.

        • What kind of juicer are you using??? It’s annoying, but it doesn’t take an hour. If you include washing/chopping veggies, it’s 20 minutes max.

        • An HOUR? That’s only a credible time estimate if you’re factoring in the time it takes to travel and harvest the fruits.

          • It’s similar to dinner, which you can cook in 20 minutes max, but some things take longer than that.

          • No. It’s not like dinner. You’re not cooking anything. The things that take the longest involve peeling, washing, and trimming, such as beets. Unless you’re peeling them with a plastic knife, there is only so much time that could take.

          • dude there is no right answer here. each process is different – just trying to saw it can be time consuming to make these things. jah!

  • So, Darren Norris (owner of Kushi and Black Whiskey) is selling Kushi sushi under the name of his own catering company at his own bar? Is that really a pop-up? Sadly, it sounds like the death rattle of Black Whiskey. Selling pre-made sushi at a bar that no one would expect to find high-end sushi doesn’t seem like it will exactly draw a surge of new patrons…though I’d love to be proven wrong. For all its faults, I like Black Whiskey, but it’s often very, very empty on weeknights. Granted, if you’re just looking for a quiet laid-back place to enjoy a glass of whiskey and some conversation then that’s not a bad thing, but it can’t help their bottom line. From the get-go the place has downscaled its offerings, from the number of whiskeys to eliminating the carving station. And yet, I love the interior, they play good music, the crowd is usually laid-back and friendly, and I love the fact that they have a full size pool table…which is free. Churchkey has increasingly turned into a place where Arlingtonians are packed in like sardines most nights of the week and I’ve never liked Stoneys’ food, music, beer selection, prices, and its pre-fabbed “neighborhood pub” identity. Longstanding name notwithstanding it has all the charm of an Applebees. Black Whiskey is the only bar in Logan I really ever have any desire to go to, but I do wonder how much longer it will be around.

    • good points and agreed on the vibe there. wish this area had a $3 beer offering…not everyone is trying to get down on the latest craft scene.

    • +1

      I share an alley with Churchkey, and I like it. But it isn’t easy to just “pop in for a sneaky pint” after a certain time on most days

  • Awesome news – their juices are delicious!

  • Part of the problem with Black Whiskey is it never really figured out how to use its space. Sounds like this place is going to shut down soon.

    • also, they can’t make a damn drink. They have a few people behind the bar that were hired for reasons that have nothing to do with the work hired for. I recently received a Manhattan with coke in it from a young lady who must be a part time magician, because I have no idea how she fit in her clothes.

      • half the bartenders there will make you a fantastic New York Sour, and the other half will have no idea how to make one.

        • Agreed. There is at least one guy there who knows what he’s doing, but the talent level has dropped precipitously since opening. They had a decent staff at the start (though one guy was arrogant, useless, whiskey-ignorant, and mostly interested in trying to look cool behind the bar) but I think the lack of customers (and tips) resulted in heavy turnover after a few months.

  • clevelanddave

    I’ve just never really gotten the concept. Antiques in the window. A “juicer” at a bar called Black Jack. Sushi. Carving stations. Black velvet drapes so you can’t see inside. Just all kinda toys with missing parts here ya know?

  • the thread neatly encapsulates what’s wrong with Logan–no decent place for a sandwich or, for lunch. Instead we have crappy, overpriced Eatwell places, lousy Mexican and crappy Chinese (except for our stellar Szechuan).

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