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Good lunch restaurant for out of town guests:

“I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for a good (Saturday) lunch place where, to quote my mother, “there’s a lot to walk around and see”. I’ve taken them to all my favorite places in Capitol Hill/Eastern Market and they’re doing the “big” monuments on Sunday. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!”

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  • Old Ebbitt?

    • +1
      Even after 5.5 years in DC, I still love Old Ebbit. I prefer to go there during weird hours, like 10pm on a Sunday.
      Get a reservation for lunch time on Saturday, it gets busy.

  • Maybe Georgetown? Farmers Fishers has a great brunch, El Centro just got rave reviews from a friend… Union Market is fun…

    • justinbc

      Or Stachowski’s. Can easily check out Tudor House, Dumbarton Oaks, and other Georgetown spectacles from there.

      • Love Stachowski’s (your whole family can share one sandwich!) but it isn’t great if you want to eat there – only one small table, and it’s awkward to sit at.

        • justinbc

          That’s why you take it to the picnic tables at Montrose Park just up the street 🙂

          • True, but their sandwiches are often messy….. And I guess I’m projecting about my own parents, who are not keen on al fresco dining but would love the walking around to see stuff thing.
            Dumbarton Oaks gardens is beautiful right about now, and the houses in Georgetown are decked out for Halloween, so it’s definitely a good direction to head for a day of seeing stuff.

          • Georgetown love on Popville! What’s the world coming to?!

  • Founding Farmers. Easy walk from the Mall and White House.

  • Are you doing anything? If it’s a nice day, walk them around Dupont/Embassy Row, hit the Philips and then drop into Bistro du Coin. It’s not a great restaurant, but it ain’t bad; it’s inexpensive and it puts people in a good mood.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Or try Tryst inside the Phillips. They have good sandwiches and an interesting variety of teas and coffees. Walk down R Street to Teasim. Their Bento boxes make a very nice, portable lunch. On 14th street at W you can’t beat the sandwiches from G next to Kapnos. Their Banh mi is excellent – everything I’ve tried there is good and they have house made sodas.

  • Shaws Tavern, Zatanya

    • No way should those two restaurants share the same sentence. Not even close in terms of quality or value. (Hint, Zaytinia is great.)

      • I live right by Shaw’s tavern and it is a fine neighborhood go to for a drink or a casual meal – not really anything special to show visitors though. And Zaytinya is great!

  • Woodward Table around the corner from the White House on 15th. The food is good, and you’re close to everything.

  • Dim Sum brunch at The Source on Saturday’s. Your Welcome!

  • I think Central is doing brunch on the weekends now. Very close to the Mall, White House, Capitol, etc.

  • Old Ebbitt. End of story.

    (as stated above)

  • Tabard Inn if you’re walking around DuPont, perhaps up to the embassies.

    Central — convenient location, and while not the cheapest, not necessarily going to break the bank

  • Pesonally, i think Tabard Inn is an even more a true “DC” insider place than Ebbits…which i think of as DC in the movies. Besides Tabard Inn has much better food and better ambiance.

    • justinbc

      Yeah, the food at Old Ebbitt is forgettable, at best, and the “history” is completely fabricated as the building was constructed in the 80s. They just jacked the name.

      • They didn’t just jack the name. The entire bar is a carryover from the original location. And it’s moved more than once. But yeah, unless you’re there for the raw bar, it’s basically Clyde’s food, which might as well be Applebee’s.

  • Crème at 14th & Chapin has a wonderful Saturday brunch menu

    • Though the stuff “to walk around and see” in that immediate area is probably not the impression of DC you want to give your parents 🙂

  • If you are on the mall, I have always enjoyed Pavilion Café in the Sculpture Garden. Great for a nice glass of white wine, good sandwich, and people watching.

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