From the Forum – Anybody send their kids to Oyster-Adams?

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Anybody send their kids to Oyster-Adams?

“It had a great reputation 10-12 years ago (my block was in-boundary then but has since been zoned out), but I get the impression people are much less happy with it now than they once were, and specifically that the administration is very weak. Our daughter’s still a few years away from starting, but it looks like we’re going to be moving in-boundary again. Any recent experience/info would be greatly appreciated.”

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  • It still has a good reputation, but just got a new principal so I’m not sure how that’s working out. DC Urban Moms has some threads on it.

  • It’s better than 90% of dcps schools. Atleast.

  • Laura

    Secretary Julian Castro’s daughter attends there. Can’t be too bad.

  • For what it’s worth, everyone we know that sends their kids there really likes it.

  • It is still a good immersion school, but be prepared not to be accepted for prek if you don’t have a sibling and aren’t Spanish speaking (even for in boundary kids). We were wait listed which was disappointing, but were impressed during the tour.

  • We have a child at OA and a recent graduate. Kids who finish the OA program are bilingual, biliterate, and accepted to the best high schools in the city. It’s a small school and half the day is in Spanish, which is not for everyone. But if you want to commit to bilingualism, your family will be a welcome addition to the OA community.

  • I don’t know much about Oyster but if you’re looking for a good bilingual school have you considered Mundo Verde. They are a bilingual public charter that focuses on sustainability. They’re a fantastic school.

  • My wife was an ESL teacher there (Adams Campus) a few years ago for all of 2 1/2 months and ran away quickly. The administration WAS weak, they did not give her adequate resources to do her job. They DID give her the crappiest classroom in the school, an I’m-the-boss co-teacher, and NO CURRICULUM (but that last one seems to be endemic to all the school systems in the area). Keen observer that my wife is, she realized that the school was coasting on its reputation, largely provided by historical parental participation, rather than any inherent administrative superiority.
    She also mentioned how the school seemed to be good at discriminating against the general population around the Adams Campus by their end-run policy of preferring only those kids who attended the Oyster Campus to continue at the Adams Campus. Of course, the in-zone Oyster Campus kids are largely from well-to-do white families. A lot of poorer brown Latino kids (well, at least at the time) around the Adams Campus could not attend. They seemed to want to teach English-speaking students Spanish, but not deal with Spanish-speaking kids learning English. They’ve got it all codified by DCPS, however, so, you know, nothing illegal is going on there. Sounds like a missed opportunity to have a truly bilingual school, but what do I know?
    I hope things have changed with a new admin in place, but I’ve learned not to get too optimistic about DCPS.

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