Uber: “It’s just $30 for 15 minutes of kitten snuggles and every dollar from your visit is donated directly to the participating shelter”

From Uber:

“Today is National Cat Day – the cutest day of the year. We’ve teamed up with Cheezburger and the ASPCA® for a second year to bring you kittens… literally.

Austin, Chicago, DC, New York*, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle—break out all the warm fuzzy feelings and get ready to go “awwwwww” with #UberKITTENS!


Open your Uber app between 12 pm & 4 pm.
Request the “KITTENS” option in your app. In NYC or DC? Enter promo code kittensnyc or kittensdc to unlock the option in your app.
Once the kittens arrive, you and your friends will get to enjoy 15 minutes of kitten cuteness! PRO TIP: Make sure to have an enclosed space purrrfect for playtime! In New York City, kittens can only be delivered to offices.
The best part? In most cities, kittens are eligible for adoption.

It’s just $30 for 15 minutes of kitten snuggles and every dollar from your visit is donated directly to the participating shelter in your city! In most cities, you’ll also have the option of adopting that little furball you’ve almost certainly fallen in love with. Just ask the local shelter rep assisting with your kitten delivery.

Keep in mind we expect demand for UberKITTENS to be VERY HIGH in all cities, so your patience is appreciated. We’ll do our best to deliver as many kitten cuddles as possible!”

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  • so it turns out that the DCTC was really protesting restrictions on adorable kitties in taxis.

  • ThunderCheese

    Oh yes, cats love new places and new people. And traveling in a cat carrier in a car.

    Kitten snuggling? Kitten eviscerating is more like it. Pro tip– wear long protective gloves and a fencing mask.

    • Exactly. And willingness to snuggle depends on the kitten liking you, which is certainly not guaranteed. And will Uber also be bringing litter boxes?

  • surge pricing means that kitten snuggles will more likely cost $400 per 15 minutes during rush hour and does not include the $1 safe passenger fee

  • I wonder if anyone consulted the cats on this? It’s hard to imagine that many cats from a shelter who will be willing to cuddle and play with multiple rounds of people for 15 minute increments. It’s also hard to imagine this happening in most NYC offices. I hope Uber is well insured, and that people have kept their tetanus shots up to date.

    • They’re cat in need of adoption, and they’re likely not getting handled any more frequently than they do at an adoption event. The whole thing lasts 4 hours, and it’s likely WHS is swapping cats out fairly frequently. It’s not like there’s a shortage of them.
      I think it’s a nice idea for a once-a-year fundraiser/adoption event.

  • This is such a bad idea. I’m sure the cats will love getting handled by various people. If they scratch you while handling I’m sure you’re on your own. Uber’s TOS already make it clear that anything happens while you’re in a jitney cab you’re taking full responsibility.

  • rawr. lots of snark on here this morning. y’all, this is supposed to be fun and benefits shelters. I don’t even like cats but petting a kitten sounds sort of nice for a Wednesday…

    • +1 (except I like cats).
      I did wonder about the potential pitfalls… but Uber’s D.C. partner is apparently the Washington Humane Society, so presumably they’re only bringing the kittens who’ve proven themselves to be friendly and unfazed by new situations, car rides in carriers, etc.

    • On my part, it wasn’t intended as snark but genuine concern — both for the cats and for the people. It sounds like a great idea, and a cute way to promote adoption. And I’ve often wished for a temporary pet to pet. But I’m also imagining the fallout if someone’s kid gets seriously scratched by a stressed out kitty,

  • Dumb idea. Either a non-cat person or a complete idiot thought this one up. I get gimmicks, but gimmicks that harm animals are plain stupid and should be condemned. Cats, more than dogs, do not like change, disruptions to routine, etc. This will be stressful for them, and I’m skeptical that the benefits will come close to justifying this.

    • Well, the kittens were already spoken for within minutes of the offer going live at noon. So I think they WILL get the benefit they seek. As for whether or not it’s justified, well… some kittens will get stressed out, and will, without exception, survive the experience. The WHS will get a huge (for them) amount of money they can use to make better lives for lots of animals. I personally would call that justified. But reasonable people may disagree.

      • This is good to hear that they were already adopted. The idea still makes me nervous, though. But as a contributor to WHS, I’m going to trust they were careful and were acting in the animals’ best interest. More money for rescue efforts is good, but I hope everyone is taking every precaution and thinking through all possible consequences.

        • I think the above poster was saying that the slots for the Uber’s kitten-procurement service were all taken, not that the kittens themselves had all been adopted.

    • Adult cats yes. Kittens are completely different.

  • Kittens usually are pretty happy with a warm chest and cuddles…adult cats are more of a problem. I am sure WHS will be bringing ones that are well socialized ones that don’t mind being worshipped by their human slaves. Lighten up popville crowd….kittens=cuteness overload=much needed funds for WHS and a few adoptions along the way.

  • All proceeds donated to the Washington Humane Society
    Uber will match donations made through the Uber app up to $10,000!

    This is a great idea. The cats probably won’t enjoy this, but an underfunded humane society would be far less enjoyable.

  • I’ve read about some big conferences teaming up with local shelters to provide “puppy petting” during the conference. I’ve always wondered about the logistics of it, but admit a puppy snuggle in the middle of the day would be awfully nice.

  • I wonder what the barriers are to running a cat cafe, like the ones in Japan that are so popular. I hear there’s a new one in London that has a wait list.
    Maybe that’s my dream job. Eccentric proprietress of Washington DC’s premier cat cafe.

    • If you’re serious, that’s a great offer! I have a few friends that let me sit on their porches and pet their doggies, which I really appreciate!

      • I’m totally serious! The sooner I get these gals a home, the sooner I can take in some others. Right now on Petfinder there are 9,670 adoptable cats within 100 miles of DC, 2,064 of which are little kittens. Come cuddle – email me at vicmck at gmail .

    • Those kitties are BEAUTIFUL!

    • Ahh the first photo of the tail wrapped around the face! I seriously want to play w/ kittens 24/7 but I can’t adopt one. Are you looking to just socialize them a bit?

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