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  • Awesome pick!

    Porch roofs are always amazing to look at

  • Isn’t it a bit odd that the front door is neither lined up with the front stairs, nor is it centered on the front porch? Not a big deal, just seems a bit peculiar.

  • justinbc

    I’ve always wondered why more porches didn’t have that upper portion, it seems like such a relatively easy add-on.

    • One perspective: I’ve considered adding one above my porch, but I’d also have to add a door in the brick wall so I could access it. And then I think, would I really use it any more than I use the front porch? Probably not. Maybe it would be good for the resale value of my house, but that’s off in the future and I can better use the money now for other things (house-related or otherwise.) If I had spare cash (is there such a thing?) lying around I might go for it.

      • Yeah, that was pretty much my train of thought on the subject too. For me, the only real advantage of an upper front porch vs. the regular front porch would be that I could take my laptop out there without having to bring it with me if I needed to pop back inside for a moment.

      • My guess is that you might also need to reinforce the porch ceiling in order to hold the weight of multiple people using it as a balcony. So yeah, more money.

  • Lining up the door with the stairs would cause the basement window and the window to the left of the door to be relocated. The designer must have chosen function over form.
    One reason you don’t see 2nd story porches is the railings are exposed to weather and have to be repaired from time to time . Many owners will remove them instead of doing the repairs. Too bad.

  • It’s actually even prettier inside. I used to rent there until recently. The owner was waiting for his youngest to graduate from HS, before taking the house back from the five of us who rented. Here are a few shots I took when I was subletting my room.


  • I’ve lived in Mt. Pleasant for almost 20 years. There are a lot of these above-the-porch outdoor spaces and I think I’ve seen people on them maybe twice. They are simply never used, probably because they rarely have doors (you have to climb out the window), and also the porch below is invariably a more pleasant space.

    • That’s exactly how we felt when we lived here. We even put chairs up on the top porch, but I think we only used it two or three times in the two years I lived in this house. The downstairs has the shade and you can people watch.

      Still, we had a door sized window, so it wouldn’t be hard for an owner to swap that out with a door.

      • For what it’s worth, we have an upper porch, and we use it all the time. We love to eat dinner or have a glass of wine out there in the evenings. We have a door, so perhaps that’s why we use it more? In the middle of the day, when the sun is hot in summer, we use the lower porch, but we typically prefer the upper porch the rest of the time. Far fewer bugs, too! And beautiful views of the moon and night sky.

  • Beautiful Lamont house. That street is just fantastic. Although, I am always surprised by how few homes make use of their upper porch. It’s a huge addition of space to a home, and not to knock the main level porch, but a second level porch does add a different experience to the home. On a second level porch you get a slight breeze to keep bugs away and a better view of the street, people passing by, and of course the evening sky.

  • I’m not that surprised that people don’t use their upper porches – people frankly don’t use their existing front porches enough in this town! Use em!

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