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  • There’s a Chipotle on 14th? How’d I miss that…?

    • Worse Chipotle in the city. You’re not missing anything.

      • Really? I like this one – come often for lunch as it is near work. Friendly staff, usually not too crowded. What’s your beef?

        • Slow service: I’d go at off-peak times around 3-4pm, and I’d have to at times wait 10 minutes for 1 burrito because they were cooking steak , etc. I’ve never seen another Chipotle run out of anything as they constantly call ahead for it.
          Not knowing how to mix a burrito: Seriously. I’m sure I’m not the only person who asks for things to be mixed together, and each time I asked the person looked confused and didn’t have anything handy to mix it with (every other Chipotle I’ve visited has some plastic utensils sitting on the line to do it).
          It was near my job at the time, and I tried it again recently hoping kinks were worked out…same deal!

  • So is it just me but does anyone else think it is crazy to disrupt the bike lane and make it more dangerous for bikers as part of a conversation about America’s Commute? Wouldn’t this fit on the sidewalk on the P street side of the theater?

  • Joe Biden was making an appearance and Joe don’t do no side streets

  • This car-plane is called the Terrafugia Transition. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrafugia_Transition

  • Am I the only one who clicked on this and expected the TARDIS?

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