GDoN? “Vintage Bungelow” edition

2735 Macomb Street Northwest

This house is located at 2735 Macomb Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Vintage Bungelow 2 blks to Cleveland Pk Metro I blk to library, shops, dining. Estate~1st time on market in 40+ yrs.Garage + driveway.Big screened porch + front porch. AS-IS.This grand home has plenty of space inside to create beauty to your heart’s delight. Price reflects work needed. Huge artist’s attic could be fantastic master suite w/full bath.Offers Tuesday eve,if writing. Paragon title plz.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/ 1 full bath/2 half bath is going for $899,000.

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  • Well, the listing agent certainly bungled the spelling of “bungalow.”

  • Seems a tad expensive, no? I mean, the inside needs tons of work. Were those florescent lights I saw?

    • It needs a lot of work, but it’s in a prime location where single-family detached houses easily go for $1M-$2M and up. Depending on the square footage, it might actually be underpriced, not overpriced.

    • I think the price is about right.

      That portion of Macomb (i.e., east of Conn Ave) is not particularly desirable for single family homes. It’s one of about 6 single family homes amongst a ton of apartments and condos. So, I think it loses the Cleveland Park single family vibe that so many pay through the nose for.

  • This looks like a good candidate for a gut renovation. Even with an additional 150-200k of work, this still might be a good deal for the location, and the new owner could make the place exactly what /she would like it to be.

  • Pretty underpriced, even in its current state. It’s $370 SF in a neighborhood where houses in good condition sell for $600 SF. Add in proximity to metro, local schools and someone will buy this and just renovate and flip.

  • justinbc

    Vintage and unkempt should not be synonymous.

  • Needs work, obviously, but it looks like you could move in and renovate as you go. Seems like fixed up this would be worth well north of $1 million easy. Yeah, I get that this is the other side of Connecticut from most of the neighborhood but the elementary is the same and you’re still in a SFH a block and a half from the red line, so it’s still a pretty tremendous location.

  • It is really impossible to know, until one knows the scope of the work that needs to be done, i.e., does it need total new electrical and plumbing, or structural work?

    If not, and it is relatively habitable as it, it would be a good deal. Not being in the single-family-heavy part of the neighborhood is somewhat made up for by being really near to the shops and restaurants on the nearby strip and metro (which, let’s face it, a lot of the neighborhood isn’t that close) and being on a really quiet street with no thru traffic – it is just a loop off Conn Ave. for those you live there, and those who think they may find parking back there.

    Preferred method of restoring these by people who like old houses is NOT to “gut,” which, when used correctly, means tearing out wall and everything down to the studs – it means instead preserving the plaster walls (so preferable to modern drywall), even when redoing the electric and plumbing, and even if one opens up a wall or two to increase room size and improve traffic flow.

  • Eaton/Deal/Wilson in-boundary. It’s probably already sold.

  • You might not have many neighbors, but one of them would be artist Bill Christenberry, which would be neat. A hidden treasure of Cleveland Park.

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