Details on Saturday Night Shooting in Shaw by Dacha Beer Garden

Photo tweeted by @UponAMountain

On Sunday morning we learned of a shooting that took place in the 1600 block of 7th Street, NW around 11pm Saturday night. Frightening details emerge from a couple of twitter conversations yesterday

@UponAMountain tweeted:

“Gunshots in Shaw, near Dacha. Everyone at Dacha on the ground.”

“police searching for casings. Shooter on run. Target was folks in car.”

@nicoleshea tweeted:

“we heard gunshots, then a man (I believe the bouncer) yelled for everyone to get down.”

@UponAMountain responded:

“man yelling for folks to get/stay down was a teacher who had completed emergency training. Huge asset.”

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  • Yikes. It seems every week there’s a horrible report of violence in shaw. I thought that neighborhood was turning around. This is scary!

  • Wow. Scary. The area has turned around drastically, but clearly there are a few deep seated pockets that still need to be addressed.

  • This is horrible. And how awful that our teachers have to learn what to do in an active shooter situation….

    • At this point every Federal employee in town should have been trained on the response to an active shooter situation.

      • Well, I’m a federal employee and we haven’t had training on this — there’s just an information sheet on dealing with various emergencies (active shooter, earthquake, etc.) that was posted after the earthquake happened and the emergency response people realized that most people in D.C. have no idea what they’re supposed to do in an earthquake.
        I think the active-shooter guidance on the information sheet just tells us to stay in our offices with the doors locked and not to type or make any noise. I don’t think it addresses what to do if you’re out in the open.

        • Ally

          My agency trained us following the Navy Yard shooting and the video actually advised trying to hide under your desk and defend yourself with a pair of scissors. Not sure how effective that’s going to be. Especially since mine are the safety-kid ones.

          • My agency trained us and I thought the first thing it recommended was run/get out of building if you can. If you could not run, then you were supposed to hide in a room with a closed door and defend yourself. Seems like common sense for the most part.

          • Doesn’t seem like running to get out of the building would be a good idea unless you’re already near an exit — you have no guarantee that the active shooter won’t be between you and the exit.
            And if an active shooter gets on the roof, and everyone has evacuated outside… not good.

        • The great thing is that in gov buildings filled with contractors, only the federal employees on site get this information.

          • I’m a federal contractor and in the hall outside my office there’s a big poster advising on what to do if there is an active shooter. The disturbing thing about it is it says “WHEN” this happens, not “IF” it happens.

  • Fourth shooting on 7th between M & Rhode Island in the last six months.

  • I was there 2 weeksago and wondered why they close so early, and well… here’s my answer… I think Shaw is not ready for outdoor action quite yet. MPD also needs more foot patrols to discourage this kind of behavior damnit!

    • I have a strong suspicion that the closing times are dictated by their liquor license / neighborhood agreements rather than the prospect of late-night violence.

  • This was kind of a crazy weekend. At around 8:30 Saturday night, we noticed multiple units converging around the Kennedy Center playground. We overheard one of their radios stating that a ‘suspect was heading east around 6th & N. The number of units responding was impressive, not sure if anyone was apprehended.

    At 11pm we were sitting in our backyard when we heard the gunfire and subsequent screaming/running. Several individuals ran down the alley between Marion and 7th (we don’t know if it was the suspect(s) or just bystanders trying to get out of dodge, but they were moving too fast to get a good description). Considering how many people were at Dacha and the surrounding establishments, it’s a miracle no one else was hurt.

  • I would like hear a response from the owners of Dacha.

    I understand their good people and certainly this is unwelcome news for a great bar. But this was tramatic. When dozens of your patrons are required to duck and cover from gunshots, it deserves a response.

    Personally, I would like to know what if anything they’re doing to address, and how they view the situation more broadly.

    People on this comment board mention more foot patrols. Folks question whether the neighboorhood is ready for an open air bar. I`ve certainly loved my visits to Dachs. But these are all legit Qs.

    Are they pushing for action from the city – cameras, foot patrols, ect? Are they taking action on their own?

    • It’s a bar, not the Georgetown University campus.

      • That’s one way to look at it. But that also assumes that this kind of thing “just happens” at bars. Not at the ones I’m interested in visiting.

    • I think this raises some very good points. Particularly the question of cameras. Given that the cost of cameras is dropping and that they seem to be very effective at helping police find people who committed crimes, I wonder why business and city agencies aren’t adding more of them.

    • Will, shouldnt the owners Ethiopian bar where the shooting actually occurred be more responsible? That seems like common sense to me.

      • Good question, a couple points:

        1) Location. I spoke to several folks who actually saw the shooter when he began firing. He was on Dacha`s sidewalk firing along 7th in the direction of the metro and 7/11. The man hit was in between those places, but the shooting occured on site.

        2) Dacha is an entirely open-air venue. Had the shooting taken place across 7th rather than along it with return fire, for example, this would have been a totally different story. That concern definitely flashed across my mind as I hit the ground. We lucked out with the line of fire.

        Bottom line to me is that patrons at Dacha are exposed by design, which also means that what happens on the streets in that area doesn`t stop at Dacha`s walls (there are none).

        Dacha is a great venue and experience, truly a one of my favorites. But I also have real concerns about coming again at night, and bringing guests. A proactive response from the owners would help.

        If other neighboorhood businesses like the Ethiopian restaurant want to get engaged too, all the better!

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