House of the Day (and one of my favorite pieces of stained glass)


From the Crestwood/16th Street Heights border but make no mistake this home is most definitely located in CRESTWOOD!!! Ed. Note: It still feels like 16th Heights to me when I’m walking around there 🙂




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  • Not to be too nit picky but this is in Crestwood.

    • That’s like starting a sentence by saying “not to be a jerk, but…” – you’re still being a jerk.

  • Indeed, Dan — this house is located on the west side of 16th Street, and south of Colorado — meaning that it is in Crestwood, not 16th Street Heights. I too love this house and have often lamented to myself that it appears to be quite rundown on the exterior. I can imagine the costs of restoration would be quite high, but really hope that the present owners somehow could begin the process — slowly if necessary, but at least start..

  • brookland_rez

    I love Tudors and this one has potential, but the house/yard sure look like they need a lot of work.

  • justinbc

    Wow, fantastic. Tudor is my favorite style, and this one is a beauty!

  • I too love this house. Every time I pass it I wonder who lives there and what their story is. It definitely needs some restoration but I imagine the costs of owning it are pretty high. . .

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