Driver Smashes into Wall Flips SUV late last night at 11th and Girard St, NW


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Accident at 11th and Girard at 2:30am last night

Driver was heading EB on Girard travelling at about 50 mph. When he crossed 11th he must have lost control and smashed into the wall in front of the house on the SW corner. The car ended up on its side. Luckily there was a police officer travelling shortly behind the driver so he was the first on the scene. They pulled the driver from the car alive and took him away in an ambulance. I can only imagine that the driver was drunk but I don’t know for sure.”

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  • Posts about Maryland drivers in 1, 2, 3…

  • Let’s just get it out the way early.

    Maryland driver??

  • I wonder if the occurrence these types of incidents would be reduced if MPD had dedicated traffic enforcement units constantly on the prowl. Would road users be deterred from breaking the law if there was a higher chance of getting caught?

  • A car smashed through a fence and struck a house at 11th St NW and Fairmont NW not long ago. Watch out!

  • He probably lost control when he hit that speed bump at 50mph. Was there no thought about the stop sign that is at the bottom of the hill?

  • To those calling out Maryland drivers allow me to pose a question: what state are you from originally, and how long have you lived in this area?

    • +another 1

    • I grew up in Maryland, in the DC suburbs, and have lived in Columbia Heights for 5 years. I’ve come to realize that the Maryland terrible driver generalizations are (generally) true.

      • Same – I grew up in Maryland and have lived in DC for about 5 years. I used to defend MD drivers, but at some point over the last year I finally gave in to the fact that they are generally reckless and dangerous. Not ALL of course – but much more than any other contingent in this area.

        That’s not to say that VA drivers are better, they’re just bad in a different way. Their MO seems to be timidity and cluelessness rather than insane speeding.

    • Scrillin

      Maryland, VA and DC my whole life – ask any bus driver, Maryland is the worst.

      • I don’t make comments about Maryland drivers here, but I do in real life. I’ve lived in the area about 25 years, all of those in Virginia except the last year in DC. Nine times out of ten when I see a car do something stupid, reckless, or illegal I think Maryland driver and look at the plate and I am right. They’re TERRIBLE on Georgia Ave–speed, cut in and out of lanes, don’t use blinkers. The other day I was waiting at a light and a Maryland driver made a right turn from a left lane. There’s a reason why they have a terrible reputation and it’s mostly true.

  • This isn’t really the case in this instance but that intersection is dangerous and illogical–it’s the only one along 11th St. where there isn’t either a stop sign or traffic light. So people traveling on 11th St. slow down expecting a stop sign and people crossing 11th on Girard think it’s a 4-way stop. I live nearby and have seen a lot of accidents here over the years.

  • Its a residential street — put a couple speed bumps on the street and that should help solve the speeding problem. No enforcement needed.

  • I heard this last night from my house! It was so loud it woke me up, he must have been going super fast because there was a lot of screeching, it sounded awful! Looked outside the window but it must have been around the corner, so I couldn’t see it.

  • This intersection desperately needs to be a 4 way stop. I realize this particularl driver was eastbound, where there is a stop sign, but the north/south lanes on 11th only have a “stop for pedestrians” crosswalk. I’ve been honked at, swerved around, and nearly hit on several occasions. Drivers also tend to speed through the stop signs at 11th and Fairmont-I saw one just yesterday.

  • That’s my house – so a few clarifications:

    – The guy came down Girard from 14th, hitting 3 or 4 cars along the way, then tried to turn onto 11th, flipping into our yard and landing on the drivers side at about 1:20am.

    – Yes, the guy was clearly drunk (and an idiot), but was talking and awake the entire time. He couldn’t get out from the driver’s seat, so the Fire Department cut the roof of the car and pulled him out on a backboard. He was in an ambulance and off to the hospital by 2am. Lots of property damage and annoyance, but, thankfully, no serious injuries.

    – That intersection is incredibly dangerous – it’s the only one that doesn’t follow the 4 way stop or traffic light pattern on the rest of 11th. But that really had nothing to do with this accident. Had there been a light, he would have blown through that, too.

    – And, finally, they were DC plates. Maryland drivers – you are vindicated for the day!

    • I failed to mention – a huge thank you goes to the DCPD and DCFD, who were on scene within moments of the accident and had everything under control very quickly.

      Also, not an SUV. An Infiniti 4-door sedan.

    • Thank you for posting this. I live a few doors down from you. This crash woke my husband up and he ran outside to make sure my car wasn’t hit. He thought no other cars were hit, but I guess they were. Makes me nervous about parking on the street in CH. First the carsonist, then the tire slasher, then the drunk drivers…

  • Drunk drivers should be publicly shamed like sex offenders imo.

    • Agreed! There is absolutely no excuse for driving drunk, especially in an urban city with plenty of public transit options (not that it’s excusable anywhere else)..

  • As someone who lived in this block of Girard in the early 2000s until recently, I always used to say this intersection was THE WORST. Not a lot of sight visibility at the stop signs and drivers just pull out willy nilly.

    I saw many many accidents, and always tried to avoid that section. Until one time last March I didn’t- and a MD driver hit me going EB on Girard (I was going SB on 11th) running straight thru the stop sign- not stopping at all. My car was totalled, but lucky for the other driver, their car was not as they were able to drive away with out staying at the scene. &@@&hole. This mess to have lights like the othe streets on 11th.

  • The car actually ended up on the SE corner of 11th and Girard. Also, having spent a good portion of my life living in MD, I will say that there are 2 types of bad drivers that come from the state. One is the horribly reckless that are often mentioned on this and other sites. The others are the ones that are driving down the left lane of the highway pacing the car next to them, keeping anyone from being able to pass. Also keep in mind that this area is a melting pot of people from all over the country and world and MD is where the highest percentage of people that have left dc for the suburbs have moved. So before dc peeps criticize MD drivers too much, remember that a lot of them came from being DC residents.

    • Yep, we’ll admit it. We export / exile our bad drivers to Maryland. Gotta have a car out there in the suburbs, don’t ya know? And wear boots. There’s weird reptiles on the ground, and pteradactyles flying around in the hinterlands. But you can park your bank-loan car in a nice vinyl-sided garage. It’s the lesser part of greater Washington.

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