GDoN? “floor-to-ceiling windows” edition


This condo is located at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Stunning finishes and contemporary style all in an unbeatable location! Enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows, granite counter tops, steel appliances, + more. Take in the MONUMENT VIEWS from the rooftop deck. OUTDOOR POOL. Walk to multiple Metros, popular restaurants, high-end retail, and more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed+Den/1 Bath with parking is going for $574,900 ($486 monthly fee.)

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  • RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED. don’t even need to see the photos to know that.

    • The parking is very valuable – in that area, the parking is probably work $60k.

      • As a homeowner on 10th with two parking spaces, I can concur. Our agent told us when we bought 10 years ago the spaces were worth $$ and they continue to increase the resale value of our home.

  • Way overpriced. You can get a 2br 2ba with parking in Logan Circle for that amount…

  • Sold for $517,500 back in 2007. Not saying it’s worth the current price but interesting to remember how big the bubble was before.

    • There was no bubble in DC.

      • Yes there was. Not too much of one but there was one. Saying that people may have only noticed if they bought at the peak (2005) and tried to sell after 2007 which is what happened to my neighbor.

      • You just didn’t get hosed.
        The people who originally bought in this building bought at the height of the boom. I know a woman who bought a 1BR in here, lost her job as an architect, then had to sell at a loss a few years ago. Ruined her finances and is likely to never recover. Most apartments in this building were underwater up until earlier this year.

    • It’s important to remember than 517,500 in July 2007 has the same purchasing power as $590, 848 in September 2014 (CPI-U). That same $517,500 invested in the S&P 500 on July 23, 2007 would be worth $647,294. If you applied the increase in average weekly wage in DC from Q3/2007 to Q1/2014 to house prices the house would be worth $639,264 (BLS QCEW/DC/All Establishments)

      So, let’s be frank, the price appreciation of this place over the last 7 years is quite reasonable.

  • This place has pretty nice finishes. City Center is three blocks south, has higher end finishes and a 800 sq ft1 BR starts @ 600k and I doubt it includes parking. The price does not seem that far off.

    If you are not selling a space with some equity that is a big down payment.

  • They call it two bedrooms, but it is one, as the second is a den, as it appears to be windowless from the photos. I do not like to spend time in windowless rooms. Not at a desk. Definitely not when sitting on a sofa reading. And I’d rather have my guests sleep in the living room where they have space and light. So this little “den” to me is more like storage space, perhaps a dressing room, which it may be needed for, depending on how good the closet space is, perhaps a library lined with bookshelves, or a combination of the two.

  • I toured some units in this building when it was new and I was amazed at how spacious they all felt. Really large closets and bathrooms too. I kinda recall popcorn ceilings – which I thought was a minus – but maybe my memory is failing and it is hard to tell from the photos.

    This will probably go for $550-560k

    • The floor plans in here are very large and spacious. Some of the largest 1BR apartments I’ve seen in the city.

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