GDoN? “steps to restaurants, pubs, street cars, and Whole Foods (opening late 2016)” edition

DC8478893 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1020 11th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Don’t miss this opportunity to live in the vibrant H Street corridor. Recognized by FORBES magazine as “One of the Hippest” neighborhoods in America, you’re steps to restaurants, pubs, street cars, and Whole Foods (opening late 2016). Offering 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 10′ high ceilings, dining room w/fireplace, and full basement -you need look no further! OFFERS MUST BE SUBMITTED B4 5PM OCT 14TH.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $499,900.

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  • Must be haunted. No way this place goes for anything near this little if it’s as advertised.

  • Really is a great location. Would need to put in a lot of cosmetic work, but definitely has really good bones! Good deal.

  • Corner lot in reasonable shape for $500k? I’ll take it. Good deal.

  • Alright developers, get your cash offers ready. Guessing it’ll be split into 2 condos, each going for 5-600k.

  • This place goes for 675k and flip at 960K in February 2015.

  • Good deal. Would bet good money that a majority of RE listings on/near H street use the word “vibrant.” :eyeroll:

  • Well the listers are smart. It got a fresh paint job and the carpets look new, if cheap, and while the kitchen and bath are definitely dated – the rest of the place isn’t. So not knocks on the price for cosmetic issues that many buyers never get past. That will help.

    Saying that – no buyer who wants to live in it and fix it up is going to get a chance at it. I think this was put out there for developers. It is listed low (and not sold directly to a developer) so they could bid the property up.

    • It’s listed low so that it will get a lot of interest. It will get bid up, but not by developers by people who want to live there. Developers need to get a deal to make a profit. Homeowners do not.

  • Gotta love the tag in the photo, every real estate agent’s dream

  • justinbc

    This is on Florida Ave, about 8 blocks from where the Whole Foods will be. It’s technically “steps”, if you choose to walk, but quite a lot of them. It’s also right across from a church that screws up driving around that area every weekend. No idea what the patrons are like to residents. In terms of worth, I would say sure it’s probably worth this amount, but it’s not without its annoyances.

  • The second bathroom is in the basement and kind of nasty. And I will bet there is something wrong like a bad roof that needs replacing. It’s a steal for a developer, though. The place goes for $650K and flips for $975K in six months.

  • I immediately distrust any real estate posting that says “pubs.”

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