GDoN? “deeply loved Brookland Bungalow” edition (reader request)

1405 Newton Street Northeast

This house is located at 1405 Newton Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Meticulously renovated and deeply loved Brookland Bungalow. From the house-wide, tree-top front porch to the stunningly renovated kitchen and on to the private backyard oasis, this house is THE ONE you’ve been waiting for. Come see for yourself at the first open house Sunday Oct 5th 1-4 pm. Full house video on Youtube”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $599,000.

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  • Looks like a nice remodel, and it’s pretty close to the metro, but there’s no off street parking, which means you’re dragging groceries and/or kids up all those stairs. At $599K it’s a good deal, but I bet it goes quickly with multiple offers, so you’re going to have to pay at least $625K-$640K for this place.

  • Very cute house! Before googling the address I was going to suggest it’s just a teensy bit overpriced for Brookland (so far! Don’t be mad Brookland defenders, I have no doubt the prices will continue to grow!).
    But, then I saw how close it is to the metro (.5 miles) and now I think maybe it’s priced just right. What a great option for a family!!

    • brookland_rez

      One similarly remodeled house sold for over $700k back in the summer.

      • Yup. There have been a number of recent purchases in Brookland in the $700 and 800k range, so it’s hard to imagine one would think $600k for a remodeled house is high.

  • Me thinks it’ll go for >$650k

  • This seems way under-priced based on the current market in that neighborhood. I think it will go for well over the listed price.

  • I walk and run past this lovely place all the time. Sad to see the For Sale sign up on my Tuesday night run – because I definitely don’t have the down payment for it now! Close to metro and also the little Bunker Hill Park and the Franciscan Monastery.

    It is a steep climb up to the front door, but if I recall correctly, there is an alley running between Monroe and Newton that would provide access to backyard and back door.

  • Cute house, great neighborhood, but those stairs would be a deal breaker, especially with no off-street parking.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I love this house and want those bunk beds!

  • Beautiful house!

  • justinbc

    Very charming house, definitely a good deal at list price.

  • Love it – very “Hollywood Hills-y” (well, by DC standards anyway)

  • Dear Flippers,
    Please see this as an example of how you can have an open floor plan while still having defined spaces.

    • Open but defined is the Craftsman bungalow style as this house is… DC row-houses are not craftsman bungalows.

      • Emmaleigh504

        But they could still be used in a row house. The little archway, the raised kitchen, it’s possible to do these and more in any house to have defined space.

        • Exactly. I’m not crazy about the raised kitchen, but the archway separating the living room from the dining room is the sort of thing the bowling alley flippers should leave in. People who like the total absence of walls always claim they need the “space for entertaining.” But unless you are hosting roller derby in your house, I can’t think of any kind of social gathering that would be negatively impacted by having defined areas, and most would benefit. Even house concerts where you have people sitting in the two different rooms work totally fine with an archway.

        • justinbc

          My kitchen is raised in my row house and it’s f@#%ing annoying. It makes the space feel even more confined, especially when you add in the ductwork for the AC which smashes you from the top. It takes a kitchen that should feel 10 feet tall and makes it only 8.

          • Even without the height issue, I think the raised floor makes the kitchen seem smaller than it is. Not to mention the issue of having to go up and down a step to get dinner on the table. But after seeing all of the houses that have been stripped of anything resembling a divider on the entire ground floor, it was refreshing to see a house that had a pretty open plan but still some sense of having rooms.

  • Having just bought in the neighborhood and bid on another home on this block, I’m guessing this will go for 625+. Those stairs will keep it from going for more (and so would a lack of central HVAC – I see radiators in some of those photos…). There’s no alley between Monroe and Newton from what I’ve seen. Definitely a great house in a great spot.

  • epric002

    only thing i don’t like (other than the stairs) is the lack of a master bath.

  • brookland_rez

    Beautiful house and gorgeous renovation. Will definitely sell for much more than $600k despite lack of parking.

  • This will go for WAY over list, even though I think prices have relaxed in Brookland a tad (not going down, but not skyrocketing at 5% a month anymore either). I’d guess $660ish if we had a pool.

  • KSB

    Just to comment on the stairs – we live in one of these high-up Brookland houses and after walking out of our house the first time we toured it, we fell in love with the view. And, from a practical perspective, we haven’t had anyone steal packages from our porch (yes, I just jinxed us!) Hard to be discreet when climbing up two flights of exterior stairs and lugging stuff away… As much as I love our house, maybe they’d consider a swap of mine for this one 🙂
    PS – most of these houses have alley access of some kind as well.

    • brookland_rez

      Stairs don’t seem like a big deal to me unless you’re physically disabled. It’s good exercise.

  • Beautiful, I liked how they filmed it. Not for me too many steps and not enough hardwood floors but still a beautiful house.

  • There’s a few similar houses on Georgia Avenue that remind me of this one, I think one of them has the front yard really landscaped out very nicely for it to be a hill.

  • Dammit, I love this house. I especially love the Brookland houses setback on the road on top of the hills. So cute and the views are incredible. Definitely priced for a bidding war.

  • I love this house so much that it makes me want to move somewhere else where I can scoop up the same thing for $85k!

  • Definitely no alley access. Our friends live next door so we know- but they don’t seem to have a problem with the steps and raised 2 kids there (so you would be getting amazing neighbors! 🙂
    The view up there is beautiful and the location is right in the heart of everything!

  • This is my dream house. I’ve always wanted to live in a craftsman bungalow, and while this doesn’t have some of the great features like built-in bookcases it still looks great. It’s also the perfect location for me, a red line commuter, and my boyfriend, who works in MD. But out of my reach.
    So I will focus on the flaws, like the railings on the stairs being the wrong style for the house and that in a kitchen with that little counter space, I wouldn’t give up so much for such a ginormous sink.

  • There is no alley access. We looked at a house block of so over and the hill and stairs were a dealbreaker. It might be nice when we were up there, but a real pain when we want to mow the lawn, carry groceries in, take the trash to the curb, take our old dogs on a walk, forget something in the car, etc.
    we really wanted to buy that house, but couldn’t get over those stairs. The if it was on the other side of the street we would have pounced.

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