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  • justinbc

    2 kinds of brick, fake stone, and cinder blocks all on one small wall. Any idea what the before wall was like?

    • Same observation. No matter how sleek the porch roof, window and front door (all mismatched) are, it overall looks pretty messy to me.

    • The wall hasn’t changed. They re-sized the openings for the larger windows but haven’t yet refinished the wall. Someday?

  • I love this house too iv noticed it many times passing by 🙂

  • Wow, huge upgrade from before. It’s all relative, but this is nice. Thanks for posting these good ideas.

    Yes – some paint or stucco would hide that ugly fake stone at the bottom course.

  • Hi! This is our house. Thanks for the props x2. One of our first goals when starting fixing it up was to make the facade uniform but then renovation fatigue and budgetary trauma made us stop here for now. You should come inside next time!

  • I like the awning. I’ve never heard of a chain link gutter substitute until now. Does it work well, and who installed it?

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