GDoN? “stunning transformation” edition

4209 Illinois Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 4209 Illinois Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“A stunning transformation of this Petworth rowhouse ideally located off Grant Circle. Thoughtfully designed, this house offers 2,560 sq ft of living with a separate entertaining space on the main floor, fully finished lower level with wet bar, urban oasis backyard and parking. For technology lovers, the house features a 5 zone sound system, video intercom and Nest Learning Wi-Fi Thermostat.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $749,500.

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  • I don’t think this made it to the MRIS for long… I don’t recall seeing it on my personal search, or even really seeing the place completed with a sign out front… I think I do recall a “coming soon” sign out front of it though. Looks like a WSD property?

    Not bad, but square footage can be so misleading these days because some people count the basement and some people do not. That’s a great location though, I love Grant Circle.

  • justinbc

    Given the weather out, can we go all of next week highlighting houses that actually have some color in/on them other than gray? o_O They’re all started to look pretty much the same…

    • It seems like Developers are using color schemes to classify them by the year they were developed in… Last years color was canary yellow, now it’s all grey… Next year may be brown? hah.

    • Yes! I was just thinking that DC must be getting close to a shortage of gray paint. Enough already!

      • justinbc

        It’s just hard for me to equate stunning with monotone. They made it so boring that the swirly rug on the floor now excites you!!!!1111

      • west_egg

        I feel like we’ve started shifting from gray to blue in some cases. (And I’ve seen a few grayish-blues–we don’t wanna stray too far from the template!)

    • They sell well; otherwise developers wouldn’t do it. Mounting a boar’s head over the doorway might be interesting to a few people, but not enough (in the DC market anyway) to make it a smart financial move. Just like painting a house black and red…

      • justinbc

        I realize the economic aspect of it, and I’m not questioning the results. I’m asking, for a site which can pick which properties to highlight, to maybe showcase some that have a bit more design flair to them than the standard flipper roll-out.

        • Draw the parallel. There are probably more of us on this site who prefer neutral tones to bold tones. Despite the weather.

          • One could just as easily argue that on a site like this, especially on these particular GDoN posts, that there are probably more of us that prefer bold unique tones to the monotonous ones.

          • Nah, I think Anonymous is right. There’s a reason that painting and staging are usually done in neutral colors.

          • justinbc

            Again, I don’t doubt that anonymous or textdoc are correct in that more people, whether they are readers of this site or not, probably prefer what I would consider a boring design palette. My OP was simply asking for a 1 week reprieve from seeing them (as it’s been a LOT lately) to focus on some of the more unique things out there, then we can all go back to falling asleep at our keyboards. Yesterday’s house in Brooklyn was a nice example of something a little different.

          • justinbc

            *Brookland rather, I need to get out of here.

        • Unfortunately it seems like the only houses being sold are being sold by flippers and they all stage the same way. Of course that could just be the choices for the posts that make it seem that way.

          There are always the house porn posts…..

    • Ehh, I don’t think the various neutral colors that flippers seem to go for — light gray, light yellow, ivory, light green, etc. — are so bad. I do think it’s kind of obnoxious when they paint a house on a block that was previously all unpainted brick, but otherwise I think it looks nice, especially on houses in the tan color of brick that I have previously characterized as “wan and sickly-looking.”
      For houses in nice red brick, though, I think they are best left unpainted.

      • justinbc

        It’s not just the outside anymore though, look at the inside here, and one at least 2 other properties from this week. It’s not bad, it’s boring.

        • I’d expect them to choose neutral colors for the interiors, although I see what you mean about this one really embracing the gray.
          Me, I prefer neutrals more in the white-to-cream range for interiors. And I think developers would much prefer having 10% of potential buyers saying, “This is so boring! First thing I’m going to do when I move in is to paint the walls dark purple,” rather than to have 90% of potential buyers saying, “Eek! Dark purple in the living room??”

  • It’s easy to paint walls — I like it. Looks like great use of space, nice finishes (although not all my taste), and good location. I say deal.

  • I’m surprised they put in only a wet bar on the ground floor. If it had a full kitchen, it could’ve been a proper “in-law suite,” a.k.a. a not-quite-legal basement rental.

  • This place looks gorgeous; I think it will go for at least list.

    Well done to the developers.

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