GDoN? “Modern meets rustic” edition

32 U Street Northwest

This house is located at 32 U Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Modern meets rustic with this beautifully renovated home – Features high ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/ quartz counters and SS appls. Every turn showcases unique modern finishes and breathtaking charm. Beautiful hardwood floors, along with a flat screen and fireplace makes this THE home to entertain. Also features a finished LL complete with a bedroom, wet bar, ample storage and separate entrances”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $799,900.

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  • That might be just a little high for that stretch of North Cap, but all in all, I really like this place. I appreciate the fact that they actually made some design choices (instead of painting EVERYTHING “flipper gray”) without being too out there. That wood wall in the master is awesome.

    • “That stretch of North Cap”? It’s not on North Cap. It’s halfway down the unit block on U.

    • +1. There are a bunch of thoughtful and slightly offbeat choices here. I love the wood wall and am also into the chalkboard (even though I sort of hate that I’m falling for the obvious “look at me” in the photos). For this price, I think it’s a really good deal.

  • A good deal for Bloomingdale, even without parking or backyard. I live across the street from this and noticed one major flaw: from the street you can see directly into the master bathroom shower stall. Poor planning, I think — even if the problem is fixed with a shade. Also, too much grey inside and out.

  • justinbc

    The HDR, it burns my eyes!

  • I actually love this so so much. I would buy in a heartbeat if I had the money.

  • This should go well over listing I’d think

  • This is refreshingly done without being too crazy different. I like it. I suspect the slightly more ‘affordable’ price is due to its location off of N. Capitol which isn’t awesome

  • The wide plank floors if hardwood are to die for. I just covered up the exposed brick with this same wall treatment in my master bedroom. At least if I ever sell it would be a great surprise if they remove the wood panels.

  • Not much cabinet space in the kitchen. At least one of the tiled shower walls is way too busy/trippy — it looks like an overly busy backsplash, except much bigger.
    Not a fan of the “rustic” wide-plank flooring upstairs — they’re trying to evoke a particular look that this house has never had, and it just doesn’t fit. Also not a fan of the multicolored wood wall in the master bedroom.
    What’s up with the not-tied-down cabling by the electrical (?) box in the front?

  • Love it. I would buy it tomorrow if I were in the market for a house.

  • While this place is gorgeous, I’d expect a bigger kitchen for 800k.

    • Yes! That kitchen has less cabinet space than my one bedroom condo. I really do love this house, sorry Justin, but gray is in, check out Pinterest.
      But for that money I want a WAY better kitchen. If kitchens sell houses, then this is over priced.

      • justinbc

        Perhaps you misunderstand my opinion on the color. I’ve nothing against it, I just put some of it on my own house. I’m just tired of seeing it be the dominant / only color in seemingly 50-75% of the properties showcased here. And if you go back to my only real request about it, it was to just highlight some places that are a bit more unique (without having to be relegated to WWHP status) in that regard. I don’t REALLY care either way, just would be nice to see some variety in the listings.

  • There is nothing objectionable about “that stretch of north Capitol”. It’s quieter than nearby Rhode Island with very few sketch balls. Nearby first st nw at u st is another story.. Big drug corner.

  • I really really love this house, but I honestly do not understand why people pay this much to live in this neighborhood. I live in Takoma. People complain about how far from transit much of Takoma is. Almost all of Takoma is a shorter, easier, and safer walk to the Silver Spring or Takoma metro station and to multiple major bus lines, than this is to anything.

    • This location is steps from at least 2 major bus lines. Not everyone cares about metro access, especially as income climbs. And, this is a much more centrally located neighborhood than Takoma, which is basically a suburb. Not to mention the normal person to dirty hippie ratio is better in Bloomingdale.

      • Ok, “centrally located” in the literal, geographic sense of the term, yet simultaneously within walking distance of virtually nothing. I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I find a lot to like in Bloomingdale, I just don’t understand the value proposition in absolute nor relative terms.

        • justinbc

          Lots of young (and old) people bike around the city now. That’s generally how I gauge distance to almost everything I do. From here I could pretty easily bike over to Shaw, U Street Corridor or Logan Circle, or head across North Capitol and go down to H Street through NoMA.

          • I just tried to post the following in response to AnonX, below, but got the old “You’re posting too quickly” error message. In any event, I also walk to most places that I go, but I just have a different notion of “everything,” perhaps owing to my advanced age, such that, “central location” notwithstanding, this a longer and significantly more convoluted walk or bus or bike or metro ride from just about anywhere I frequent.

          • justinbc

            Well that’s all that really matters then! πŸ™‚

        • I see the same thing when I compare houses in NoVa with equivalent houses in DC. There is a lot of hope built into some of these DC prices. As somebody who grew up in NoVa, I can only think of DC as home of the crack wars. But that was a really long time ago. DC changing fast, these neighborhoods will look very different in ten years.

