Duke’s Shoe Repair at Reeves Center only open for pick up on Saturday due to possible health problems

14th and V St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Duke’s Shoe Repair has been closed without comment for a couple weeks now. It is the large shoe repair store attached to the Reeve Center. I heard someone outside saying he had health problems, but I don’t know if that’s true. I just saw a note saying that it will be open this saturday and next saturday. I thought you might want to spread the word for other readers who have been missing their shoes and are wondering what Duke’s story is.”

Wishing Duke a speedy recovery.

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  • Of course, the first time I hear of a proper cobbler is when he is no longer open. Wishing him the best regardless.

  • Could also be the first step in closing down Dukes — from my understanding he refused to give up his old space for redevelopment and as means to continue with their develop plans they gave him a lease with amazingly unrealistic terms. I am aware they are planning on redeveloping that area again and I do not believe he has the ability to maintain his prior agreement. So they would be closing down his store.

    otherwise if he is sick.. wish him the best — seems like he has been part of DC for a long time!

  • This has to be the biggest sweetheart lease in the city. Prime space, super-high ceilings…for shoe repair. I guess it won’t matter when the Reeves Center is bulldozed, though.

  • Can’t say I’m sad. Dropped some shoes off there a few weeks back. This was before reading the yelp reviews. Went to pick them up and he was closed even though he was supposed to be open. If you read his yelp reviews he has had a habit of doing that a lot. I ended up getting my shoes back but not before buying another pair.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s ill, since he’s like 95. Wishing him good health–but I wouldn’t be sorry to see him pack in his business. I took a pair of shoes there once without reading the reviews, and I had to go by multiple times just to find the shop open for pickup. Then I had to find the shoes myself in the back room, and the soles were covered with glue. At least he didn’t ask me to pay ahead of time–he ended up waiving the charge. He must not pay a thing for that space.

  • I took a pair of nude pumps to be re-heeled, he put on dark brown heel tips that fell off within 10 min of wear. I always wondered how this guy stayed in business.

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