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  • That joint has had a creepy and weird history, but it was also a great place to hang out at one time.

    • Good for them. However, as a neighbor, I hope they do a better job at managing the noise on their sidewalk tables (or have no tables at all), particularly after midnight. We’re happy to work with management but not afraid to call the cops if necessary.

      • Eric, everyone has a right to reasonable peace and quiet especially after midnight but noise is a constant in these areas and you chose to live in a nightlife district that has had bars since at least the 1940’s it’s you who should learn tolerance and adapt and not attempt to destroy the nightlife on some control freak power trip.

  • I just want that “flamenco show” sign to be true again.

  • yes, they got new owners and should be opening any day. they were supposed to do renovations, and the original re-open date was october 1. not sure what it has been pushed back to now.

  • I hope you can still get $8 pitchers of PBR or $10 Yuengling. DuPont/Logan need a tavern. hopefully the ANC assholes won’t force it to pretend to be a restaurant to placate the young families who insist on moving into a nightlife neighborhood infiltrate the alcohol contr board and complain of noise and public urination. Deal with it and give me back my dive bar!

  • Townhouse reopened on Halloween. Downstairs is cleaner with a fresh coat of white paint and new laminate floors. Smells better, but smell not completely gone. It is a Pakistani menu. More changes to come upstairs I hear.

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