        • Sorry friend… You are wrong. There are a lot of things in walking distance (northern noma and u st). Biking, and bus. There are about 4-5 restaurants in the neighborhood… Soon to be 7-8.

          • As noted above, I am extremely old. I personally don’t visit U Street, NoMa, and all of the new hipster restaurants more than once in a blue moon. I get that other people do, though. I guess I just haven’t yet come to terms with the relatively recent development of overlap between the universe of people drawn to those sorts of attractions and the universe of people who are actually able to pay $800K for a house (all of the people I know who are actually able to pay $800K for a house are, like me, extremely old, and also, like me, don’t put a premium on proximity to U St, NoMa, and hipster hangouts). I wouldn’t mind living here. I think I’d actually like it quite a bit. Had this actually gone to market rather than being snatched up by a developer with a wad of cash without even having been listed previously, I might have been interested in bidding on it pre-flip (developer paid $300K for it in June). But $800K? I just don’t get it… (I realize it will probably go for more than that. Fine. I just don’t get it.)

      • I’d rather live in Takoma than here. Central is relative given there is not much you would want to walk to or feel safe after dark doing so. It is closer to downtown which could be a shorter commute if biking for some.

    • I’m going to call this a deal. Okay, if you don’t like the gray walls you can paint them. But this price seems well below most renovated houses of this size in this neighborhood. As for the area–to each their own, but the market suggests that this stretch of U/N. Capital is valued pretty highly. (To compare it to Takoma, I think you get a premium for being closer to downtown). Plus, it looks like it’s right off Crispus Atticus park…
      Interested to see what it goes for.

    • If you are cycling or walking this is just closer to most things. Silver spring buses take a longer time to get downtown than if you lived here. Also fewer stops on metro (ny ave station)

      • I am extremely old. I guess I just have a different universe of things, such that for me, this is not closer to most thing.

    • This is much, much closer to downtown offices than Takoma – both by bus or on foot. Most people who work in NoMA, near Union Station, or downtown east of 16th Street could commute on foot on nicer days. And it’s very close to all of the bars and restaurants popping up in Shaw. I’d pay more to live here than I would to live in Takoma.

      • I can see paying more to live in Bloomingdale than I actually did pay for my house in Takoma, but that is very different from paying prevailing Bloomingdale prices to live in Bloomingdale. N.B. Tax records show that the developer paid $300K for this house in June. Had this been put up for sale on the open market rather than sold to a developer pre-market for a wad of cash, I would have been quite happy to buy it, fix it up, and live in it, for a grand total of probably a bit less than half of what this will sell for now. I have nothing against Bloomingdale, I just don’t get the value proposition at prevailing prices.

        • If this had been listed you wouldn’t have been able to grab it for 3. Would have been bid up to 4-5, unrenovated.

          • I realize that, and I am ok with that. I bought an unrenovated house in Takoma for less than $300K and I am content. Just saying, I don’t dislike Bloomingdale, I just don’t like it $800K worth.

  • It’s a shame that gas and electric meters have to be so ugly and awkwardly placed. They look like warts on a lot of nice houses.

  • I’m renovating my own house on this block and there are a few other renovations currently underway on this street. They’ve done a great job and, while it is on the small side, this project is selling at just the right time. Interested to see what it goes for.

  • 15/119 – Borderline basic? My basic bitch qualities include loving Mean Girls, Bridget Jones Diary, Love Actually ( and watching it every Christmas), eating Chipotle, wearing leggings, and getting into drunken arguments. Oh, and I have bought something I hated just because it was designer, but I haven’t done that in a long time!

  • That kitchen is a real deal breaker as previous posters have mentioned. Hopefully the seller finds someone who doesn’t like to cook, maintain a yard, and doesn’t own a car. There are actually many prospective buyers that meet this description, so I’d say it goes slightly over asking.

    • justinbc

      I really don’t see what’s so wrong with the kitchen. I might like maybe one more cabinet for storing plates, but I would totally be fine with that size, and I cook a lot of pretty elaborate meals.

      • I agree that it’s not bad. It’s a kitchen with enough counter space to have a couple of things going, but you won’t have to spend a lot of time walking from one place to another.
        Mark Bittman or the Smitten Kitchen would kill for a kitchen this big!!

  • WOW! I love it, its a little different from most of the flips I’ve seen lately. If I could afford this place and didn’t need a car I would buy it.

  • i really hope this gets a GDON

  • What does gdon stand for ?

  • Am really over the reclaimed faux rustic modern look. IT’s completely unoriginal at this point – it’s everywhere. The wood paneled wall in the br seems like a waste of perfectly good wood/materials and is also trendy and will seem dated in no time. Same with the engineered hardwood floors. I don’t really see this as having any really original design features – just a copycat of materials that you see everywhere. Don’t really get it. Wonder when the next design trend will surface because this one’s getting stale.

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