Dear PoPville – Who’s wrecking local muralist Kelly Towles’ walls?

Photo via instagram

“Dear PoPville,

Best known for his colorful, animated characters – local mural and graffiti artist Kelly Towles, has original pieces painted around the city. But just suddenly he’s the recipient of some less-than-pleasing tagging. Shortly after finishing his first Georgetown piece, someone attempted to destroy it with black markings of a male body part. Being the dope artist that he is – he immediately set to reconstruct. He says he got a ton of love and support while out there, and even an extra panel to paint. And then someone told him that his legendary “Scout” piece on 12th and W was also tagged. He still had his paint on him from Georgetown – so of course he went to reconstruct that one as well. And then he took to social media to hilariously critique the stylings, or lack of – that these people used. Don’t mess with Kelly Towles.

Any tips to who might be attempting to ruin his art?”

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  • justinbc

    That’s really F’ed up, but nice funny ending to the story. Kelly is super cool, and I’ve actually talked to him about doing our place. Hopefully this is just random childish behavior rather than someone targeting him specifically.

  • I really, really like Kelly Towles’ work/style. Keep it up!

  • I suspect it’s a jealous a-hole between the ages of 12-30.

  • Aglets

    Kelly is a super good dude and one of my favorite people. There are some SUPER crappy writers destroying property and other peoples work. Not cool. I don’t think this is a writer (although it’s totally weird that two different people would destroy two murals in the same way, right?) but they need to learn their place.

  • Clearly it’s someone who is LAME, can’t you read their tag? I know they’re LAME because that’s one of my favorite murals in town and only someone LAME would deface it.

  • Stupid kids maybe? This just makes me angry…

  • The stupid white check that was caught on video tagging near H Street?

    I do think it is funny that the tagger uses lame which is what they are.

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