Ground Breaks for 20 Unit 2 bed/2 bath condos coming to 14th and Quincy St, NW (with 7-11 retail)

14th and Quincy St, NW

From a press release:

“DC’s hot real estate market is going to sizzle now that Zusin Development’s (Zusin) and Sivan Properties’ latest residential and retail project in North Columbia Heights has broken ground. Located at 14th and Quincy Streets, NW, this 30,000 SF building combines 3,000 SF of ground-floor retail and four levels of residential space. Zusin turned to CORE, a prominent Georgetown-based architecture firm with award-winning residential and retail/hospitality design practices, to create their latest project.

“We always enjoy working with the Zusin team,” said CORE principal Dale Stewart. “On this project, we are glad to be designing a building that brings much-needed 2-bedroom 2-bathroom units, affordable housing, and flexible retail space to this flourishing DC neighborhood.” CORE previously designed the renovation of 433 Massachusetts Avenue, NW for Zusin.

14th and Quincy Street’s 20 units all have two bathrooms and an in-unit washer/dryer. Residents will share a well-appointed lobby, a roof deck, indoor bicycle storage, as well as underground and surface-level parking. Specific interior design finishes will be finalized later in the construction process.

“The design is a blend of modern aesthetic and traditional materials on a prominent corner lot. We hope its understated simplicity adds value to the architectural fabric of the neighborhood and the retail base provides additional convenience for its residents,” said CORE’s project architect Christopher Peli. “We’ve also included a commercial kitchen hood exhaust shaft through the building in case Zusin has a small restaurant tenant in the future. It’s important to make new-build retail space flexible so that future renovation costs are minimal.”

14th and Quincy Street will have a primarily red-brick exterior with striking floor-to-ceiling glassy, cantilevered bay windows that will maximize views across the city. The building’s main entry and residential bays are accented with rich, dark bronze-colored aluminum panels. A glass canopy shelters the recessed residential entry, which is also surrounded with terraced landscaping.

“Every time we work with CORE, we appreciate that they listen to what we want to do – then guide us through DC’s complex zoning and building process to a successful result,” said Zusin Development’s president Ilya Zusin. “Their deep understanding of how DC works cannot be underestimated.”

CORE is working with Maddox Engineers & Surveyors (Civil), Rathgeber Goss Associates (Structural), and Capitol Engineering Group (MEP) to complete construction of the 14th and Quincy Street project.”

Rendering of 3707 14th St, NW courtesy of CORE

Formerly C&K Motel half demoed:


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  • “DC’s hot real estate market is going to sizzle now that Zusin Development’s (Zusin) and Sivan Properties’ latest residential and retail project in North Columbia Heights has broken ground.”

    Why does this sound like a Stefon bit from SNL?

  • a 7-11? Really?

  • It’s a brown condo building. Clearly at the forefront of architecture.

  • Why? WHYYYYY? A 7-11? it’s like a magnet for the worst of the worst
    Not to mention the smell

  • I can’t imagine buying a condo over a 7-11. Renting, maybe. But the 7-11 in any neighborhood, no matter how nice, is the epicenter of a shitshow in the middle of the night about three nights a week. How can the payout to the developer from selling the retail condo to 7-11 possibly offset the losses they’ll take on the residential units?

    • Did the developer not take this into account? NO ONE will live above a 7-11. Thats ludicrous.

    • I’ve lived just up the block from the 7-Eleven at 17th & R for almost 15 years and cannot remember there being any ‘shitshow’ there ever, much less three nights a week, in all that time. And the condos in the building above it, the Admiral Dupont, seem to be maintaining their value. Sure things can happen, but just the presence of a 7-Eleven doesn’t guarantee the doom of a neighborhood. It probably helps that the 17th Street 7-Eleven doesn’t have a license to sell alcohol.

  • While a 7-11 isn’t ideal, development is. Right now, development is condensing the space that the hooker on the corner of 14th & Spring (and her shady entourage that loiter along the block south of 14th & Spring) have to operate. Nothing else is going to bounce these folks out, with their drugs and their bullshit. I’m tired of scraping the condoms and drug baggies off of my driveway. The police are useless. I’ve called them 50 times to lodge complaints and request they patrol my alley – nothing. Again, development seems to be the only viable solution to cleaning the place up, even if the cost is a 7-11. Also, I’m looking forward to a different variety of trash strewn about my block and front yard – far too many Heineken bottles and Steel Reserve cans. Now I’m gonna get Redbull and taquito shits all over the place.

  • A 7-11 is a step in the wrong direction. We don’t need it or want it. Any other retail or would be better. This is not good news. I was hoping for something better to develop out of this. This will not get rid of the riff raff – it will only make them more comfortable here. This will only bring more trouble. I really doubt there are very many who live here that want this. Is there a way to protest this ?

  • Another 7-11? I’m excited for new retail, but why 7-11? There’s one a block and a half away up Georgia and rumor had it there was one coming into the recently sold Park apt complex where Dunkin Donuts and Wells Fargo were to be added next to Subway and Sala Thai. Last thing this area needs is more loitering spots near the metro, 7-11’s don’t attract the best of crowds. Wells Fargo, Dunkin Donuts, 7-11…starting to sound like Columbia Heights.

  • The Zusin team has done a real great job in the neighborhood! I love when they leave trash all over the site. The way that they used one of their trucks to break a brick wall of an already existing house was just awesome!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • So is the 7-11 confirmed anyway?

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