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  • Bub and Pop’s was doing a weird, high end pop-up dinner service a while back, not sure if they are still doing it. It was like $150 a head, prix fixe. That may be what the “fine dining” requirement was for.

    • justinbc

      I had no idea these dinners existed. If nothing else I’m glad they posted this so I can inquire more about them!

      • You’re joking right?

        Their “fine dining” Sunday dinners have been on their shabby website for the get go.

        I can’t imagine how you’d have missed that – not like you ever miss anything.

  • I saw that the other day and wondered what on earth they’re going to do with someone who’s used to making $20-30 an hour.

  • This is for their evening, fancy fixed dinner that the manager does for fun some times. It doesn’t make any sense otherwise — since it’s a place where you order at the counter, there is no need for waitstaff any other time.

    I think the sign is just poorly formatted – they are saying they want waiters with fine dining experience, and cashiers with any experience for the hours listed.

    PS guys bub and pop’s is great and chock full of character and charm. everyone should try to go sometime.

  • I miss Burrito Brothers. That was some fine dining!

  • Bubs and Pops makes hands-down the best sandwiches in the District. If that’s not fine dining, I don’t know what is!

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