Honeycomb Grocery from Toki Underground’s Chef Erik Bruner-Yang opens in Union Market

1309 5th Street, NE

From a press release:

“Chef Erik Bruner-Yang introduces a new local grocery, Honeycomb, located at Union Market in Washington, DC. Honeycomb’s offerings include locally sourced produce, homemade sauces and ferments such as nuoc cham, hoisin, kombucha, and kimchi, plus an array of Asian goodies not limited to snacks, candies, and condiments. Look for the beautiful Honeycomb packaging and sleek wooden storefront, located in the back of the market, to the left of Harvey’s.

Open Tuesday-Sunday

Ed. Note: We previously spoke about Toki’s ramen pop up at Union Market here.

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  • I love everything about Union Market but the prices, which are simply obscene. It’s a fun place to take out of town guests once in a while, though.

    • i see this complaint a lot, but i frequent union market and i don’t really get it. red apron and harvey’s both have high-quality, very reasonably priced meat. the vendors like the empanada stand, dc dosas and takorean, are selling their stuff for the same price they sell it on the trucks (or in dc dosa’s case at the foggy bottom WF), i believe. the cheese place is pricey but it’s also very high-quality cheese. salt & sundry is an expensive, high-end home goods store, yeah. but i never walk out feeling like i was ripped off by anyone (except maaaybe buffalo & bergen, but i’m just not into soda.)

  • saf

    “Ferments” is not a noun.

    • Noun ferment (plural ferments)
      Something, such as a yeast or barm, that causes fermentation.
      A state of agitation or of turbulent change.  [quotations ▼]
      A gentle internal motion of the constituent parts of a fluid; fermentation.  [quotations ▼]
      A catalyst.

      (admittedly, none of these definitions apply to Kimchee, but I’m feeling obstreperous today).

  • We definitely need more good Asian grocers in the district, but as much as I like Bruner-Yang, I fear their offerings will be excessively overpriced, like just about everything else at Union Market.

  • What we really need is Korean BBQ and Ramen options in Petworth/On Georgia Avenue.

    Get to work on this instead guys… Thanks in advance!

  • i went saturday. this Honeycomb market is Tiny. also, there is no sign, just like Toki.

  • We need an H Mart in this new “market district.” Can you hear me, Edens?

  • I stepped in this weekend, not knowing what it was. I was disappointed that none of the items in the fridge had prices on them. So I left.

  • Does this mean Maketto is officially dead?

  • I agree re wanting an H Mart in the District. I am tired of going to Virginia for their H Mart. I also like the fact that H Mart stocks Latin goods, not just East Asian – really useful. I will be excited to check out Honeycomb. I don’t mind paying a little more for house-made or for non-mass-produced/non-gratuitous chemical- and MSG-laden sauces and Asian groceries from a place close by, but I also agree with others that if prices become too high, patronage at Honeycomb and Union Market will dry up. Please, please can Honeycomb sell some nice Asian mangoes (think variety “R2E2”), some fresh lychees (not canned), some jackfruit (great for cooking vegetarian dishes) and real/freshly made BBQ pork. Delicious. 🙂

  • I stopped by Honeycomb this past weekend and I’m really excited about the possibilities for this little market. The woman working there told me that numerous people seemed confused that they weren’t selling any prepared foods. Personally, I think that Union Market has enough prepared food options. What they need more of are “market” options, where you can actually purchase high quality ingredients for the home cook. Honeycomb is a step in the right direction.

    They just opened, so I expect their offerings will grow in the coming months. I was able to pick up fresh ramen noodles, freshly made buns (to be steamed at home with whatever fillings), housemade tonkatsu sauce, and housemade gochujang (pardon my misspelling – korean chili paste). These are all items I could find at H Mart, but all would be mass-produced versions. These were all made by the Honeycomb folks.

    About the cost – I can echo previous comments that not everything was priced. On shelf, goods were priced. In the fridge, they were not. This is a simple fix that they will likely address as they get up and running. But two jarge jars of housemade sauces, two large portions of fresh ramen noodles, and 6 fresh buns came to just over 20 bucks. May be more expensive than hmart, but not by much. I was happy with the experience and will be excited to go back.

    They had interesting produce that I’ll explore more (dragonfruit, black garlic, etc.) and they were making their own fish sauce.

  • Sadly, there is almost no chance of an H Mart ever locating inside the District. We’re losing grocery stores to more profitable development already, like the Safeways in Tenleytown and the Palisades.

    • Correction: We’re losing crappy grocery stores like Safeways in Tenleytown and the Palisades. On the other hand, decent supermarkets have opened in Adams Morgan, Swampoodle (I can’t bring myself to call it NoMA), and soon Navy Yard. In addition, smaller stores like the Trader Joe’s on 14th have opened up. There’s no reason a grocery store can’t turn a profit — those examples you cite are small, outdated, poorly-run stores that had no chance of being renovated into competitive locations.

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