From the Forum – Attempted Home Invasion in Takoma

Attempted Home Invasion in Takoma:

“Just wanted to let my Takoma and Takoma Park neighbors know of a frightening experience that happened around 2pm today. I live on the ground level in a nice condo building near the Takoma Metro Station. Around 2pm today I heard a noise coming from my slightly open (open just enough for the cat to smell the fresh air) window in the living room. When I approached my window I saw a man with a knife trying to enter my apartment through the window screen that he had slashed. Luckily by screaming and slamming the window closed he was scared off and ran away. I called the police and filed a report but they weren’t able to find him. I just wanted to pass this along to alert neighbors to be vigilant and to keep their windows closed and locked at all times. The police let me know that these type of burglaries/home invasions have been happening more often in the Takoma/Takoma Park neighborhood, particularly during the day time.

Has this happened to anyone else in our neighborhood?”

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  • That’s scary. Does the condo association prohibit bars on windows? I would certainly want some in a ground floor apartment.

  • We live in the takoma neighborhood, haven’t had an experience personally, however, was acquainted with an officer that worked the area and was specifically warned about daytime home invasions in Takoma/Brightwood.

  • Any description of the guy? (Asking because I live nearby and am very interested in this)

  • Hello, I am curious about the description as well. I work from home and had someone bang on my door today (which is not unusual). The man at the door didn’t seem very interested in pitching whatever it was he wanted me to buy and took off quickly.

  • Original poster here–The person was male, early 20s, medium tone African American with short tight curly hair. He was wearing jeans and a green and white long sleeve shirt. I didn’t get a good look at his face, I was too busy looking at the knife in his hands! He did leave behind a stolen mountain bike that the police told me I could have? Which I thought was very odd. They didn’t dust for prints. To make matters worse there was ANOTHER break in today at our condo building. This time 3 males (late teens/early 20s) forced the front door of the condo building open. They went into the garage looking for bikes and cars to steal. This happened around 1:30pm today. Not sure what is causing the influx of day time crime in this area or why our condo building is being targeted. Fellow Takoma neighbors please be careful!

    • I live half a mile away, right off of Georgia, on one of the streets whose name is the name of a plant. A couple months ago, while I was not home, my fiancee answered a knock at the door, from a guy dressed in street clothes (no uniform), who said he was from “the cable company.” Through a locked iron security door she asked him which one, to which he replied that he didn’t know which one, and left. Yeah, I bet he was from the cable company…

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